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  1. Tech

    Community College Tries to Have Twitter Account Pulled, Fails, Draws More Attention to Account It Tried to Have Pulled

    The president of Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania doesn't think the @NCC_Confess Twitter account is very funny, so he tried to have it pulled from the Internet. That went about as well as you would expect and resulted in a lot more attention for the account. Do they not have a class in How to Internet at NCC?

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  2. Entertainment

    Coke’s “Cone of Shame” Commercial Wants You to Spend Less Time on Your Phone, More Time Drinking Soda

    Have you forgotten what your baby looks like? Do you live-tweet first dates? Coke released a parody ad yesterday with a solution for "social media addicts" who have deeper relationships with their followers than their family--a Social Media Guard designed to force human interaction, or prevent your dog from ripping out it's stitches.

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  3. Tech

    Woman Sues Because She Claims Injuries From a Car Accident Have Kept Her From Using Facebook

    A Nova Scotia woman is suing the company whose driver hit her with his dump truck. Since personal injury law isn't typically something we cover on Geekosystem, I feel like it's worth mentioning that she's suing because she claims her injuries have prevented her from using Facebook.

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  4. Tech

    Tonight’s State of the Union Will Have More Social Media, Probably More Statiness and Unionness as a Result*

    The White House is trying to punch up the State of the Union stream this year with added social media integration. You can tweet all of your nodding and incessant clapping right along with government officials, and you can Vine, Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook—the things hip, young voters like to do—your concerns in an online Q&A session afterwards.

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  5. Tech

    Watch People Get Really Freaked out by Their Own Social Media Information [Video]

    If you're like approximately everyone these days, you probably share a lot of information over social media platforms. How much do people share on the Internet? Enough for a guy to walk around and pretend to be psychic to complete strangers using information they didn't realize was publicly available, apparently.

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  6. Tech

    Tiinkk Takes Away the Burden of Making Your Own Decisions

    Tiinkk is a mobile app that helps indecisive people by crowdsourcing their day-to-day decision making to their friends and family. It's a novel approach to social media, as the major problem with most social media apps is having to see the opinions of your friends and family.

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  7. Tech

    Kids Say The Darndest Things About Social Media (And Also Farts) [Video]

    Comedian Mark Malkoff asked a bunch of young kids what they know about social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. You'll be happy to know that they had no idea what that was and wanted to talk about Star Wars and butts instead. See? There's some hope for future generations!

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  8. Tech

    Conan O’Brien Wants To Become The Most Influential Person on LinkedIn With Your Help

    Let's be real for a hot second -- LinkedIn is kind of a joke. Seriously, when was the last time you updated your own account? Probably right before you left your last job, and not since. But Conan O'Brien has serious plans for the "professional network." Specifically, he wants to conquer it and become its most influential member.

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  9. Tech

    Miley Cyrus Twerks on Important News Stories So You’ll Pay Attention to Them

    As everyone knows, it's impossible to think about pop culture and foreign news at the same time. Luckily, people keep pointing out that talking about Miley Cyrus's VMA performance makes us all bad people. Real news is happening! What will it take to get you to stop talking about twerking start tweeting about Syria? What it Miley twerks on Syria?

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  10. Tech

    PRSM: The Social Network You’re Part Of Whether You Like It or Not

    Do you like sharing on the Internet? Of course you do, it's what the Internet is for! But what if there was a service to let you share everything? Not just what you think is cool, but every site you visit and email you send, period. Good news -- there is! And the better news? You're already signed up for PRSM, the NSA's new social network.

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  11. Tech

    You’re Doing a Great Job: Twitter Debuts New Ad Platform by Angering Audience With Fake Tweets

    Twitter is pretty pumped about their new advertising product, which helps advertisers and brands track how many people are talking about their TV commercials on the social media service. But what if nobody is talking about a commercial? Well, Twitter will just put some words in users' mouths, it seems. In a blog post about the service this morning, Twitter illustrated their example with a (since changed) graphic containing what appeared to be tweets from real users -- except they were raving about a TV ad they'd never seen.

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  12. Tech

    Twitter to Use PhotoDNA Program to Eliminate Child Porn by Watermarking Offending Images

    Twitter announced today that they would begin using Microsoft's PhotoDNA service to crack down on images of child porn shared by users of the social media service. PhotoDNA creates a digital watermark of images known to contain child pornography. It then uses that watermark to identify copies of the image, and can prevent users from uploading them.

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  13. Tech

    Twitter DMs Now Sync Over Multiple Platforms, Removing Last Reason To Visit Ever Again

    Out of all the social media websites out there, Twitter is the best at understanding that nobody wants to look at the actual Twitter page all the time. Yesterday afternoon, they announced a bunch of changes to every single app they produce -- Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck. Most importantly, DMs now sync across all platforms, so now there's no reason to go to the Twitter homepage at all. Might as well remove it from your no-doubt-overloaded browser bookmark list. It'll probably thank you.

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  14. Entertainment

    CollegeHumor’s First Feature Film, Coffee Town Only Releasing Through Online Distribution [Video]

    The upcoming film Coffee Town looks interesting, but more for its distribution model than its content. Coffee Town is CollegeHumor's first venture into the world of feature film, and they're exclusively using digital distribution and social media marketing. It's a risky strategy, but I think it's going to pay off for them.

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  15. Tech

    Turkish Government to Ban Fake Social Media Accounts

    Anti-government protests in Turkey have gotten increasingly violent over the past month. Thousands have been injured in clashes with law enforcement. Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag claims social media has become the protestors primary weapon, and that he intends to "lay down some rules."

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