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    Visualizing the Spread of bin Laden Death News on Twitter

    There has been a lively back-and-forth among journos over the course of this past week as to whether the dissemination of the news of Osama bin Laden's death via Twitter and other social media does or does not constitute journalism. Tabling that murky question for now (the answer to which is probably an unsatisfying 'yes and no'), looking at the spread of that information is in itself fascinating. Social media optimization company SocialFlow analyzed 14.8 million Tweets sent in the hours after bin Laden's death and found, among other fascinating data, that the Tweet by Rumsfeld chief of staff Keith Urbahn that got the ball rolling was retweeted more than 80 times within one minute after it was sent, and that by the 3-minute mark, it had led to more than 300 reactions:

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