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    Honest Trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness, the Movie Old Spock Totally Didn’t Warn Us About

    Screen Junkies takes on Star Trek Into Darkness: a movie that, despite good critical reception, was wildly flawed.

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    New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Features Even More Cumberbatch [Video]

    How much Benedict Cumberbatch can you take? Do you think you can take some more? I think you can take some more. A new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer just dropped, and it features Cumberbatch's villain doing a whole bunch of, well, villainous things. There's also a bunch of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura to go around, but this is the Internet, so Cumberbatch is clearly the main draw here.

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    Quadcopter Fleet Plugs Star Trek By Forming Starfleet Insignia In London Sky [Video]

    While it's a shame it's not higher quality, I'm still amped by this video of 30 lit quadcopter robots forming a Starfleet insignia in the night sky above London, because...well, it's that sentence. Do I really have to explain why I'm totally down with it? Yes, I know it's a shameless publicity stunt. But considering it's a publicity stunt for a thing I'm already totally going to spend my money on (and you know I'm not alone there) and also involves robots, I can get behind it with fairly little trouble.

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    Watch The New Star Trek Into Darkness Right Here, Right Now

    The first teaser and trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness were flashy and vague, doing little to actually show much about the movie besides that, yes, another Star Trek movie was coming, and isn't that exciting? The new trailer just dropped, and it gives a bit more detail about the upcoming Trek. Heck, there's even a Spock joke thrown in there for good measure.

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    Here Are The Trailers You Missed If You Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl Last Night [Video]

    Didn't watch the Super Bowl? Not even for the commercials? We understand -- large men being paid huge sums of money to run into one another very, very fast isn't exactly everyone's thing. In fact, when we put it like that, it can even sound like a rather silly pastime. Or maybe, like yours truly, you watched the game on CBS's stream, and didn't see the big budget commercials the event is famed for, instead being subjected to that stupid Blackberry commercial like a bazillion times. Either way, you're short new trailers -- and some new footage, even -- from Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Worry not, though -- you can check them out below. We won't even make you sit through a half hour of blackout to see them.

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    This “Homemade” Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer is Adorable

    The trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness looked pretty amazing, but it lacked that "homemade" feeling. That's why the folks at Dust Films went ahead and made their own homemade shot-for-shot version. I've got to say, even if this was the real trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, I'd still probably go see it. I might even want to see this version more. Well done, Dust Films. You can even see a side-by-side comparison of the two trailers after the jump.

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    New Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is Just as Vague as the Teaser, But Longer

    Hey, J.J. Abrams, can we sit and talk for a quick minute? Okay, look, we're not saying that we aren't brimming with excitement for the release of Star Trek Into Darkness -- our enthusiasm for the first film no doubt proves this. It's just that, and we say this not as a slight against your writing talents and mastery of the craft, you don't have a grasp of what separates a teaser from a trailer. The teaser? Perfection. The trailer, well, you just added another minute and did nothing to up the ante or give us an inkling of what the story is about. Are the tribbles at the center of all this? It's the tribbles, isn't it, J.J.?

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    The Worst People in the Galaxy: Star Trek Characters We Never Want to See Again

    Like we'll wager a lot of you, we're getting pumped for a new Star Trek movie -- especially with the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness dropping today. We're really excited to see what characters from the show may get renewed leases on life in the fresh timeline they now have to play with. Through a history spanning six decades, there are plenty of characters in the Trek universe that we have come to love dearly as well as a few that we've come to loathe with all the strength in our black little hearts. Recently, we turned to Facebook -- on our page and our own walls -- to find out who the most reviled characters in Trek history were, and we've got them here for your perusal. Feel free to let us know how right or wrong we are in the comments, as it wouldn't be a Star Trek conversation without a nerd fight or two.

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    Wake Up, Everybody! The Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness Is Here, This Is Not A Drill

    There are days when it's just not worth it to get out of bed. Days when the only reasonable thing to do upon waking is hit the snooze button, draw the blankets back over your head, and roll back over into the welcoming arms of sleep. This is not one of those days, folks, as we just woke up to the just released teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, and if that's not worth waking up for, we don't know what is. So rouse that sleepy head, put on a pot of coffee and check out what you're in store for next summer -- lava lakes, terrified stares, and no shortage of things exploding, all narrated by a guy who sounds way more menacing and intimidating than someone named Benedict Cumberbatch has any right to. Then click replay and watch it again, because seriously, this looks kind of sweet and now that we're actually recalling how good JJ Abrams first foray into the Trek universe was, getting pumped for this one has officially commenced. In all seriousness though -- if you can watch the trailer after the jump without getting out of bed...we recommend that pretty highly.

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