1. Weird

    It’s Supposed To Be Spring, So Let’s Angrily Explode A Snowman In Slow-Motion

    March 20th was the first day of spring, but it seems like the weather in the Northern US and Canada really hasn't noticed (nothing like a fresh layer of snow when it's almost April, am I right?) To adequately express my frustration with this unending and horrifying Poehler Vortex winter, I present you with a snowman being blown to bits at 4500fps.

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  2. Science

    This Winter Has Officially Been Especially Miserable, According to Science

    If you're currently located above the Mason-Dixon line, then you are probably super-bummed right now. That's because this winter has been the coldest that most major Northeastern and Midwestern cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and worst of all, Detroit, have seen since 1950, according to a recent index created by meteorologists.

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  3. Science

    Remember That Snow Is Beautiful With a Microscopic Time-Lapse of Snowflakes Forming [Video]

    You may not be the biggest fan of snow after all the recent storms, but maybe this microscopic view of snowflakes forming can turn that opinion around—until, of course, the next time it snows, which is apparently every day forever. Maybe remembering this video will brighten your day next time your commute has you slogging through mounds of slush.

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  4. Weird

    North Carolina School Announces Snow Day By Rapping “Ice Ice Baby” On Youtube

    As much as we like to joke up North about how the South freaks out when even so much as a light dusting of snow settles on their soil, we'll concede that icy roads are no laughing matter. Well, they weren't until the Head and Assistant Head of School at Durham Academy put up this video of them rapping like the dorky white guys they are.

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  5. Science

    No. The Snow Outside Isn’t a Plastic Nanobot Government Chemtrail Conspiracy, Dummies. Let Us Explain

    Before you post that video of yourself "burning" that "chemtrail snow" outside to prove your insane conspiracy theory -- stop. Don't. Read this first and learn how snow works, lest you run the risk of looking like a stupid person on the Internet. That burning snow outside? Yeah. That's just regular snow.

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  6. Weird

    This Snowball Slingshot Will Win You Your Next Snowball Fight, but Might Make it Your Last

    Throwing snowballs at your friends can be a fun winter activity, but if you want to step your game up and do some damage then you'll want to see this video by YouTuber Joergsprave. Please use your new powers for good and not evil.

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  7. Science

    New Study Looks at the Impact of Snow Days on Student Performance

    For a kid (or teacher) in school there is nothing better than a snow day, but educators have been concerned with how an unexpected day off might impact a student's education. A new study examined the impact of snow days on how students learn, and the results are promising for kids who want a day off.

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  8. Tech

    Electric Scooter Designed For Snow Travel Is Equal Parts Amazing And Awkward

    This electric scooter from DK Laboratories took over 18 months to build from scratch, and comes complete with a ski in the front for optimal snow-travel. Even though this looks functional for snowy pedestrian cities (Toronto and NYC, I'm lookin' at you), there's still the whole thing where it's still a scooter, which just makes it super uncool.

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  9. Tech

    How Does New Jersey Clear Snow from Train Tracks? With a Jet Engine, of Course

    There was a bit of weather overnight in the Northeast that resulted in some significant snowfall in a lot of places. One of those places was New Jersey, and the state's Transit Authority tweeted two photos of how they're handling the snow. They're handling it with jet engines. Right on, New Jersey.

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  10. Space

    New Study Suggests Snowfall on Mars

    While scientists are now certain that there was once water on Mars, there are still many questions about what that means. Questions linger over how much water there was, what form it may have taken, and what role it had in the Martian ecosystem. Researchers at Brown University have been studying some of these questions, and have found evidence to support the theory that the water regularly precipitated on Mars, suggesting a history of snowy seasons on the Red Planet.

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  11. Science

    Just Add Water: Seattle Seahawks Really Do Play Better at Home in Rain and Snow

    Hailing from Washington, I can happily confirm that yes, as you may have heard, it rains quite a bit there. Somehow, though, we mostly get by just fine. Now, a University of Washington meteorologist has run the numbers to find that our NFL team has not only found ways to live with the rainy, wet conditions that are par for the course in the Northwest -- they actually thrive in them. The playoff bound Seattle Seahawks are more likely to win home games in rain or snow, and not by just a little.

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  12. Science

    Check Out the Wild Geometric Snow Art of Simon Beck

    No need to bring in the FBI or Mel Gibson, because these intricate, crop circle-like patterns in the snow weren't left behind by aliens with a knack for artistic design. British artist and competitive orienteer Simon Beck has been making these trampled snow art pieces since 2004 at the Les Arcs ski resort in France. Relying on computer mapping and the years of orienteering skills under his belt, Beck is able to create precise geometric patterns in the snow based on his projections and local landmarks in the area. And the only tools that Beck uses when out in the field is the pair of snowshoes on his own two feet. Too bad the only thing we do with snow is throw rock salt on it which, last time we checked, is an unappreciated art form.

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  13. Space

    Mars is Weird: NASA Orbiter Shows “Dry Ice” Snow on Red Planet

    While Curiosity has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention lately, it's worth remembering that everyone's favorite rover isn't the only one doing cool stuff with Mars. When it's not getting some glamour shots of its ground-based cousin, the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO) is still finding out all sorts of neat things about our nearest sibling in the solar system, like confirming the suspicion that Mars has instances in which it snows dry ice -- carbon dioxide that has frozen at temperatures below -193 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  14. Science

    Swedish Man Survived Being Trapped in Car For Months, Hibernated “Like a Bear”

    There's a pretty incredible story floating around the Internet today about a 45 year-old Swedish man who was rescued from his car after apparently being trapped inside without food for months. Some snowmobilers came across the vehicle buried in snow on a forest path, not far from the northern city of Umea. His rescuers were surprised to find someone inside, wrapped in a sleeping bag, and even more surprised when the man managed to gasp out that he'd been in the car since December 19th.

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  15. Space

    This is Snowtober, as Seen from Space

    Residents of the northeast U.S. coast got a bit of a surprise this past weekend when a freak snowstorm dumped a load of heavy, wet snow well in advance of November. The storm, dubbed Snowtober, apparently broke records across the coast, dropping 32 inches of snow in some areas and leaving over 3 million homes without power. Amazingly, this storm actually did more damage in some areas than Hurricane Irene did. Now, a totally different view of the weather comes from NASA's Terra satellite, which captured the above image on October 30th. Doesn't seem so bad from up there.

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