1. Gaming

    Nintendo Denies Rumors of Smartphone Mini-Games, Millions of Voices Cry out and Are Suddenly Silenced

    I've found myself in kind of a tough-love situation with Nintendo lately, and I become more convinced it's what they need from me as it goes on. Today's news that yesterday's news of smartphone mini-games from Nintendo was false breaks my heart and the hearts of Nintendo fans around the world, and that should tell Nintendo something.

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  2. Tech

    Samsung Officially Unveils Galaxy Round Curved Phone

    Yes, you too can experience the magic of gingerly pressing your fingers down on the edge of your phone to wake it. This will cause the phone to do amazing things like wake up and show your notifications and battery life. Never before has it been so simple. Well, unless you count pressing a button as simple, but don't be absurd.

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  3. Tech

    Firefox OS Smartphone ZTE Open Coming to U.S. for $79.99 Unlocked

    The ZTE Open, one of the first Firefox OS handsets, is on its way to the U.S. and U.K. through ZTE's eBay store. As we've written previously, the Open is a little underpowered compared to high-end smartphones, but that's not really the point. It's aimed at emerging markets and it only costs $79.99 -- and that's unlocked.

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    This Date Goes Horribly Wrong, Then Right Again Thanks to the Sony Xperia

    There's a lot to worry about on a date. How do I look? Does this person think I'm interesting? Will they chuck my smartphone into a fountain? The Sony Xperia can help -- at least with that last one. It's not afraid to stand up to a little water, so when accidents happen you can go right back to smooshing ice cream in someone's face.

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  5. Tech

    You Can Get Your Hands on the First Firefox OS Phone, but Only in Spain

    The ZTE Open, the first commercial Firefox OS phone, released this month, but so far it's only available in Spain with a few other countries coming soon. The specifications hardly compare to high-end smartphones, but you really can't beat the price. The ZTE Open retails for €69, or about $88.

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  6. Tech

    Whoops! Florida May Have Accidentally Banned All Computers And Smartphones

    Well, this is embarrassing. A new bill passed by the Florida legislature and signed into law by Governor Rick Scott may have the unintentional consequence of outlawing all computers and smartphones throughout the state. While it seems like this could just be a hassle for folks in Florida, it's actually a national tragedy -- after all, with Florida gone from the Internet, how are the rest of us supposed to laugh at the cockroach-eating, firefighter-assaulting antics of the Sunshine State? We'll have to find a whole new state we can all agree to make fun of! Actually, that shouldn't be too hard. Lace up your cleats, Oregon -- you're going in!

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  7. Tech

    Revolutionize the Way You Spy on People With This iPhone Periscope

    Have you ever told a friend to pretend to pose for a picture that you can take a picture of a famous person behind them without feeling weird? You should feel weird. You think those celebrities don't know what you're doing? Come on. With this awesome magnetic periscope for smartphones by Brando, though, you won't need friends to be your celebrity photo beards. Of course, now you'll have to figure out how to position yourself at an exact 90 degree angle from the famous person at all times, but hey,  at least you don't need friends anymore!

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  8. Tech

    FreedomPop’s Free Wireless Service Sounds Too Good to Be True, Might Not Be

    FreedomPop wants to give everyone access to wireless service for free. The company promises customers 500MB of 4G data as well as unlimited text and 200 minutes of phone service a month at no cost to customers. Giving away what other carriers are charging a premium for may seem impossible to sustain long-term, but FreedomPop plans to reap the profits of a freemium model. Reaching higher levels of data usage or phone service will cost you.

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  9. Tech

    First Firefox OS Developer Phones Made Available, Sell Out Because Everyone Wants a 3G Firefox Phone

    The first developer phones running the mobile Firefox OS went on sale this morning from startup Geeksphone in Madrid, but it didn't last long. They were quickly snapped up and listed as "sold out" before the shop went offline for maintenance. The two handsets, known as Keon and Peak,went for $119 and $194 unlocked respectively. That's practically nothing for a smartphone, but the specs show why.

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  10. Space

    The Antares Rocket Finally Launched Over The Weekend, And Put Something Pretty Amazing Into Space

    It took Orbital Sciences a few tries, but they successfully launched their Antares rocket on Sunday. The rocket's primary payload was just a "mass simulator" that was standing in for their Cygnus capsule, but it also launched three of NASA's new PhoneSat micro satellites. The PhoneSats are built with off-the-shelf items like Android phones, and NASA wants you to help track them.

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  11. Tech

    Survey Says: American TV Watchers Can’t Handle Only One Screen at a Time

    You might think you're happy just watching TV, but if you're American, you might also suddenly feel the need to figure out where else you've seen that actor -- you know, What's-His-Face -- while you're watching. Best to look him up on IMDb with your smartphone, maybe even see if Netflix has it. Also, you might want to check if anyone commented on your Facebook status before the show's over. See, a new survey conducted by NPD says that TV-watching Americans are increasingly unsatisfied with just one screen at a time. 87% of viewers with a second-screen device will use it while watching the first one.

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  12. Tech

    Demo BlackBerry 10 on Your Phone to See What Your Phone Would Be Like If It Were Worse

    BlackBerry is really hoping to make it happen with the launch of the Z10 and its new BlackBerry 10 OS, and a key to that will be getting people to try it. To that end, they've launched an in-browser preview of BlackBerry 10 that you can try on your device right now by opening in your mobile browser.

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  13. Tech

    Welcome to the Party: T-Mobile Finally Offers the iPhone

    T-Mobile, the fourth-largest cellular carrier in the nation, has finally gotten around to offering the iPhone. Sure, it's probably the fourth-largest carrier because it took so long to offer the iPhone, but as of next month T-Mobile customers will be able to purchase the device without having to unlock one from AT&T. T-Mobile customers can pre-register now to get their phone for the low-low price of $580.

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  14. Tech

    Samsung Touts Galaxy S4 as a “Life Companion” in New Ad

    Last night Samsung took the veil off its latest and much hyped flagship phone, the Galaxy S4. The push of the event was to show how the S4 integrates into your life, and it's now being billed as a "Life Companion." Take a look at the new features of the S4 and how Samsung expects them to change your life forever in this new video.

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  15. Tech

    Feedback Device Adds Electric Shocks To Your Smartphone Games, Because You Wanted That, Right?

    We've all had the experience of playing a game of Temple Run or Angry Birds and thinking "Yeah, this is fun and all, but I really with this game would deliver a mild electrical shock through my phone." Soon, you may get the chance to turn that fantasy into reality thanks to the work of computer interaction researcher Pedro Lopes, who has developed a new control interface for playing games on your phone -- one that uses electrodes to shock players.

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