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    Humans 2 Mars Summit Starts Today, Watch Live Stream Here

    The Humans 2 Mars Summit is an annual conference that, according to the gathering's Media Sponsor, was organized and hosted by Mars Inc. to "advance the goal of sending humans to Mars within the next two decades." If you couldn't make it down to D.C. for this year's event, you can watch NASA's live stream going on right now until 5 pm EST.

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    Watch Live as NASA Makes Kepler Planet-Hunting Mission Announcement at 2:00PM EDT

    NASA is going to be making an announcement about the Kepler planet-hunting mission's latest discovery. The Kepler telescope is being used to find potentially habitable planets. Our guess is they'll be announcing new planets or one that happens to be very interesting. In this case interesting means habitable.

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    Bacon Was the First Thing Ever Eaten on the Moon, Obviously

    I know it's been keeping you up at night. "Sure, American astronauts have made great leaps in exploring the final frontier. But, have we eaten enough bacon in space?" Not to worry, fellow patriots: turns out having access to bacon was a top priority for many of history's most intrepid space explorers.

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    First Images Of “Galactic Serial Killer” Released

    NGC 1316 is millions of light years away, but the European Space Observatory is still charging it with murder. Astronomers say this recently released image shows physical evidence that the the galaxy has a violent past of disrupting, destroying, and swallowing it neighbors.

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    Don’t Miss the Crescent Moon Crossing in Front of the Hyades Star Cluster This Thursday

    Thursday evening on April 3rd into the morning of April 4th, Americans will be able to get a front row seat and witness the waxing crescent shaped moon illuminate the night sky like the special gem it is. The crescent will be a lot brighter than usual so don't forget to look out your windows; it will be a pretty sight.

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    Rosetta Has Finally Spotted Her Comet, Sent Back First Images

    Pictures taken by Rosetta earlier this week confirm that the ESA's little spacecraft that could is right on track for her rendezvous in August with 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko. For the first time, Rosetta's OSIRIS camera has captured images of the comet on which she will attempt her unprecedented landing.

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    Miserable Alien Life is Possible Around Bigger, Brighter and Hotter Stars

    Move over sun, there may be a bigger star to steal the spotlight. Recent studies suggest that hotter and brighter stars are capable of providing the right conditions to form life.

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    Have Astronomers Found Earth’s Twin?

    Details at this point are being kept on the down-low, but last week's Search For Life Beyond The Solar System Conference yielded some very exciting news: a planet roughly the size of Earth and capable of having liquid water on its surface (and consequently life) may have been discovered inside the Milky Way. Road trip, anyone?

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    Watch Chris Hadfield’s TED Talk About the Time He Went Blind in Space, Then Be Glad You’re on Earth

    Our favorite Canadian astronaut/rock star Chris Hadfield gave a TED Talk this month in Vancouver where he recounted the time he went blind in space, and spoke about how scary and dangerous being an astronaut really is. It's fascinating, informative, and a little terrifying.

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    “Father of Inflation” Surprised With News of Gravitational Waves [Video]

    Yesterday Stanford announced that the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation and gravitational waves may have been found. Chao-Lin Kuo, designer of the BICEP-2 detector that made the breakthrough, went to personally surprise Father of Inflation Andre Linde with the news that his life's work had just been validated. Beware: tearjerker territory.

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    Astronomers Say There May Be Waves On Titan’s Seas, But Don’t Plan To Go Surfing “Just Yet”

    At yesterday's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference scientist Jason Barnes made an incredible announcement: NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has detected unusual glints of light that may indicate waves on Saturn's largest moon Titan. Saturn: go for the rings, stay for Titan's hydrocarbon boogie boarding.

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    Astrophysicists to Announce “Major Discovery” Today at 12PM EDT [Updated With Link to Livestream]

    Astrophysicists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics are planning to unveil what they're calling a "major discovery" in a press conference at 12PM EDT today. Just what will that discovery be? We have no idea, so we decided to go the rational route and wildly speculate. Update:: It's not Aliens. It's even more exciting.

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    This Video of a Russian Experiment Looks Like Real-Life Gravity

    In the wake of Gravity's Awards Season success, Sploid has this eerie video to remind us that Astronaut Ryan Stone's horrifying space odyssey essentially happened "for real" back in 2006. Yes, the Russian experiment was all in the name of education, but that doesn't make the footage any less bone-chilling.

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    NASA Announced Asteroid Will Fly by Earth Closer Than the Moon Today [Live Stream Updated]

    While you were peacefully sleeping last night, NASA announced that they had detected a 100 foot-wide asteroid that will fly closer to Earth than the Moon today around 1 pm PST and 4 pm EST. NASA predicts that the asteroid will pass us without event, but just in case they're wrong, you might want to knock out that bucket list in the next 5 hours.

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  15. Space

    Four Super Ancient Galaxy Clusters Have Been Found Hanging Out Billions of Light-Years Away

    By combining the data from the Planck and Herschel satellites, four super old galaxies clusters were recently discovered, and by super old, we mean 10 billion light-years away. They're galaxy clusters, which means that they're a massive cloud of other galaxies.

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