1. Gaming

    The Dog Gets More Screen Time Than Megan Fox In The New Call of Duty: Ghosts Commercial

    Call of Duty: Ghosts hits shelves Tuesday, and they've released a new live-action commercial to promote all the awesome new features in the game. Like the dog! And Megan Fox! Oh, did we mention that the dog gets way more attention in this video than the lady? Way to meet expectations, COD.

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  2. Tech

    Upvote: William Shatner Calls Reddit on Racist/Sexist Posts, Does So on Reddit

    We love Reddit here at Geekosystem, but sometimes the deep, dark recesses of the site can get a little frightening due to racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive posts and the championing thereof. One man has chosen to boldly go where many have gone before and complained about the site's offensive content, but when that man is William Shatner, people listen.

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