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  1. Science

    New Species Of Slow Loris Recognized, Is As Cute, Endangered As All Other Slow Lorises

    Researchers have recognized several new species of Borneo's lemur-like primate, the mind-shatteringly adorable slow loris. Published this week in the American Journal of Primatology, the team's work officially splits the slow loris community into four distinct species, promoting two former subspecies to full species status in their own right, and recognizing one entirely new species, the kayan loris, pictured above.

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  2. Weird

    A Slow Loris Loves a Tiny Umbrella [Video]

    This slow loris, which Wikipedia horrifyingly tells me are hunted for their eyes for use in local (southern Asia) traditional medicine, is doing two things: Being adorable by loving a tiny umbrella, and attempting to ward off falling anvils with a tiny umbrella.

    (Daily Picks and Flicks via The Daily What)

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