1. Science

    Handy Video Explains Why the Large Hadron Collider Shut Down, Shows the Repairs Being Made

    The Large Hadron Collider shut down last month for what is expected to be a two year period of upgrades and repair. Since the field of particle physics and the giant machines used to study it can be pretty complex, CERN released a short video explaining part of what will be going on in the LHC's downtime. Turns out that even though the LHC won't be operating, it's going to be a very busy place.

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  2. Tech

    Closing Time on the Internet: Formspring’s Turning Off the Lights Too

    The Internet's set to get just the tiniest bit smaller this year. Okay, it'll keep expanding, but a bunch of old familiar places are closing up shop. Google Reader's getting the ax, FeedDemon too, and now it's been revealed that Formspring, the question and answer service you probably cared about a little bit in 2010, will be shutting down as well. If you've got some burning questions you've been meaning to ask a specific Formspring user, now's the time.

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