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  1. Weird

    Drink for the Glory of the Klingon Empire With New “Warnog” Beer

    Want to get drunk like a Klingon? That's an option you'll have pretty soon thanks to the Tin Man Brewing Company of Eastville, Indiana and their new Klingon branded Warnog ale.

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  2. Entertainment

    John Scalzi’s Redshirts Being Made Into A TV Series

    If you're a fan of John Scalzi's 2012 Hugo Award-winning science fiction novel Redshirtsthen you'll be happy to know that FX will be adapting the book into a limited-run television series. Well, if this were a television show, that's what we'd expect you to be feeling. You know, if that's what the narrative called for.

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  3. Entertainment

    Two Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation Broke onto Set in 1988, Recorded Fake Documentary [Video]

    You know that movie Fanboys, where a bunch of Star Wars fans break into Skywalker Ranch to get a copy of Episode I for their dying friend? Apparently that kind of thing was once easier to do than you'd expect -- though these guys who successfully broke onto the set of Star Trek: TNG didn't have such noble goals.

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  4. Entertainment

    The Star Trek: Derp Edition Trailer Is The Final Frontier In Hilarity

    We once told you that the Star Wars: Derp Edition trailer was the best-ever use of bloopers. Then, we were pretty sure that award actually went to The Avengers: Derp Edition. But the folks at Slacktory have returned to prove us wrong, yet again, with this herp-derptastic edit of Star Trek (2009). No, it's not just Star Trek Into Darkness.

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  5. Entertainment

    Stop Everything, We Found the Best Geeky Christmas Sweater Ever

    Yes, we know we already did a round-up of the best geeky Christmas sweaters and yes, we know Christmas is technically over, but we think you'll agree that this Star Trek: The Next Generation sweater that Kristen Meale-Beatty designed for her husband is worth highlighting. And also stealing. More pictures after the jump!

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  6. Entertainment

    Our 13 Favorite Geeky Songs of 2013

    Do you want to listen to a bunch of Star Wars and Star Trek covers, chiptunes and a capella video game themes? If you answered no, we're not quite sure how you wound up on Geekosystem. Are you lost? For the rest of you, we collected our picks for the 13 best geek songs of 2013 and brought them all here for one epic playlist.

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  7. Entertainment

    Captain Picard Gets Into The Holiday Spirit with “Let It Snow” Cover

    Normally we're not big fans of the "splice dialogue from a TV show together so it sounds like the characters are speak-singing a famous song" phenomenon on Youtube, but even we can't deny that it somehow feels completely natural -- nay, even seductive! -- when the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation does it. Make it so, indeed.

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  8. Entertainment

    Somebody Translated “Never Gonna Give You Up” Into Klingon And It Is Astounding [Video]

    This video's been making the rounds today, and it's so amazing that we'd be remiss if we didn't give it special attention. Something tells us, however, that of all the memes out there on the Internet, the Klingons would not be fans of rick rolling. More likely they'd prefer the Navy Seal copypasta. But this is great too, of course.

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  9. Entertainment

    J.J. Abrams Definitely Not Directing Star Trek 3, Fans Either Thrilled or Horrified

    Whether you love or hate J.J. Abrams’s recent Star Trek reboots, there’s no denying that he’s managed to breathe new life into the franchise (mostly via handsome men) – which is why the news of his departure from the next film as director is a pretty big deal.

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  10. Gaming

    J.J. Abrams Thinks Star Trek Into Darkness Suffered Because of The Awful Tie-In Video Game

    Does anyone actually expect video games based on movie franchises to actually be good? Sure, there are exceptions (and in Riddick's case, the games are actually better), but I don't think there's a single person alive who tears into a tie-in game thinking "Oh boy, this will be worthwhile and enjoyable!" Well, except for J.J. Abrams, that is.

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  11. Entertainment

    Captain Picard Married by Gandalf, No Wedding Will Ever Compare

    Sir Patrick Stewart is one of our favorite people – how can you not love an anti-domestic violence advocate who once piloted the Starship Enterprise? That being said, we’re incredibly happy that the actor has boldly gone where so many have gone before: down the aisle!

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  12. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad’s Star Trek Story is Already Animated [Video]

    Last night's Breaking Bad had a lot of outstanding moments in it, but for Star Trek fans, Badger's spec script for an episode of the Original Series was probably the highlight of the hour. We bet Matt Czap, animator for Vulture, must have spent all night working on this cartoonified version, but it was totally worth it.

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  13. Entertainment

    Probably Not Drift Compatible: Seven Fantastic Examples of Technobabble

    Technobabble -- the scientific-sounding gibberish that scientist characters spew in every episode of Star Trek -- is the dilithium crystal in the warp engine that makes science fiction run. It can get to ridiculous levels. Ron Moore steered clear of it in Battlestar Galactica because his Trek scripts filled up with [INSERT TECH HERE], but ultimately it's hard to get by without it. Technobabble generally does make sense on a superficial level, since there's so much speculative science out there that there's bound to be a field related to whatever the story requires. For better or for worse, take a look at the greatest ways technobabble has been put to use.

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  14. Entertainment

    Warp Drive to the Danger Zone With This Star Trek/Archer Mashup [Video]

    There's just something about the oddly modern '60s vibe of Archer that makes it really compelling even without the amazing jokes and hilarious characters. Hmm, modern and yet '60s, why does that sound familiar... possibly because that's also what the original series of Star Trek and, by extension, the animated cartoon is like? That's what the creators of this Starcher Trek video probably thought. They are my new best friends, because this is genius.

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  15. Entertainment

    Patrick Stewart’s Recent Speech Confirms I Want to Be Patrick Stewart When I Grow Up

    Good morning, everyone. Today, we're delighted to bring you this video of nerd icon Patrick Stewart being exactly the person you want him to be in real life this weekend at Comicapalooza in Houston. In response to a fan's touching question, Stewart delivers an incredible, heartfelt, and deeply personal off-the-cuff speech about the repercussions of domestic violence and PTSD in his own life, and the work he does to try and help others suffering through the same sorts of troubles.

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