1. Entertainment

    Wait, Why Is Amazing Spider-Man 2 Getting a Post-Credit Sequence from Days of Future Past?

    Marvel movies have trained their nerd audiences well; most of us will sit through the entire credit sequence of a film before we even think about getting up to leave the theater. Now it looks like Sony and Fox, AKA the reasons Wolverine and Spider-Man will never get to hang out with Tony Stark, are hoping to capitalize on that training.

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  2. Weird

    A Politician in India Dresses as Spider-Man and Scales Buildings for Votes, I’m Suddenly Interested in Politics

    America is officially falling behind the rest of the world. Forget all of the other things we're not first place in; we can't vote for Spider-Man. India has a politician who not only dresses as Spider-Man, but he climbs buildings to tell people to vote for him. If the next presidential race doesn't involve jet packs and lasers, I'm done, America.

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  3. Entertainment

    Bizarre Evian Commercial Has Spider-Man Dancing With Baby Spider-Man?

    If you've ever wanted to see regular-sized Spider-Man dance with a baby Spider-Man then Evian's got just the commercial for you! I won't say this isn't cute, but it's also completely bananas.

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  4. Tech

    Here’s A “Robotic Elephant Trunk” That’s Actually One Of Doc Ock’s Appendages

    Three years ago, German engineering firm Festo provided proof-of-concept of a mobile robot elephant trunk they'd created, controlled by artificial muscles. Now, that robot trunk has been fully-realized - it can learn, it can crush you, and it's probably about to be purchased by one Doctor Otto Octavius.

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  5. Entertainment

    Brand New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Clips Reveal a Lot About the Movie’s Peter/Gwen Plot

    If there was one place that Amazing Spider-Man beat its predecessor, it was that its characters felt a lot more like real people, and the sequel wants to expand on that by throwing a wrench into Peter and Gwen's relationship. All that on top of a movie that seems to have an unlimited supply of villains. That's a whole lot for one movie.

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  6. Entertainment

    God Damn It Amazing Spider-Man Series, Please Do Not Be About Clones

    Normally we don't pay attention to viral marketing campaigns that roleplay as in-unverse news outlets, so the Amazing Spider-Man 2 official "Daily Bugle" Tumblr hasn't been on our radar. That is, until today, when we saw the word "clone" on their site. Oh lord. Oh lord, no.

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  7. Science

    Spider-Man’s Web Slingshot Maneuver Is Used by Real Spiders to Catch Prey, It Seems Way Less Silly Now

    He does everything a spider can! Not to be outdone, spiders can do almost everything a Spider-Man can—including slingshotting themselves by stretching their webs way back. Don't worry; the ones who do this are pretty small and not too scary... for being spiders. To bugs and especially mosquitos, though, they're flying balls of webbed death.

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  8. Entertainment

    Electro Visits Times Square in Latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Promo

    If you were packed into Times Square for New Years Eve, then you got an early look at this teaser of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 showing Electro and Spidey battling it out in Times Square. Otherwise, you can just watch it right now from the comfort of your home or office.

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  9. Weird

    MMA Fighters Dress as Batman, Robin, and Spider-Man for the Only MMA Fight We’ve Ever Cared About [Video]

    We don't really follow mixed martial arts competitions, but we do follow superheroes beating the crap out of each other. That's why we love this video of MMA fighters dressed as the dynamic duo squaring off against our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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  10. Weird

    “Gangsta” Batman’s Profanity-Filled Rant in Times Square Required Two Spider-Men to Calm Him Down

    Gangsta Batman doesn't so much "fight crime" or be the "world's best detective." No, Gangsta Batman doesn't have time for wussy stuff like that. He's busy doing really tough things like complaining to police that someone isn't tough or gangsta and swearing in front of small children while dressed as Batman. You know, Gangsta stuff.

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  11. Weird

    It’s Bad News When Aunt May Sends Spider-Man For Groceries [VIDEO]

    The funny folks over at Random At Best have made a video where our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man faces off against his greatest foe: grocery shopping. Who would have thought that one little rice package could cripple Spidey in a way that Doc Ock could never?

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  12. Entertainment

    We’ve Finally Gotten The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer and It Is Kinda Bonkers

    It's about time that we're getting an actual look at the sequel to the 2012 Spider-Man reboot, but this sure isn't what we were expecting. After all, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were fantastic in the last film. What's with all the committal, forced-sounding voiceovers? Why are all the CGI acrobatics so... meh? 

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  13. Entertainment

    Which Superhero and Villain are #1? Synthesio Investigates

    Social media research firm Synthesio took it upon themselves to settle the age-old question: "Who's better? Batman or Superman?" Well, they had a number of heroes and villains in the mix with some interesting results, but we all know where the main event is.

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  14. Weird

    Student in Spider-Man Costume Tazed and Arrested for Robbery

    21-year-old University of Pitttsburgh student Jonathan Hewson was arrested on robbery charges while wearing a full Spider-Man costume. A clerk at the Atwood Express called police after tazing Hewson, who was then found about a block away. Don't worry: There's video.

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  15. Entertainment

    Watch Your Favorite Heroes Get Psychoanalyzed, Starting With the Punisher [Video]

    You know who really needs some kind of serious therapy? Frank Castle. I mean, geez, grief is real painful and we're sorry your family got murdered, but you are kind of overdoing it with the vengeance thing. Luckily this new Youtube series called "Hero Therapy" gives us a glimpse into the mind of Frank's damaged psyche with actual psychologist Dr. Larry Lewis.

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