1. Tech

    New Stats Suggest MegaUpload Actually Helped the Film Industry More Than it Hurt

    Regardless of whether or not you engage in online piracy, I think we can all agree that common sense dictates that the practice would be hurting copyright-holding media companies like record labels and film studios. Well, it seems that, in this case, common sense doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Research from the Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School has supposedly gathered statistical evidence indicating that dubious online streamer MegaUpload may have actually helped global box office sales for all but the biggest of blockbusters.

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  2. Entertainment

    Gangnam Style is Actually the Most Popular Video on YouTube Now

    I know, I know, I know. You've heard enough about Gangnam Style. It's been months since the music video kickstarted a little K-Pop fad and a wave of online spoofs and imitations. Back when it was at the height of its popularity, we reported that the music video had become the most "liked" video on YouTube. While it was extremely well-regarded, the video still trailed behind music videos from American pop stars like Justin Bieber and LMFAO in terms of actual views... But no longer! As of today, Gangnam Style, mastering it's potential as both  pop music video and viral internet sensation, is now the most viewed thing on YouTube, not just the most popular.

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  3. Gaming

    iPad Apps: Maybe as Much as 44% Games

    With the April 3 release of the new Apple iPad nearing, it seems that early adopters can be assured of a few popular apps right from the word go, particular in the gaming department. Flurry Analytics, a provider of a popular analytics software for mobile applications, has apparently been able to monitor traffic on iPhone OS 3.2 received from the developer iPads out in the wild. According to their data, an impressive 44% of the total iPad apps in development are games. Coming in 2nd and 3rd place are the vague "Entertainment" apps category at 14%, followed by Social Networking apps at 7%.

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  4. Gaming

    Progress Wars

    Substance Labs' Jacob Skjerning has created a scarily accurate parody of the gaming mindset in Progress Wars, a single-serve game site that consists entirely of clicking on a button and building up your status bar. You know, to level up.

    A few of its taglines: "Personalized missions - just for you." "The ultimate game of being better than all your friends at filling progress bars." "Tired of leveling up your mafia and building your farm? Get right to the heart of the matter with Progress Wars!"

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  5. Tech

    Office Theft by the Numbers: It’s Big.

    Custom labeling outfit MaverickLabel has put together this fascinating infographic summing up employee theft statistics in America. The quick takeaway: there's more theft by employees than ever before (close to a trillion dollars in 2008, if these numbers are to be believed!), men are likelier to be thieves than women, and more educated workers don't necessarily steal more, but if they do, they're likely to take a ton.

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