1. Tech

    Siri Tells Us What The Fox Says, Changes Her Tune On Her

    Asking Siri weird questions about pop culture and seeing what she comes up with is one of our favorite past times, so when we found out she'll sing along to Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say" if you ask her about it, we had to try it.

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  2. Tech

    Siri Gets Ornery When You Ask Her About… Well, Her

    It's hard to remember that Siri isn't a conscious entity who lives in your phone, and the recent release of Spike Jonze's Her is going to make that much tougher for a lot of iPhone users. Since when has not being real kept anybody from getting pissed off about an unfair film representation, though? It hasn't stopped Siri, that's for sure.

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  3. Entertainment

    Siri Tries Her Hand At Dungeon Mastering Again in A Game Of Dungeons and Dragons [Video]

    It's been a couple of months since Nick Douglas introduced Siri to the world of Dungeons &Dragons, and since then she's gotten a lot better at understanding the whole "fictional power fantasy" thing that makes D&D so great. Too bad this time around, Nick isn't taking the game very seriously. Well, too bad for Siri. For us, it's great.

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  4. Gaming

    We Asked Siri To Search Wolfram Alpha For A Bunch Of Pokémon And It Did Not Go Well

    After learning that Wolfram Alpha had added 649 Pokémon to its Siri-accessible database, we were pretty stoked. Now you can use your iPhone just like an actual Pokédex, right? Well, in theory yes. In execution, not so much just yet. We tested the new feature out and here's what we have to report.

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  5. Tech

    Siri’s Original Voice Actress Has Been Discovered

    Apple has never officially come forward with the name of the person who provided the voice that now comes standard with any iPhone 5, but now we're all pretty sure we know exactly who it is -- Susan Bennett, an actress living in Georgia.

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  6. Entertainment

    Siri Does Some Jobs Well, Dungeon Master Isn’t One of Them [Video]

    The latest video from Slacktory puts Siri in the role of Dungeon Master as Nick Douglas tries to play the saddest game of Dungeons & Dragons we've ever seen. What happens when Siri applies her cold, calculating computer brain to a rather imagination-heavy task like guiding a player through a fantasy quest? It goes about as well as you'd expect a game of D&D with one player and a phone robot to go.

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  7. Tech

    I Can’t Do That, Dave: Apple Updates Siri to Help Prevent Suicides

    According to many iPhone users who seemingly can't resist provoking the robotic voice in their phones, Siri would respond to suicide threats with "helpful" tips: The nearest bridges, open pharmacies, a listing for Michael C. Hall. As suicide rates continue to climb, however, Apple and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline began working together to give Siri somewhat less passive-aggressive responses. Now, if prompted by statements like "I am going to commit suicide," Siri will ask if you would like to call the suicide hotline. Should you not respond, the phone will display local suicide prevention centers, and provide you with a map.

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  8. Tech

    Here Are Some Phrases You Should Make Siri Say Before She Stops Sounding Like A Robot

    In addition to the other new products that Apple rolled out in their announcements this morning, the updated iOS 7  will improve upon Siri's voice so that it sounds smoother and less robotic, as well as make it available in both male and female and in two new languages. That's great and all, but I kind of really liked the robot voice. After all, how are we going to have any fun making her say cool quotes from science fiction's favorite robots if she doesn't sound like one anymore? To get the most out of her remaining robot-time, we've rounded up the best possible phrases to get Siri to say before the inevitable switch to iOS7.

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  9. Tech

    IBM Wants Folks Developing Software for Watson Supercomputer So It Can Do More Than Win Jeopardy!

    Sure, the Watson Supercomputer is pretty great at Jeopardy!, but IBM thinks it's time to branch out. They're going to be giving software developers access to Watson with a goal to "launch an ecosystem where Watson is a service and you build applications around it," said CEO Ginni Rometty. Could Watson soon challenge -- and probably dominate -- Siri?

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    5 Amazing Things That We’re Totally Glad Can Talk to Us Now

    Isn't technology great? At this rate, everything we create in ten years will be able to immediately provide us with feedback in some way, if not audibly. Our gadgets and gizmos giving us clear and concise updates out loud, rather than via some sort of text interface or gauge, is simply the best. Better than all the rest, in fact. It's not like we've been ignoring things from the past, either. Hit the jump to check out our five favorite things that we're totally glad can talk to us now.

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  11. Tech

    Reviewer Has a REALLY Good Time with his iPhone 5 [Video]

    Here at Geekosystem, we've pointed out the annoying tendencies of die-hard Apple fans before, but today's video turns down a darker, more disturbing path. So the iPhone 5 has been announced, and the Apple lovers across the globe are collectively trying to avoid peeing themselves while they wait for the phone to go on sale next Friday, September 21st.

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  12. Tech

    Throw Another On the Pile: Chinese Company Sues Apple for Patent Infringement Over Siri

    There just seems to be no end to the cases of Chinese companies filing suit against Apple for various infringements. This latest comes from Zhi Zhen Internet Technology and for once isn't about a name. Instead, they claim that Apple's digital voice assistant Siri infringes on their talking assistant Xiao i Robot. For her part, Siri remains tight-lipped about the case.

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  13. Tech

    IBM Bans Siri at the Workplace, Says it’s a Security Risk

    For some, Siri is an invaluable assistant, allowing for easy searching of the web and email dictation. For others, it's a source of constant entertainment as it bumbles its way through human communication. For IBM, Siri is a security risk. So much so, that they have banned the use of Apple's voice assistant at the workplace.

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  14. Tech

    Siri Says That the Microsoft-Powered Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best Smartphone

    Though it was designed for functionality, Apple's voice assistant Siri has proved most fascinating as a sounding board for mundane questions. The most recent revelation is that, according to Siri, the best smartphone on the market is the Nokia Lumia 900. A phone notable in this context for being the total antithesis of an iPhone in that it is not made by Apple and runs Microsoft's mobile OS.

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  15. Entertainment

    Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota Can’t Use Siri, Probably Should Have Read the Manual

    When the iPhone 4S was unveiled last year, some were disappointed that it wasn't a more radical overhaul of the iPhone 4 design. At the time, it seemed that Apple foresaw this, and really played up the importance of the voice-activated digital assistant Siri that came with the phone. Now, Siri, which is still in Beta, is known for being a bit problematic which has apparently led to two class-action lawsuits against Apple for false advertising but there hasn't been a more cringe-worthy on-screen use of Siri that can top today's appearance on Fox News.

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