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    Best Buds Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Continue Best Buds With New Best Bud Santa Claus

    If you haven't taken a photo for your Christmas cards yet this year, don't bother. Just use this one of Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Santa's lap, because really, how are you going to top it? The only way this gets better is if we find out it's Chris Hadfield in the Santa suit.

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    Sir Ian McKellen Says There’s No Sex in Middle-earth

    Not a trollquote: In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Sir Ian McKellen disappointed Lord of the Rings slash-fic enthusiasts everywhere when he put forth the theory that there's no sex in Middle-earth. McKellen, who is gay and an outspoken advocate for gay rights, laughingly brushed off the interviewer's question as to whether Gandalf would be savvy about gay bars in Tolkien's fictional universe. McKellen:

    Tolkien was the only authority on that world, and I don’t think he was very interested in sex, at least not with the evidence of Lord of the Rings. Other people can read into it what they like or what they can. But I don’t really see it. Although I have heard speculation that Sam and Frodo might be an item, but I don’t think Tolkien really saw it that way. I don’t think Peter Jackson does either.
    (Vanity Fair via MetaFilter)

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    The Hobbit Casting Announced

    Perhaps in response to the latest set of fan waverings about the film, the filming location for which is still uncertain, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, and director Peter Jackson have officially announced a good chunk of the cast for The Hobbit. Per the casting rumors we passed on last week, Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo Baggins. David Tennant, Jimmy Nesbit, and Michael Fassbinder, rumored to be under consideration for roles unspecified, have not been confirmed, nor have Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf or Andy Serkis as Gollum. But good news, everybody! Now we know the actors who are going to play a bunch of dwarves.

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    How a Photoshopped Picture of Sir Ian McKellen Fooled the Internet

    This past weekend, Sir Ian McKellen attended an event in Hyde Park to protest the policies of Pope Benedict XVI on the Pope's very first state visit to the UK. Shortly thereafter, the photo to the above left began to make its way around the tubes, wherein McKellen wears a shirt that says "I'm Gandalf and Magneto. Get over it!" The Internet being the Internet, it "went viral," as the kids say, with the picture getting more than 250,000 views on Twitpic, close to 200,000 more when it was ripped to Imgur, and who knows how many more via blogs and other third-party sources.

    Indeed, it is a pretty awesome shirt. However, it is not the shirt that McKellen actually wore to the anti-pope rally: Rather, he wore the shirt to the above right ("Some people are gay. Get over it!") which actually makes a lot more sense considering 1) that the typeface changes in the Gandalf shirt, but is consistent in the real thing; 2) that the protester behind him is wearing the same shirt in both instances; and 3) that as mind-blowing as is the Gandalf-Magneto singularity presented by McKellen, the Church's positions with respect to homosexuals are a bit easier to protest. All good Photoshop fun, maybe, but it apparently actually fooled a lot of people; The Advocate ran the shopped McKellen shirt on their website before correcting it, and lots of social media sharing of the picture takes it at face value. As The Daily What wrote when they debunked the 'shoop earlier today: "Before this goes so far that it gets picked up by the Times ... right - real; left - fake." It's instructive how this happened:

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    Sir Ian McKellen + Justin Bieber = DO NOT WANT

    Our friends at TDW spotted this horrific chimaera on last night's episode of E! show The Soup: Justin Bieber and Sir Ian McKellen fused together.

    To quote H.P. Lovecraft:

    Oozing and surging up out of that yawning trap-door in the Cyclopean crypt I had glimpsed such an unbelievable behemothic monstrosity that I could not doubt the power of its original to kill with its mere sight. Even now I cannot begin to suggest it with any words at my command. I might call it gigantic — tentacled — proboscidian — octopus-eyed — semi-amorphous — plastic — partly squamous and partly rugose — ugh! But nothing I could say could even adumbrate the loathsome, unholy, non-human, extra-galactic horror and hatefulness and unutterable evil of that forbidden spawn of black chaos and illimitable night. As I write these words the associated mental image causes me to lean back faint and nauseated. As I told of the sight to the men around me in the office, I had to fight to preserve the consciousness I had regained.

    (via TDW)

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