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    Are You Over 24? Then Science Says You Are Already Getting Worse At Video Games

    Thinking about starting a career in competitive gaming at 25? Well, don't bother, because a new study says that by the time you hit 24, you're already past your best-before date in terms of your gaming skills. That's right; gamer middle-age is your early twenties! I'm going to go and feel old in a corner somewhere now.

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    Watch the Ender’s Game StarCraft II Tournament Live

    The simulations in Ender's Game are pretty much a giant, virtual reality version of StarCraft, and it turns out the studio sees that as the perfect excuse to market the movie's DVD release with a live streaming StarCraft II tournament. The first round is today at 7:00PM PST, and it will run on Feb. 5th - 9th.

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    Gamers’ Lawsuit Goes After Blizzard Over Battle.Net Authenticator System

    In the wake of a series of invasive hacks earlier this year, Battle.Net users are taking their anger and frustration out on Blizzard with a new class action lawsuit. While lawsuits are par for the course when it comes to potentially leaking users' credit card information, it seems that WoW and Diablo III fans are enraged over a different aspect of the scandal. Rather than focusing on the allegedly lackluster security of Battle.Net, users are suing over the fact that Blizzard tried to take advantage of the event by strongly recommending that insecure users buy the Battle.Net authenticator, a little keychain dongle that generates random passwords for players' accounts.

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    Professional Starcraft II Player Suspended for Child Sex Comments

    We have to face facts, people. The internet is a social place: Even if there's no one else in the room with you, people will see the things you say online and you are accountable them. For example, if you don't want people to think you're a sex offender, don't talk about having sex with children. A player from professional Starcraft II squad Evil Geniuses is learning that lesson the hard way. Ilyes Satouri, A.K.A. Stefano, has been suspended by his team after saying he molested a fourteen year-old boy during a publicly streamed in-game conversation.

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    Hold Onto Your Gold Purses, Battle.Net’s Been Breached

    It's time to change your passwords, World of Warcraft fans! The security of has been compromised, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced earlier this week. The breach has since been found and closed, but not before a  big ol' list of user names, answers to security questions, and data related to Blizzard's special Authenticator software was taken from their servers.

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    A Custom StarCraft II Arcade-Style Controller

    For those of you who can't quite get enough customization out of their gaming peripherals and 17 to 20 buttons on your mouse alone isn't enough for your favorite rednecks-in-space RTS, Mauricio Romano, created this sweet custom StarCraft II arcade pad.

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    StarCraft II Hyperion Battlecruiser Lovingly Rendered in LEGO

    Feast your eyes upon this 115 stud long, 15,000 model of the Hyperion Battlecruiser from StarCraft II. The latest creation of Sven Junga, this wonderful LEGO creation is just beautiful. Look at those elongated engines, that sensual Yamato canon, the salacious curve of that engorged head. Oh goodness, I think I need to sit down.

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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trailer

    Though we waited forever to get our hands on StarCraft II, and though we then learned that the game would be releasing in three parts instead of one whole part, and then we learned that the subsequent thirds would take a couple or so years each to release, we're still pretty excited for those thirds. Even if we're pissed that Blizzard is really bad at releasing anything having to do with StarCraft in a timely manner, but then we check out the newly released trailer for the second installment, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and then we're even more annoyed that Blizzard is really bad at releasing anything having to do with StarCraft in a timely manner.

    According to the accompanying text posted along with the video, the footage is rendered entirely within the game's engine, which is impressive considering all of the non-gameplay, cinematic footage, which you can check out in big, pretty format after the jump, and join us in being mad at Blizzard for taking too long. Yes, any amount of time that the game isn't released is too long.

