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    PS4 Could Be Getting its Own Oculus Rift-Style 3D Headset

    Sony could be about to launch its latest shot across Microsoft's bow with an Oculus Rift-style 3D headset for the Playstation 4. Then you could feel like you're inside your favorite games! And if you're anything like me you can feel like you're inside those games with a migraine because 3D makes my brain hurt.

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    PSA: Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS3, Get it for $10 on PS4

    Remember how Sony CEO Andy House said yesterday that purchasing select PS3 games will allow you to buy them again on PS4 for a significantly discounted price? Well, we've just learned the specifics on that deal for one such game-- Call of Duty Ghosts. If you buy it at retail price on PS3, you'll be able to get it on PS4 for a mere $10.

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  3. Gaming

    Presenting the PS4 Presser Proceedings

    Today Sony used its Gamescom spotlight to give us a closer look at the PS4. Everything was very exciting, with new games, ports, price drops, and a release date for the PS4. Everything, that is, except the camera. Don't think we didn't see you zooming out half the time, cameraman.

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  4. Gaming

    Playstation’s Gamescom Conference is Today, Peep the Live Stream Right Here

    If you're looking for the latest major drop of video game news, Gamescom is where it's at. All the big game companies are over in Germany right now displaying their upcoming offerings. Microsoft and EA have already done their bits, and Sony's next up to give their press conference, which you can watch with us right here at 1PM Eastern.

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    This Date Goes Horribly Wrong, Then Right Again Thanks to the Sony Xperia

    There's a lot to worry about on a date. How do I look? Does this person think I'm interesting? Will they chuck my smartphone into a fountain? The Sony Xperia can help -- at least with that last one. It's not afraid to stand up to a little water, so when accidents happen you can go right back to smooshing ice cream in someone's face.

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    See the Sony Xperia Stand Up to Lemonade and Water in The Picnic

    Kids are great, but they've been known to void some warranties and destroy their share of gadgets. This video shows that it's going to take more than a little kid with some lemonade to kill the Sony Xperia. Your move, little girl.

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  7. Tech

    Don’t Count Physical Media Out Just Yet: Sony and Panasonic Announce Plans for 300GB Disc

    Between things like online streaming and cloud storage, physical storage is rapidly becoming less and less relevant to the general consumer -- that is, unless Sony and Panasonic have anything to say about it. The two tech companies are in development to create a new optical disc standard that will be capable of storing over 300GB of data. You're welcome, hoarders of data.

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  8. Gaming

    Petition Demands Microsoft Reinstate Restrictive Xbox One Policies

    Do you remember the olden days, when the Xbox One was going to restrict used game sales and require online check-ins? Are you annoyed that now that Microsoft conceded and went back on those policies, you have nothing to complain about on the Internet? Or did you just get used to the idea that Microsoft's picture of the future was a boot stamping on a human face every 24 hours? Never fear, someone on the Internet wants to return to the bold future of a few weeks ago. Over 2000 people have already signed a petition to Microsoft asking the company to return to its original, consumer-unfriendly plan.

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  9. Entertainment

    By Your Powers Combined, Sony Producing Captain Planet Movie

    Sony is in final negotiations to lock up the rights to Captain Planet for a film reboot. Children of the '80s now have a choice. You can get on board now and be excited about it, or you can jump on your favorite comment thread and lament your ruined childhood. The power is yours!

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  10. Gaming

    12 Video Games You Should Play If You Like The Last of Us

    I'm now a few hours in to The Last of Us, and am enjoying it immensely. Yes, it has been the subject of some controversy recently, but that shouldn't undercut how great it is. I feel it places an interesting spin on the post-apocalyptic zombie genre, and it injects a level of humanity that few games today really show off. When you finish the game, you'll probably be longing for another special experience. As such, we've compiled a list of 12 games that we think you'll enjoy if you're a fan of The Last of Us.

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  11. Gaming

    Naughty Dog Lives Up to Their Name: The Last of Us Plagiarizes Designer’s Subway Map

    I recently received Naughty Dog's The Last of Us as a birthday gift, and have been dying to sink my teeth into it after hearing rave reviews across the board. But in the past week, after the game's retail release, some controversies have arisen regarding some of the game's content. We told you before about how actress Ellen Page accused the game of ripping off her likeness, but she's not the only one upset. Cameron Booth, a graphic designer, recently realized that a map he made was also used without permission.

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  12. Gaming

    Three Hundred And Ninety-Nine U.S. Dollars: PS4 Will Retail for $100 Less Than Xbox One

    Let's face it, folks -- I think we were all a little put off by Sony's "unreveal" of the PS4 earlier this year, and no one was particularly impressed when the company tried to steal the Xbox One's thunder with a blurry video of pieces of their own hardware. Credit where credit's due, though -- yesterday at E3, Sony made their time on the big stage count, revealing (for realsies!) the PS4 with a bevy of attractive details, from simple sharing and reselling of your games to a price point of $399 -- $100 lower than Microsoft's new console.

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  13. Gaming

    Sony Unveils Used Game Policy With Handy Instructional Video

    Hot off the announcement at their E3 press conference, Sony's own Adam Boyes tweeted an instructional video to simplify the used game/game sharing policy on the new Playstation 4.

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  14. Gaming

    Watch All of Today’s E3 Press Conferences Live Right Here [Live Stream]

    It's E3 week, and, well, you know what that means, don't you? It means that starting at 10 am PT today, we'll be bringing you a whole week full of live press conferences, trailers for new games, and new looks  at the latest next gen consoles -- the PS4 and Xbox One -- that are about to leave a smoldering crater in your bank account where 599 U.S. dollars used to be...give or take.

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  15. Entertainment

    Be Still Our Hearts: Sony Supposedly Asked Dan Harmon to Return to Community

    Good news for people who thought last season of NBC's Community just didn't feel right -- apparently creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon let it slip in an recent episode of his podcast, Harmontown, that he's been asked to return to the program after being unceremoniously dumped by Sony at the end of Season 3. Cool! Cool cool cool.

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