Slender Man

  1. Entertainment

    Cuddle Your Nightmares With This Slender Man Plush Toy

    When I was a little kid, I had a stuffed clown -- hand-made by a dear, beloved, and wonderful aunt -- that I was convinced was going to kill me. There was a time I though that clown was the scariest stuffed toy in the history of time, and for a while, I may have been right. That time is over, though, because thanks to Kickstarter you can buy a plush version of newly minted horror icon Slender Man. It's the perfect gift for the child in your life that you don't like much and want to scar for life!

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  2. Weird

    This Slender Man Music Video’s Both Horrifying and Strangely Adorable

    Slender Man is one of those things that's crawled up from the underbelly of the Internet back in 2009 to make its mark on popular culture. When the games featuring the creepy creation began to crop up, it was only a matter of time before the mainstream took hold. There have been countless videos and stories shared about Slender Man, but this particular music video from the folks at Fox's Animation Domination HD takes the cake for being both soothing and terrifying.

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