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    Review: AIRPLANE VS.VOLCANO, From the People Who Brought You Sharknado

    I don't know much about airplanes or volcanoes, but I did watch AIRPLANE VS VOLCANO, the movie so nice they named it in all caps. My knowledge of aviation and geological phenomena are still basically nil, but I learned a lot from Asylum's latest mockbuster about sexual tension, explosions, and true love.

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    RiffTrax Just Announced a Live Sharknado Event!

    Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy just announced their next RiffTrax Live! event and it's a big one: Sharknado! You'll be able to catch it simulcast live on screens across the country on Thursday July 10 and Tuesday July 15th. They also dropped some details of their upcoming Nat Geo takeover!

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    SyFy Wants To Distance Itself From Bad Monster Movies And Return to Its Genre Roots

    Good news for geeks, but bad news for horrible B-movie fans: SyFy is officially tired of being the butt of everybody's hilarious Sharknado jokes (Sharnajokes?). They're going to go back that thing they used to do when they were actually called the Sci Fi channel: make good science fiction content.

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  4. Weird

    First Ever Catnado Hits UK, Felines Fly In Purrfect Storm

    Severe weather struck the UK last Sunday, causing severe flooding, leaving 13,000 customers without power, and lifting cats off the ground in a phenomenon that can only be called a "catnado."

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    Avalanche Sharks Is a Movie, Whether We Want It to Be or Not, so Watch the Trailer [Video]

    This summer, the snow will run red with your blood. Wait, what? The inevitable next shark/natural disaster movie is here, but this time, it has way more Canada.

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    This Graph Says Your Movie Will Do Better If It Has Two Women Talking to Each Other

    From the baffling nudity of Star Trek Into Darkness to the inadvertent sexism of the head animator of Frozen, 2013 seemed like a bad year for women on screen.  However, The Mary Sue still found reason to celebrate, with a chart that demonstrates a possible connection between a strong female presence in a film and its box office success.

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    Sharknado Sequel Given Title That’s as Dumb as You’d Expect

    Oh, Sharknado, what a ridiculous phenomenon you've become -- so much so that now The Asylum, a company known for their mockbuster films, is considered culturally relevant now. What's more, they're putting out a sequel -- and now we know what it will be called.

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  8. Entertainment

    Did Yahoo! Answers Predict the Coming of Sharknado?

    Yahoo Answers is where people go to get answers from people who know even less than they do. It's main purpose is to provide fodder for the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me, but months ago someone asked what would happen if a shark was caught in a hurricane. Answer: Sharknado happens. Is Yahoo Answers predicting the future?

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    Third Sharknado Airing Sets Ratings Record for Syfy, Reaches More Viewers Than Actual Premiere

    When Sharknado first premiered to mediocre ratings and an unreasonably huge Twitter response, everyone claimed that it was the latest movie to suffer from Snakes on a Plane Syndrome -- a whole lot of online hype with little to no payoff. Well, tell that to the 2.1 million people who watched it on Saturday.

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    We’re All Going to Need Bigger Helicopters: Sharknado Coming to Theaters

    Sharknado, produced by The Asylum for Syfy, was a ratings bomb, but did incredibly well on social media. Even so, there's a sequel coming. As further proof that none can escape the, er, "sharknado," it's been revealed that the movie will come to theaters in August. Yeah, that's happening.

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    Sharknado’s Getting a Sequel: This Must Be What Skynet Employees Felt Like

    Oh sure, we all laughed at the Sharknado trailer when we first saw it online. We live-tweeted the Syfy movie's premiere. We called it the greatest thing to ever exist without actually meaning it, because that's how ironic enjoyment works. Well, we have a lot to answer for, because not even a week after the first film dropped, a Sharknado sequel is now already in the works. Someday when what's left of humanity huddles together on post-Sharkpolcalyptic Earth to tell the story of our downfall, they will cite this moment as the beginning of the end.

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  12. Entertainment

    Someone Debunked Sharknado, We Guess Because So Many People Thought It Was Real?

    Did everyone catch the 100% scientifically accurate weather documentary Sharknado this week? It explained the very obviously real phenomenon of that time when a tornado made of sharks attacked a city. It turns out Erin Cassidy of Accuweather isn't convinced by the irrefutable scientific evidence presented in Sharknado. Cassidy wrote a post on the Accuweather site debunking the "myths" in Sharknado.

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    Official Sharknado Trailer Drops, So Do a Lot of Sharks From the Sky [Video]

    GIFs and ripped videos of the commercials for Syfy and Asylum's upcoming Sharknado "film" have been circling around the Internet for a few days, but now we've finally got a real HD trailer to watch over and over again instead. And watch it we will. Does it look like the stupidest idea to ever exist? Oh, most definitely. Will we be in front of our televisions on Thursday, July 11th  at 9pm EST with giant bowls of popcorn? Of course.

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