1. Tech

    What’s in a Name? Research In Motion Officially Rebrands as BlackBerry

    The smartphone market pretty saturated at current. Folks can agree on that, right? Between Apple and Microsoft, there's a cornucopia of devices on the market right now. So, how does a company like Research In Motion move forward in this kind of atmosphere? Well, they announce a bunch of new phones, because of course. That's all fairly boring and standard, though. What's actually interesting is that Research In Motion has decided to succumb to peer pressure: They've changed the company's name to BlackBerry.

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  2. Tech

    Doing It Right: Nokia Releases 3D Printing Plans for Lumia 820 Case

    People love to customize their phones. If folks aren't doodling on them in some way, shape, or form, they're making their own cases. As we continuously grow to be a more technological society, people are increasingly turning to their gadgets as another avenue for self-expression. One of the biggest opportunities comes in the form of our cellular phones, and Nokia completely understands. They've even gone and released 3D printing plans for the casing to their Lumia 820 smartphone.

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  3. Tech

    Photo Geek Alert: Lomography Introduces 35mm Film Scanner for Smartphones

    There are a lot of apps like Instagram to make the pictures you snap with your smartphone look like old 35mm film prints, but as far as we know there aren't any that take your actual 35mm film and digitizes it. Lomography wants to change that. They're launching an app and the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner to give photographers the ability to take archival quality scans of their film. Looks like it's time to bust out that old box of film, or to explain what film was to your kids.

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  4. Tech

    Apple’s Paul Schiller More or Less Squashed the Notion of a Cheaper iPhone

    The talk of the town this week has been the rumor that Apple would be manufacturing a cheaper iPhone in order to nail the low-end spectrum that the iPhone has traditionally eschewed. The idea would be to target the smartphone market in the same way that the iPad mini targets the tablet market. Unfortunately for anyone hoping this would actually pan out, Apple's SVP of worldwide marketing Paul Schiller told Chinese newspaper Shanghai Evening News that things like a cheaper iPhone will "never be the future of Apple products."

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  5. Tech

    Mom Buys Her Son New iPhone, Channels Inner Moses and Presents Him with 18 iPhone Commandments

    All these Internet-enabled phones and other gadgets that seem to hit the market on a daily basis really are a double-edged sword. While we're connected to more people and places than we ever could have imagined and have more entertainment options than we probably need, this technology can sometimes cause us to become withdrawn or rely on it for otherwise simple tasks that we can easily do ourselves. As a result of this dilemma, parents can be understandably hesitant to purchase smartphones and the like for their children. Not wanting her child to become an unsocial techie, a woman named Janell Burley Hofmann bought her 13-year-old son Gregory an iPhone as a Christmas present. "Gee, thanks, Mom," you can hear little Gregory delightfully say, but that was before Mrs. Hofmann went biblical and blindsided her son with a litany of 18 commandment-like responsibilities to be mindful of now that he has a new phone, possibly resulting in a not so jolly Christmas morning for either of them.

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  6. Tech

    Tweet Seats Added to Minnesota Theater Specifically for Social Media Usage, End Clearly Nigh

    Bits and pieces of theaters being sectioned off for smartphone usage isn't exactly a new idea, but it's still depressing whenever it crops up. Call me a purist, but my preference is to engage with the screen or cast as if there weren't another soul in attendance. As we increasing move towards an age where folks can't bear to be separated from the phones for even a few hours, it looks like I'll be increasingly in the minority. As another nail in that coffin, Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota began offering tweet seats this week so the audience can engage with the show via platforms like Twitter.

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  7. Tech

    Think of the Children: South Korea Apparently Planning to Block Porn on Phones of Teenagers

    The untamed wilderness of the Internet is still something that people across the globe tend to find suspicious. There could be anything out there, after all, and we need to protect the children. That's how the argument typically goes, anyway, when calls for censorship crop up. That's what appears to be the case in South Korea, as the nation's reportedly planning on installing filters on the smartphones of teenagers in order to block unsavory material like pornography.

