1. Weird

    OREO Sent Us Their New Cookie Flavors, but No Milk

    OREO is expanding their flavors with two new faces: "Marshmallow Crispy" and "Cookie Dough." The cookies hit shelves in February, but we got some sample boxes (that are gone now) from OREO, and you can too! We'll tell you how, because we know everyone digs cookies.

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  2. Science

    Hot Cheetos and Other Spicy Snacks a Danger to Kids, Say Pediatricians

    Bad news if you're a small child with a Sriracha addiction. It turns out spicy snacks aren't good for kids. Who knew!? (Everyone knew already, right?) Spicy non-food items like Flamin' Hot Cheetos can lead to serious digestive issues in kids, which is a shame, because kids love Hot Cheetos so much they make rap videos about them.

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  3. Weird

    Twinkie the Kid Rides Again! The Snack Cake Returns July 15th

    Remember when Twinkies went away, and people went berserk? Well calm down, everyone. Twinkies are coming back July 15th. After some corporate shenanigans that damn near killed Hostess last year, the company is back under new management that's bringing back Zombieland's favorite post-apocalyptic treat. Enjoy the little things.

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  4. Weird

    Hostess to Shut Down, Zombieland Closer to Reality Than Ever

    No one is going to take this news harder than Woody Harrelson's character from Zombieland, but Hostess is going out of business, threatening the world's Twinkie supply. The labor strikes we told you about on Tuesday have proven too much for the company to handle, and it will now close its doors and fire all 18,500 of its employees. So much for Twinkies lasting forever.

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  5. Weird

    Dessert Pringles Exist for When Regular Desserts Just Aren’t Fast Enough

    Regular desserts, while delicious, are frustrating. The whole point of desserts is to provide instant gratification. We get the sweet satisfaction now, even though we totally know we shouldn't eat the entire cake presented in front of us. Thankfully, Pringles understands our pain. Also, they totally know people love to eat terrible things near holidays. With that in mind, they'll be releasing a number of holiday-themed Pringles flavors.

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