1. Entertainment

    The Oscar Statue Gets a Bit More Anatomically Correct in This Sketch From Above Average

    Did you know the Oscar statue had a penis until the 1950s? Okay, that's not actually true, but it's the premise for this sketch from Above Average. In it, SNL's Tim Robinson plays a sculptor who is finally restoring the Oscar statue to its full, penis-having splendor... because of reasons?

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  2. Tech

    Facebook Blocked the ACLU Because of Boobs

    Facebook has an ongoing war on boobs. The latest skirmish came when Facebook banned the ACLU because it posted a photo of a statue it was defending. That statue had a woman's bare breasts, so Facebook pulled it and blocked the ACLU.

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  3. Entertainment

    That’s It, We’re Moving: Seven-Foot-Tall Bruce Lee Statue Unveiled in L.A.’s Chinatown

    Geekosystem's office is in New York City, and while I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, I've got to admit that we have terrible pop culture-centic statues compared to some other cities. Philadelphia has Rocky, Milwaukee has The Fonz, Palm Springs had that enormous Marilyn Monroe -- heck, Detroit's getting a RoboCop! And what do we have? A statue of Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners hanging out next to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It's practically a slap in the face. So the news that the Chinatown district of Los Angeles recently erected a seven foot tall statue of Bruce Lee, in all his shirtless nunchuck-slinging glory, has me a bit miffed. We have a loudmouth bus driver and they have Bruce Lee? Man, screw New York.

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  4. Weird

    Northlake Library’s Getting a Giant Hulk Statue With or Without Crowdfunding

    In May, I wrote about the Northlake Library's Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a nine-foot-tall Incredible Hulk statue. There are still four days left in the campaign, but they're woefully short of their $30,000 goal. At the moment, they're sitting still at $3,710, but don't let that get you down, because the library is getting a Hulk statue. It's not the one they wanted, but they're not going to look a gift Hulk in the mouth.

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  5. Entertainment

    Congratulations, Detroit, You’re Getting a Giant Robocop Statue, See It Before It’s Bronzed

    Kickstarter has given the world a lot of interesting things. Soon it will bring a larger-than-life statue of Robocop to Detroit. The project raised more than its $50,000 goal back in March of 2011, and the statue is finally ready to be cast in bronze. If you've ever wanted to see a pre-bronze Robocop statue, we have pictures after the jump.

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  6. Space

    Buddhist Statue Retrieved by Nazis is Actually From Space, Says Scientists

    Prepare for the conspiracy theories, because here's today's most improbable story: Scientists have confirmed that a Buddhist statue, known as the "iron man," obtained by Nazis from Tibet is actually from space. Specifically, the thing was likely made from a massive chunk of the Chinga meteorite that deposited itself across the border of Russia and Mongolia somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago.

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  7. Science

    Scientists Prove Easter Island Statues Could Walk, Natives Say “I Told You So”

    No one has ever conclusively proven how the statues on Easter Island, the moai, were moved into place. The story told by generations of Rapanui, the indigenous residents of the island, describe the moai walking the land animated by mana, a spiritual force transmitted by powerful ancestors. Archaeologists Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo tested a way the moai might have "walked," and found it plausible.

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  8. Gaming

    Blizzard Has a Huge Statue of Tyrael In Their Offices

    Not too long ago, we learned that Bethesda spruced up their offices with a huge statue of Alduin's Wall from Skyrim. Not to be outdone by Bethesda, Blizzard now has a huge statue of Tyrael, embodiment of Justice itself, from Diablo III, guarding their offices from hoards of grindy demons that like to drop various pairs of subpar pants upon death.

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  9. Gaming

    Disgusting Monster from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Gets Disgustingly Awesome Statue

    While developer Naughty Dog is busy not making the next Uncharted, it is spending its immediate time developing its post-apocalyptic, sort of horror romp, The Last of Us. While we wait patiently for more details about what will hopefully be the talented Naughty Dog's next opus, they've shown off a statue of one of the more horrific enemies in the game. Victim of the Cordyceps virus, this woman didn't seem to survive the apocalypse.

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  10. Weird

    Someone Just Play Fetch With This Dog Already! [Video]

    Watching this dog try so hard to play fetch with a statue sitting on a bench is both extremely adorable and deeply depressing, especially when the dog repeatedly picks up the stick and places it on the lap of said statue. The people recording the video seriously need to stop laughing a the dog's adorable predicament and play fetch with it.

    (via The Daily What)

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  11. Weird


    3D sculpture by CGHub member SLiD3. Hoping Hot Topic does not start a statuary line anytime soon. (CGHub via 9GAG.)

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