1. Gaming

    Test Your Grammar Know-How (Or Shame Your Friends) With This Quick Grammar Game

    Are you forever trolling the internet, commenting on posts with incorrect grammar? Do your friends consider you a "Grammar Nazi?" Well, you better put your money where your mouth is, and test your grammar skills using Grammatically Speaking, a quick little grammar game we found online!

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  2. Tech

    I Believe You Discounted My Stapler: Staples and Other Online Retailers Tailor Prices Based on Customer Info

    Online shopping -- among other things too numerous to mention -- is perhaps one of the greatest gifts the internet has bestowed upon mankind, allowing us to indulge in the long-held fantasy of shopping without having to get dressed. Still, there's always been an unspoken tradeoff for being able to browse the virtual aisles in nothing but our tighty whiteys, because at this point it's hard to believe such convenience would be free. Online retailers have always been collecting our personal information for their own dubious ends since they hit the interwebs, but a recent investigation by The Wall Street Journal reveals that businesses such as Staples are using this data to tailor prices based on customer location, income, and other factors. It turns out that not all sales are created equal.

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  3. Tech

    In-Store 3D Printing Coming to a Staples Near You

    3D printing is an exciting prospect. Being able to turn literally anything you can imagine into a physical object is truly the stuff of the future, but the days of everyone having a 3D printer in their home is still a ways off. Even so, perhaps it's not quite as far as many imagine. Staples announced that they will offer in-store 3D printing starting next year. We hope this also means that the process of 3D printing will be simplified, because getting regular 2D documents printed at a copy center can sometimes be a nightmare. We don't see adding a third dimension to the mix suddenly speeding anything up.

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  4. Tech

    Report: Amazon to Launch “Five or Six” New Kindles

    There is no doubt in anyone's mind that after the stupendously successful launch of the Kindle Fire last year -- and the amazing surge in tablet use that followed -- that Amazon will be trotting out new hardware soon. In fact, some reporters have even touched prototype devices. However, the number of new devices has just doubled from previous reports. This could be a big year for Amazon.

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  5. Entertainment

    Online Staples Outlet Strikes Deal with NBC to Sell Actual Dunder Mifflin Brand Paper

    Though Michael Scott has left the show, we're stil watching The Office. Whether or not that is because it is on the same channel and around the same time as Parks and Recreation and we may or may not be leaving our televisions on because it is good to have background noise, we can all feel a little giddy when one of Staples' online outlets,, has struck a deal with NBC parent company Comcast to sell actual, real-life Dunder Mifflin paper.

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