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  8. Tech

    Rumor: Amazon Contracts Foxconn to Manufacture 5 Million Smartphones No One Will Likely Buy

    Since it was announced earlier this year, the Amazon smartphone has been generating plenty of buzz amongst techie circles, curious to know when the phone would be released as well as whether or not it would be able to find its niche in a saturated marketplace. Today, the wheels of the rumor mill are turning full force with the latest hearsay regarding the phone's potential manufacturer. Taiwan Economic News, your one-stop source for economic news from Taiwan, reported that Amazon had granted Foxconn an exclusive contract to produce their smartphones, approximately 5 million of them by 2013. If these rumors are even remotely true, that's a whole lot of phones clogging up warehouses and collecting dust.

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  9. Gaming

    Man Creates Worldwide Augmented Reality Version of Pong, Because He Could

    Pong, the granddaddy of all classic video games, celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week. It's a great time to think back on how far games have come in those four decades, and maybe even fire up your old Atari 2600 and play a few games of Pong, or you can be like Sander Veerhof and create an augmented reality version of Pong to play with people all over the world. That's right. Fire up your smartphone and keep an eye out for incoming balls.

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  10. Tech

    Massachusetts Commuters Can Now Use Their Smartphones to Ride the Rails

    One of the problems faced when trying to improve public transit is the fact that so many still cling to the vestiges of the past. Thankfully, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) has just dealt a blow to these antiquated policies in their own way. Starting today, folks using four of the MBTA Commuter Rail Lines will be able to use their smartphones to purchase digital tickets via the MBTA mTicket application. Where they're going, they don't need paper tickets.

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  11. Tech

    Apple and HTC End The Patent Lawsuit We Weren’t Paying Attention To

    After two years of saber-rattling and a ever-increasing stakes, Apple and HTC have finally settled their patent disputes. Wait a second. There's another melodramatic tech patent lawsuit and we didn't know about it?

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  12. Tech

    Google’s Unannounced Nexus 4 Smartphone Got Picked Up at a Bar

    So have guys heard the one about the smartphone, the stalker, and the guy from Google? It might sound familiar: It's almost exactly the same as the one about the tech site and the lost iPhone, but with Google instead of Apple... Apparently, a Google employee (most likely) was field-testing the Nexus 4, the de-facto official Android smartphone supposedly being designed by LG, at a bar in San Francisco last month, and left it there. By the time they figured out it was gone, a couple of people had already found it, revealing the phone's existence and Google's unfortunate slip-up.

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  13. Tech

    You Can Unlock Smartphones Acquired Before This Coming January, After That It’s Illegal Again [UPDATED]

    The way in which the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is enforced only shows just how silly the entire thing is. For example, the DMCA allows the Library of Congress to grant exemptions to the act, allowing folks to circumvent digital rights management schemes, for whatever reason they deem fit. If that sounds horrifyingly arbitrary, that's because it totally is. One of the actions that always seems to be up for exemption is the jailbreaking of smartphones. Thanks to a new set of exemptions, jailbreaking is totally legal, but only under ridiculously specific circumstances.

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  14. Entertainment

    Even Arlington National Cemetery Has a Smartphone App Now, Somehow Not Related to Halloween

    As it turns out, being the most technologically advanced national cemetery is something that national cemeteries apparently aspire to. That's what Arlington National Cemetery would have us believe, anyway, and that they're definitely top dog when it comes down to it. Part of this advancement includes the release of a smartphone app to help visitors track down specific graves. It even includes pictures of each and every headstone. Welcome to the future of the dead.

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  15. Tech

    Skewed Priorities: Apple and Google Spent More on Patents Last Year Than They Did on R&D

    We live in a world where enormous corporations have backed themselves into a legal corner. Essentially, companies like Google and Apple religiously patent anything and everything they can in order to avoid lawsuits. The theory is that if they create a large enough stable of patents, they'll be able to curtail the majority of disputes. It's also rather expensive to go about doing this. Last year, Apple and Google spent more on patents than they did on research and development. This is the first time this has happened, but it's not likely to be the last.

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