1. Tech

    Don’t Know What the F@!% to Buy for Christmas? This Website Will Tell You

    Christmas shopping season is upon us, and if you find yourself indecisive about what to buy that special stick figure in your life, there's Whatthef@! We grawlixed out the potty words in the image and preview, but a warning if you click through: Here be F-words!

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  2. Science

    Study Suggests Wearing High Heels Can Make You A More Careful Shopper

    Last week, we brought you the fairly unsurprising news that high heels can deform wearers' feet and are basically medieval torture devices. The footwear isn't entirely without good qualities, though. A recent study finds the concentration required to balance in heels could improve decision making and make people who wear them more careful shoppers.

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  3. Tech

    Mannequin Spies May be Dressing You With Their Camera-Eyes

    Shopping for clothes can be, for some of us, a private affair. Some people will only shop with their closest friends, others prefer to do it alone. One thing is certain: Nobody wants to get caught and judged after finding that a pair of pants doesn't fit the way it should. It may concern you, then, to find out that certain retailers have begun employing a new type of camera to keep tabs on their customers, hidden behind the eye-sockets of mannequins.

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  4. Entertainment

    Not Black Fridayed Out Yet? Check Out This Gear From Our Buddies at SportsGrid

    Still in shopping mode today? We can't blame you. Having done most of our Christmas purchasing online today, we're still very much in the zone. If you're in the same boat, we'd urge you to take a minute and check out the online store over at SportsGrid. This poster -- an infographic breaking down and charting the etymology of a great many different baseball team names -- in particular is pretty high on our wish list. Courtesy of the fine folks over at Pop Chart Labs, this handy infographic can ensure you never have to struggle to recall the name of a team again. Whether they're MLB standbys like the Angels or more obscure clubs like the Casper Ghosts (get it?), they're all here, and all organized for your convenience. Because if there's one thing we love about the great American pastime, it's how easy it is to get super nerdy over it.

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  5. Weird

    Would You Buy A House Built on Top of a Shopping Mall?

    When I was kid, I thought it would be awesome to live in a mall. My family and I stayed in a hotel built in or on top of one: We could go get Starbucks for breakfast in our PJs and if I ever needed something new and shiny to validate my existence, it was readily available. Of course, even I thought there were limits to what living above a mall could be like; for instance, I always assumed that living in a building like that meant you pretty much had to live in an apartment. I was a foolish child. You can both live in a house and live above a mall, thanks to the Chinese. You can have it all, people.

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  6. Tech

    UK Retailer Launches Augmented Reality Dressing Room

    Even for people who love to shop, trying on clothes in dressing rooms can be a trying experience. If you hate to shop, it can be a form of torture that should only be reserved for your worst enemies. The clothes don't sit right, the sizes seem off, or it doesn't look as good as it did on the rack. You could spend hours trying on clothes and still strike out, but would the experience be any better if you could try the clothes on without ever having to leave the comfort of your home? UK retailer Banana Flame has teamed up with software company Zugara to develop an augmented reality shopping experience that lets people try on the company's clothes while they shop online. Using a webcam and the e-commerce software Webcam Social Shopper, people looking for some new threads can see what the clothes would look like on them, and even ask friends for their opinions on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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  7. Weird

    Grocery Day [Video]

    I don't like grocery shopping either, but the jury's still out on grapes down my pants. (Tom Rainford via Cartoon Brew)

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