1. Gaming

    Sony Finally Unveiled Their PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset: Project Morpheus, Look out Oculus Rift

    Last night at Game Developers Conference, Sony made the announcement that we all knew was coming and revealed the virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4. It's not ready to go on sale yet, but Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, showed off a prototype and explained their strategy for making VR more than just a peripheral.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Final Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Is Here

    Sony just premiered what they claim is the "final" Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer on their Facebook page. Check it out for web-based puns/Gwen Stacy anxiety/surprisingly epic choir music.

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  3. Gaming

    PlayStation 4 Closing in on Wii U Sales Numbers, Looks to Be King This Generation

    After the fastest-selling console launch in history back in November, the PlayStation 4 has continued to rack up impressive sales numbers, and Sony has just announced that the console has topped 5.3 million units sold worldwide. For comparison, the Wii U's sales numbers in December, more than a year after its launch, were at 5.86 million.

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  4. Gaming

    All the Animated PlayStation 4 Facts You Can Handle from Vsauce’s Fact Surgery [Video]

    How many PS2 memory cards would it take to equal the amount of hard drive space on board the PS4? Sure, it had the fastest selling console launch of all time, but how much money did Sony make off of it on a per-second basis? Vsauce is here with the answers to these questions and more presented by a stop-motion animated PS4.

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  5. Gaming

    Sony’s PlayStation Now Service Will Steal Your Free Time with Games Streaming to Devices from the Cloud

    Get ready to never leave your house again, because this summer, on your breaks from binge-watching Netflix, you will be able to binge-game on Sony's PlayStation Now service—even if you don't own a PlayStation console. Utilizing the Internet's complex series of tubes, they'll allow you to remotely play PlayStation games on an array of devices.

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  6. Tech

    Watch Sony’s CES Conference Live Tonight to See New Sony Tech

    Sony's press conference for the Consumer Electronics Show will broadcast live tonight and show you all of the advancements you can expect in upcoming Sony technology. It might also contain an appearance of their rumored virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4, so we'll be watching excitedly when it starts at 5PM PST.

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  7. Gaming

    PlayStation 4 Causes a Surge in Online Gameplay Streaming

    The PlayStation 4 comes with the built-in ability to stream a user's gaming session live over Twitch's Internet streaming service. In the weeks since the PS4's launch, that ability has caused a huge boom in users creating new accounts with Twitch, and PS4 streaming now makes up roughly 10% of their content.

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  8. Entertainment

    We’ve Finally Gotten The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer and It Is Kinda Bonkers

    It's about time that we're getting an actual look at the sequel to the 2012 Spider-Man reboot, but this sure isn't what we were expecting. After all, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were fantastic in the last film. What's with all the committal, forced-sounding voiceovers? Why are all the CGI acrobatics so... meh? 

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  9. Gaming

    Twitch Gets Trigger-Happy with PS4 Ban Notices after Sexual Assault Gets Streamed Live

    It's an old adage of the Internet that if you stream it, they will come—and put their dicks on it. Apparently, nobody at Sony or Twitch had heard that adage before, as they didn't put a whole lot of measures in place to make sure nobody did that with their integrated streaming. Now they're going on a user-banning rampage to make up for lost time.

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  10. Gaming

    Couple Used PlayStation 4 to Stream Live Call-in Talk Show, Got 200k Viewers

    Using the PS4's native ability to stream gameplay over Twitch's online video streaming service, a couple from Washington starred in their own talk show and drew quite a crowd. The Spartan Show got so many viewers, in fact, that Sony executives tweeted that they were watching and eventually called into the show.

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  11. Gaming

    Major League Gaming, PlayStation 4, and the Rise of Online Gaming Spectatorship

    With the 2013 championship for the game League of Legends nabbing 8.3 million viewers (more than 2013's Stanley Cup per-game viewership of 5.4 million), there's no denying that game spectating is huge. Major League Gaming's launch of its own streaming site and the PS4's built in gameplay streaming capabilities could make it even bigger.

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  12. Gaming

    PlayStation 4′s “Blue Light of Death” Plagues Consumers, No Solution aside from a Replaced Console

    Yet another piece of electronics is vanquished by the color blue and gets "of death" appended to its current predicament. Some PlayStation 4 consoles completely die right out of the box and give off a blue light. It's unclear how widespread the problem is, but with over 600 one-star reviews on Amazon, it's likely not an isolated incident.

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  13. Gaming

    Watch Live as Sony Celebrates the PlayStation 4 Launch with Some Big Announcements

    Sony's Head of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, Tweeted that Sony's livestream tonight will have some game-changing announcements for the next generation of gaming. We're hoping there'll be some news on the rumored virtual reality headset, because we're suckers for crazy new tech. Watch with us at 11PM EST!

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  14. Gaming

    PlayStation 4 Demo Stations Coming to US Retailers Today

    PlayStation fans can now get their hands on the new PlayStation 4 about a month ahead of its November 15 debut. Starting today, demo kiosks will be installed in retailers around the US.

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  15. Space

    Sony Plans to Send Celebrities to Space for New Reality Show

    Sony Pictures Television has made a deal with Netherlands-based Space Exploration Corporation to produce a reality TV show that will have 10 yet-to-be-named celebrities (do geek bloggers count?) competing for a chance to be sent into space. Has someone finally come up with a reality show we'd watch?

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