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    Watch The New Star Trek Into Darkness Right Here, Right Now

    The first teaser and trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness were flashy and vague, doing little to actually show much about the movie besides that, yes, another Star Trek movie was coming, and isn't that exciting? The new trailer just dropped, and it gives a bit more detail about the upcoming Trek. Heck, there's even a Spock joke thrown in there for good measure.

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    5 Out of 5, Would Watch Again…And Again And Again: Our Favorite Star Trek Characters

    Last week, we asked who the worst characters in Star Trek history were -- the series alums you never want to see back -- and you told us. This week, we're still excited for the upcoming movie, but taking a rosier view on things, so we asked who your favorite characters were, and you all weighed in again. We thank you for it. So without further ado, presented for your approval -- or disapproval, if that's your thing -- your choices for the 10 best characters in Trek-dom -- and one honorable mention we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave on the cutting room floor.

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  3. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 1/16

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on advances in technology, regressions in morals (Gizmodo)
    Go here, click Random Article button, lose five hours of your life (Superpower Wiki)
    Han Solo even looks cool in Mos Eisley bookend-form (Amazon)
    Spock will make you stop recognizing "fascinating" as a word in just a minute and a half (FiveStarTrekker)
    Wikipedia celebrates 10 years of providing mostly reliable information (Wikipedia 10K Redux)
    Then we will Minecraft in the shade! (ScotyDoesKnow)
    A first-person tour through the history of gaming (Florian Smolka)
    (pic via The Fallen Blue)

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