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    Star Wars Episode VII Already Shooting, We’ll Soon Witness the Power of This Fully Armed and Operational Sequel

    J.J. Abrams' sneaky little lens flare-adept elves have already begun shooting the next Star Wars movie according to an interview with Disney Studios' Alan Horn. The movie's production is set to begin in earnest in about six weeks as far as us scruffy-looking Internet nerf herders are concerned, but Abrams apparently got a head start.

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    Behold! Star Wars: Episode VII Has a Release Date

    Good news, nerds! Or bad news, depending on how cynical you are. Star Wars: Episode VII has a release date!

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    Entertainment Weekly Made The Poster For Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Episode VII

    Okay, folks, we officially need something to brighten our day, and we suspect you're right there with us. So big thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Jef Castro for bringing us this poster of Patton Oswalt's idea of what Star Wars Episode VII would look like. From Moon Knight to Spider Robot Chewbacca, Oswalt's amazing eight minute diatribe outlining a pop-culture orgy for the ages from Parks and Rec is represented nearly in its entirety on this incredible poster, which is frankly just what we could use right now. Keep reading to get a load of the whole shebang.

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    It’s Official: J.J. Abrams Really Will Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

    Prepare for a whole new round of lens flare jokes, people, as things just got real. It was initially reported this past Thursday that J.J. Abrams would be directing Star Wars: Episode VII. This news was obviously met with more than a little suspicion, especially since Abrams himself had previously said he wouldn't be doing so. Well, turns out that wasn't as definitive as everyone thought. Per a press release from late last night, it's officially official: J.J. Abrams really will be directing Star Wars: Episode VII.

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    J.J. Abrams Reportedly Set to Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

    What once began as a mere geeky flight of fancy appears to have become a reality now that various sources are reporting that J.J. Abrams has been given the prestigious honor of directing the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Although Abrams had initially said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wouldn't take on the task of overseeing the cinematic future of George Lucas' influential science fiction epic, it looks as though the fan-favorite creative visionary isn't passing up the chance to guide the next chapter in the Star Wars mythology.

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    Wes Anderson’s Star Wars: Episode VII Doesn’t Need to Make Sense to Be Cool

    As soon as the world found out that there would be a new trilogy of Star Wars films that would not be written, directed, or produced by George Lucas, the internet has been tossing and turning 24 hours a day wrestling with one question: "Who the hell is going to make these movies!?" The first piece of the puzzle was revealed yesterday, when LucasFilm announced that screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine) will pen Episode VII. (He's rumored to be writing the whole trilogy, by the way.) Having a good script is important, of course, but most fans are much more concerned with who will direct the film(s). Everyone in their mother has their opinion on the issue, and there are already a handful of "favorite" names, including Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan, J.J. Abrams, and more. One name that is on almost nobody's list, however, is quirky auteur Wes Anderson. Nobody's list, except for Conan O'Brien, of course, who put together this sample of what an Anderson-directed Star Wars sequel might look like.

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