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    Dragon Ball Creator Goes Galactic With New Manga

    It's been revealed that legendary manga, anime, and video game artist Akira Toriyama -- best known for the Dragon Ball series -- is writing a brand new manga for magazine Weekly Shonen Jump starting this July. The series was created in celebration of Jump's 45th anniversary, and is called Ginga Patrol Jako, or Galactic Patrol Jako. The new series is set to premiere in the July 13th issue.

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    Weekly Shonen Jump Theme Park Coming to Japan, Otakus Squeal with Delight

    Put down those mangas and listen up, anime fans sadly living on the western side of the world! Namco Bandai Group has recently announced that Japan will be playing host to a Weekly Shonen Jump indoor theme park in the summer of 2013 -- a veritable Xanadu for the avid otaku, featuring attractions and costumed mascots based on the manga anthology's most popular franchises: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. Buying a one-way plane ticket to Japan may mean cutting back on your ramen and exorbitantly overpriced anime collectibles budget, but getting the chance to embrace an apathetic minimum wage park employee dressed as Monkey D. Luffy will be worth the trip!

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