Sir David Attenborough

  1. Entertainment

    Sir David Attenborough Talk-Sings “What a Wonderful World,” and That is Fantastic [Video]

    In what is probably the best thing you will see today, naturalist and TV explorer extraordinaire Sir David Attenborough sings Louis Armstrong's classic "What a Wonderful World" as the beauty of nature is gorgeously displayed. It'll make you smile, go on and watch it.

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  2. Science

    Slug Sex Looks Like Art, is Apparently Awesome [Video]

    We've posted some pretty strange moments from the natural world here on Geekosystem. While surprisingly fast hunter snails and giant mating spiders (sorry about that) are all well and good, they have nothing on mating leopard slugs. This video begins with a coy dance, turns a bit kinky when the pair suspends themselves upside down from a tree branch, and goes totally otherwordly once they get down to business. Oh, and it's narrated by Sir David Attenborough, which is pretty much the nature film version of Berry White. Now admittedly, this is not the freshest video on the web, but given how truly amazing it is to watch, it's required viewing for the day. (via io9)

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