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    MEGA Bloks Are Making World of Warcraft and StarCraft II Construction Sets

    MEGA Brands Inc., maker of MEGA Bloks, has signed a deal with Blizzard Entertainment to bring us official World of Warcraft and StarCraft II Mega Bloks. Set to debut in the summer of 2012, the constructions sets will be based on locations, characters and vehicles from the ridiculously popular MMO and StarCraft II's Terran (for those not in the know: human) campaign, Wings of Liberty. From Vic Bertrand, Chief Innovation Officer of MEGA Brands:
    “We’re proud and thrilled to enter into a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, the world leader in creating epic online game franchises. The depth of content in World of Warcraft and StarCraft will fuel years of fun, collectible products for gamers and collectors.”
    There are not yet pictures of pieces from the sets, but MEGA Bloks handles other franchise sets, such as the Halo construction set, and aside from am overly flashy webpage, that set looks pretty decent, so fans of both non-Minecraft blocky construction and Blizzard franchises with "craft" in the title need not worry about poor product quality. As for which Blizzard franchises should've gotten the MEGA Bloks treatment first, we're happy for the -craft titles, but we all know Lost Vikings would've been ideal. (via Topless Robot)

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    StarCraft II Papercraft is Incredibly Lifelike

    Avid Starcraft II fan known as "Constable," posted some very impressive StarCraft II paper craft to his blog, featuring a multitude of everyone's favorite Terran units. A Ghost paper craft is nowhere to be seen, but that probably makes sense, since I don't see any paper craft missile turrets around. Head on past the break to check out some more paper craft Terran units.

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    Lego Starcraft II Siege Tank [Video]

    This. Changes. Everything. (via /r/starcraft)

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    World of Starcraft Controversy Has Happy Ending

    This week, we reported on a StarCraft II mod creator who faced copyright infringement charges by Activision-Blizzard, when the game maker took down a video of his mod after providing him the tools to create said mod. The StarCraft II community immediately cried foul, coming to the support of Ryan Winzen, a college student who used the official StarCraft Editor to create "World of StarCraft," a mod that tried to emulate a StarCraft MMO. But now, not only has Blizzard withdrawn its complaint, it's extended a congratulatory hand to Winzen and invited him to Blizzard headquarters to meet its own developers. How did things suddenly become so cool?

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    Modders Make StarCraft MMO Using StarCraft Level Editor, Activison-Blizzard Invokes Copyright Infringement

    Yesterday, the gents over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun covered a StarCraft II mod which turned the game into an MMO, obviously named World of StarCraft. The mod was in very early stages, but a video showed it had a mocked-up character creation screen, as well as fighting and experience-gaining working for the Ghost class. The mod was made using StarCraft II's Galaxy Editor, a powerful level creation tool that Blizzard encouraged modders to use, essentially challenging modders to create unique and complex things. Of course, now that a group of modders began work on a very unique and complex creation, a StarCraft MMO, Activision-Blizzard sent out some copyright infringements to YouTube in order to get the video of the mod taken down.

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    The Most Adorable Thing You’ll Hear For a While: 4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Starcraft II [Video]

    The video is almost fifteen minutes long, but that doesn't stop it from being the most adorable almost-fifteen-minute long thing you'll hear for a while. Said adorable video comes from NuubCast, best described from their Facebook page as "a group of gamers who love Starcraft [II], but aren't very good at it yet," and features one NuubCaster narrating a play session with his four-year-old daughter.

    This video appears to be the second time (with this video appearing to be the first) this girl has narrated a Starcraft II video with her father, having asked her father before bath time if they could make another movie.

    I really wanted to single out a couple of adorable quotes on which to end this post, but just about everything out of her mouth is pure, adorable gold, and it was pretty much impossible to do so. The gasps that accompany her genuine interest are like a box of newborn puppies transmuted into pure sound, and hearing her call Zerg Drones "shooties" is probably the cutest thing that'll happen to your ears for a long time.

    I mean, she calls Creep Tumors "poop creams," then laughs when her dad repeats it.

    (NuubCast via Kotaku)

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    Blizzard’s Rumored 5-Year Plan Leak Looking Less Rumor-y Now That People Are Resigning

    On November 29th, a great secret was revealed... or at least, it certainly looked like it. It seemed as Blizzard China had allowed the internet to get a hold of a list of all of Blizzard Entertainment's proposed product releases for the next five years, and which yearly quarter they were expected to be released in. This included heretofore unknown projects like the fourth and fifth expansions to World of Warcraft, three different additions to StarCraft II, two expansions for the unreleased Diablo III, the World of Warcraft movie, and a project going by the name Titan that is likely a codename for Blizzard's long-secret second MMO. Well, that weeks old leak is starting to receive some legitimate, if indirect, confirmation in the form of the resignation (or firing, depending on who you ask) of the general manager of Blizzard China.

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