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    Future Final Fantasy Games for the PC? Thanks Square Enix!

    Looks like we will have more chocobos flooding our computer screens. According to the producer, Yoshinori Kitase, hopefully in the near future, the beloved Final Fantasy franchise will make it's way to the PC and this is very exciting news for gamers.

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    Deus Ex: The Fall Impossible to Play on Jailbroken Devices

    Remember that mobile app game, Deus Ex: The Fall, that nobody asked for? Well, turns out that if you bought it anyway and happen to have a jailbroken device, then you just spent $7 dollars on bupkis. Apparently you can't fire any any guns on a jailbroken phone or tablet, including the necessary tranquilizer gun you need to complete the tutorial. Come on, Square Enix. Stop doing this to us. There's only so many times we can make "I never asked for this" funny before we get really bummed out by how often we say and mean it.

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    Deus Ex: The Fall’s a Mobile Game, Cue Massive Disappointment From Internet

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution brought back the franchise in a big way when it was first released in 2011, and since then fans have been clamoring for more. Well, you will get more, but unless you enjoy playing complex video games with just your thumbs and pointer fingers, you're probably in for a lot of disappointment. Deus Ex: The Fall, which was first teased on the Eidos Twitter the other day, is going to be a game for iOS and Android. Even worse, it's apparently going to be part of a series. Welp.

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    Forgotten Final Fantasy IX Side Quest Brought to Light 13 Years After Release

    Usually when players find previously unseen content in old games, it's through some weird glitch or hidden item -- it's not generally an entire side quest that gets discovered. Game completionists all over the world have got to be kicking themselves now, though, because somebody found a side quest in Final Fantasy IX that the entire Internet seemed to have forgotten all about up to now. And you thought you'd seen it all! Because you hadn't.

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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Officially Coming to North America

    Now that we're officially in the midst of PAX East, it's time for some juicy gaming tidbits to start spilling. First on the docket: Square Enix has officially confirmed that the previously announced Final Fantasy X HD, which everyone knew was coming to PlayStation Vita, will also be hitting the PlayStation 3, and it'll be bundled with a remastered version of Final Fantasy X-2 as well. Also, yes, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a horrible title.

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    Jesse McCartney Accidentally Confirms Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix’s Being Localized

    Never since the Street Fighter franchise have we waited so long for the next proper installment in a video game series. Our patience for Kingdom Hearts III has been worn thin of late with each side story, rehash, and side story rehash that's been released after Kingdom Hearts II, further delaying the long awaited closure we've been working toward for the past 11 years -- man, history does repeat itself. It appears as though we may be waiting even longer. Jesse McCartney, the heavenly voice behind Sora's doppelganger Roxas, posted a picture on Instagram showing the inside of the recording studio with the caption: "For all you ‘Kingdom Hearts‘ Fans. Recording the next chapter! #KingdomHearts #Roxas #Gamers." Regrettably, judging by the game footage, this "next chapter" is likely Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and not Kingdom Hearts III. You may now commence your disapproving shake of the head.

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    Final Fantasy: All the Bravest’s All Colors and Noise, Hard to Say What Else

    Though we certainly can't get enough of them, video games like the Final Fantasy series aren't for everybody -- some people just don't appreciate the obsessive micromanaging that comes with the territory. Probably influenced by the closed-minded few that feel RPGs tediously plod along, Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy: All the Bravest for iOS devices everywhere: A game that brings everything you loved about the 16-bit generation of Final Fantasy games, but pumps it full of near lethal amounts of caffeine and amphetamines.

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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Hits the Interwebs, Cryptic and Flashy Per the Norm

    What Square Enix thinks you need more of in your life -- regardless of the fact that we've made it evidently clear otherwise -- is more Final Fantasy XIII. The trailer for the franchise within a franchise's latest installment, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, was initially posted on GameTrailers this morning before quickly being pulled. Since then, the video has been uploaded on YouTube in spades.

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    Hitman Facebook Campaign Promotes Assassinating Friends, Gets Pulled Immediately

    Had enough of your friends constantly flooding your Facebook page with invitations for FarmVille or parties you don't care to attend? Square Enix has a solution: Put a hit out on them! Rather, you could have a few short hours ago before the option to do so was pulled completely from Facebook. In an ill-conceived and terrifying marketing campaign for Hitman: Absolution, users were able to select targets from their friend list and have them wiped out in cold blood for an assortment of colorful, eyebrow-raisin' reasons.

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    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For… A Hitman Absolution Easter Egg! [Video]

    The Hitman series is known first and foremost for giving players the freedom to kill their targets in a variety of ways, ranging from the conventional to the needlessly complex. In Hitman Absolution, those methods can be down-right weird sometimes. If someone can explain why this easter egg involving vultures and an ice cream truck makes any sense, I'd be surprised. Luckily, things don't need to make sense to be funny. Before you watch, you should know that this video contains some mild spoilers for a mission late in the game. If you're playing Hitman Absolution and haven't started a mission called "End of the Road," you might want to avoid watching this. The easter egg is hidden at the very beginning of the mission, so you should be fine as long as you've gotten that far.

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    Final Fantasy XIV Ends With an Epic Final Cutscene

    Final Fantasy XIV has had a tough life. Panned by critics and released at a time when the traditional subscription-based MMO is on the decline, Square Enix's second online adaptation of the classic RPG franchise undeniably fell flat, even by the relatively low standard set by cult classic Final Fantasy XI. This weekend is the game's so-called "grand finale," where loyal players can sign on and take giant, high-level boss battles before the servers shut down tonight at midnight, Pacific time. In honor of the game's "ending," Square Enix has released an extended cutscene to serve as the game's cinematic climax.

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    Square Enix Becomes First to Officially License Unreal Engine 4, Maybe They’ll Make a Good Game Now

    Square Enix has been in something of a rut as of late. The reception for their last couple of flagship video game titles has been mixed leaning toward negative. While both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 seem to be hovering around an 8.0 on Metacritic, Final Fantasy XIV is sitting at a ridiculously low 4.9. Game reviews tend to skew towards the higher end of things, so an 8.0 isn't exactly stellar either. Maybe that's all set to change, though. It's just been publicly confirmed that Square Enix has licensed Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, making them the first to do so officially.

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    Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Oddly Includes Nintendo Title, Might Just Have Video

    What's a company to do when they want to consolidate a few of one of their franchise's titles into a single, high-definition remix, but they're spread across different consoles? This is the boat Square Enix finds themselves in after much clamoring for a Kingdom Hearts HD collection on the PlayStation 3. Well, they've gone ahead and announced Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, which includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The weird thing, beyond the title, is that 358/2 might only be represented as a video.

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    The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Box Set Has All 13 Main Games

    At an event today, Square Enix announced a special Final Fantasy box set for the franchise's 25th anniversary. The most notable inclusion in the box set is not a special art book, or limited DLC, but all thirteen main games included in one box. Don't you worry, Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are kept out of your awesome anniversary set.

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    Square Enix Teasing a New The World Ends With You Project

    The World Ends With You was a surprisingly well-received title from Square Enix for the Nintendo DS back when it released in 2007, with both positive reviews and commercial success. The company used many of the same team members responsible for the development of the Kingdom Hearts franchise to create a new IP with a similar aesthetic -- and it totally worked. Now, Square Enix has launched a new website that appears to be teasing a new project in the franchise.

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