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    Arrrrrre You Watching The First Episode Of Starz’s Pirate Show Black Sails On Machinima Right Now?

    Machinima has debuted the premiere of the new Starz show, Black Sails, today - a week before the show starts on TV! So if you like your Pirate Booty manly (and who doesn't), go ahead and check out the hour-and-a-bit long first episode of the Michael Bay-produced arrrrrr-dventure.

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    Watch the First Episode of Black Sails a Week Before it Airs on Starz

    Starz heard you kids like pirates, so they're making the pirate series Black Sails. The show premieres January 25th, but if you can't wait that long, you'll be able to watch the first episode a week early on January 18th, thanks to our friends at Machinima. For now though, you can at least check out the trailer.

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    Pure Magic: Netflix and Disney Close the Deal on Multi-Year Licensing Agreement

    Earlier this year, Netflix's messy breakup with Starz resulted in an even messier custody battle, with the latter walking away with their entire catalog of Sony and Disney flicks. But now it looks like the world's largest provider of on-demand streaming media is on the rebound and has hooked up with the Walt Disney Company in a multi-year licensing deal. Cutting out the middleman, Netflix will now have access to the wonderful works of Disney and its subsidiaries, as well as no longer spending lonesome evenings waiting for the hot dogs to thaw in the kitchen sink.

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    Netflix and Starz Break Up, Netflix Loses a Lot of Content

    Starz has announced that it will not renew its deal with Netflix which provides Netflix subscribers with streaming content from the Starz and Encore brands, which will take effect starting February 2012. Starz not only wanted Netflix to pay a premium price for its content, but it wanted Netflix users to pay more as well, and even though Netflix offered Starz over $300 million, Starz decided to end the deal. Starz was seeking a premium price for its content from both Netflix and Netflix subscribers in order to keep the pricing structure in line with multiplatform video programming distributors, like DirecTV and Time Warner Cable, because the relationship Starz has with those providers is important for Starz.

    A person close with the talks between Netflix and Starz claims Netflix was willing pay over ten times more than what they pay now for Walt Disney and Sony Pictures movies, as well as the original programming Starz controls. The Starz catalog represents a pretty large backlog of movies -- not particularly the newest films, but popular ones, and losing those and the handful of original series -- original series being the main reason I personally use Netflix -- seems like quite a blow for Netflix.

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    Upcoming Season of Torchwood Doubling Down on American Stars

    Anagrammatically-named Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, starring everyone's favorite man-of-the-fifty-first-century (read: Doctor Who's comedic way of saying "willingly has sex with most things") Captain Jack Harkness--a hero for being the only man who ever made fun of the Daleks' favored grating, obnoxious word of choice--is coming back for another season, dubbed "Torchwood: The New World," after last year's successful and unique Children of Earth mini-season, which saw Captain Jack leaving Earth in the finale, as well as leaving us to wonder if the show would return. Well, Jack, played by John Barrowman, is coming back, along with Gwen Cooper, played by Eve Myles, and will be returning July 1st on BBC One in the UK and Starz in the US, but they're bringing a cast of famous American actors along with them, including Bill Pullman, Mekhi Phifer, Dichen Lachman, and Alexa Havins.

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