1. Weird

    Mall Cops Call Actual Cops On Carousel-Riding Cosplayers

    Mall cops in San Diego did nothing to improve the reputation of their hilarious profession this month when they evicted a small group of steam punk cosplayers from the Westfield Plaza Camino Real shopping center in Carlsbad--and then called actual cops on the "riff raff." I mean, I don't like Firefly either, but come on.

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  2. Entertainment

    Top Panels to Attend or Keep an Eye on at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

    After spending more time than is healthy perusing the entire schedule for San Diego Comic-Con, my initial response was to considering begging for a ticket to San Diego. I would tell you what I'd do for it, but putting that in writing might be illegal. Suffice it to say: The multitude of panels look so incredible, it is almost impossible to decide which you (assuming you are lucky enough to go!) ought to attend. Worry not, gentle reader: Below is the list of 50 events I would mainline caffeine, wear hideous athletic sneakers, and maybe work on that whole being-in-two-places-at-once-issue to attend, helpfully divided into categories of interest.

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  3. Weird

    Why Isn’t This Steampunk AT-AT Liquor Cabinet Already in My Posession?

    Oh my God. Would you look at this thing? This gorgeous piece of art that amazing woodworker Colin Johnson has produced. It's a steampunk-inspired liquor cabinet made to resemble the walking AT-ATs from The Empire Strike Back. It probably doesn't do any actual walking since it's mostly made from mahogany and brass trim, but that's for the best, really. God forbid your alcohol start to walk away from you while you're trying to get at it. That's a recipe for disaster.

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  4. Tech

    Today in Geek History: Von Zeppelin Patents the Airship

    The only thing cooler than a spaceship -- in my humble opinion -- is a steampunk dirigible. (Although a space dirigible would be pretty sweet.) But the airship didn't just spring out of Old World science fiction or the works of Jules Verne. A Jesuit priest in the late 17th century is credited with early experiments in an "aerial ship," but it was Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin who, on this day in 1899, received a U.S. patent for the "Navigable Balloon." He was the first man to "get the Led out." And because of him, we have that cool scene in The Last Crusade where Indiana Jones throws a Nazi out the window of a zeppelin, then pilots a plane from it mid-flight.

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  5. Entertainment

    Rush Releases Steampunk Clock, Audiobook, Rash of New Tour Dates

    There is possibly nothing nerdier in the world of music than progressive rock, and in the world of prog rock there's nothing geekier than Rush, the Canadian trio described as "the world's biggest cult band." While they've been around since 1974, making them one of the most enduring prog rockers out there, this last year has been a momentous one for both Rush and their legion of smart-but-awkward, fanatic-but-quiet fans who stand in the shadows or at least stage left. Here's why: They've recently announced a continuation of their Clockwork Angels tour -- in which they performed nearly the whole eponymous steampunk concept album they released last year. And oh yeah, this year they're being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- after years of exasperation from fans, though they were totally cool with the exclusion. So, what's the actual news? Tomorrow they're releasing Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition.

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  6. Weird

    Gigantic Steampunk Nerf Gun, Goliathon

    This humongous gun isn't quite some prop for a well-funded fan film, it's a Nerf Vulcan, modified with the go-to theme of steampunk. Four gauges, copper piping, brass embellishments, and a solid metal wheel valve were added to the already decked out base gun. The fun is two-and-a-half feet long, and unfortunately doesn't fire, but if you dig the aesthetic of a humongous rad steampunk gun over your fireplace, bed, or toilet, you can head on over to Etsy and shell out $350 to complete your steampunk toilet mantlepiece. Check out more pictures of the well-modified gun after the jump.

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  7. Weird

    Check Out This Awesome Steampunk Nerf Sniper Rifle

    There's something about Nerf that just screams to be steampunkified. While dials, pressure gauges, and brass accessories look awesome when you bolt them to just about anything, the pneumatic nature of a Nerf gun just makes them fit extra perfectly. Modder vansbangerburger seems to agree and took the time to steampunk up his own Nerf rifle not only with the standard valves, dials, and accessories but also with the ingenious, subtle addition of spray-painted K'nex gears which just makes so much sense now that I've seen it in practice. I'll bet you want to play a steampunk FPS now, don't you?

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  8. Tech

    iPhonograph Gives Your New Age Devices Some Old School Flair

    If you like to keep your music-listening experience a little vintage but don't have enough milk crates -- or square footage -- to keep your collection entirely in vinyl, the iPhonograph might be able to help you out. Boasting the style of a classic phonograph (or gramaphone, or graphophone, or zonophone, or whatever) and the ability to use your iPad or iPhone, the iPhonograph is perfect for those of you who pretend to want to live in the past, but really couldn't part with your precious iDevices.

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  9. Entertainment

    These Awesome Guitars are for Steampunk Rock

    If you're devoted to someday living an entirely steampunk life, there's good news to be had; you can still have a guitar. Tony Cochran has taken upon himself the selfless endevour of bringing steampunk guitars into the world, and they are beautiful. Naturally, you might be wondering if they still work, and the answer is a resounding yes. They make good art pieces, but can still rock out.

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  10. Weird

    A Veritable Menagerie of Bird Statues With a Steampunk Twist

    This handsome wooden bird statue started life as a lowly decoy, presumably to distract live birds from a wily human hunter. But it has arisen reborn and renewed with some found-object plumage thanks to Jim and Tori Mullan. In true steampunk fashion the natural flies headlong into the mechanical, and the result is a splendid display of strange robotic song birds. What's more, some of them even have little hats. See more images, after the break.

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  11. Weird

    Steampunk Trick or Treat Pumpkin Buckets

    It's Halloween, and that means pillowcases full of candy and sheets full of people dressing as ghosts.  If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pillowcase plebeians, however, deviantART user Yamiguru has fashioned the above steampunk trick or treat buckets, an alternate past take on the iconic plastic orange buckets. As expected, one has a monocle, while another is making use of a gas mask -- the steampunk enthusiasts face-clothing of choice. Each pumpkin also sports LED eyes, something that'll either make the trick or treater safe while crossing the street, or an annoyance to his or her friends trying to act scary rather than blinky.

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  12. Tech

    Wood and Metal Steampunk NERF Gun

    The above wood and metal steampunk gun began life as a NERF N-Strike Barricade RV-10, then after a heavy makeover by faustus70, was converted into the neat wooden barrel-esque design seen above. The wooden casing was built with planks cut from a wooden chair, and then wrapped with hand-cut aluminum strips. The gun doesn't only look pretty, it serves as a functioning NERF gun, sporting a magazine that holds ten whistler darts, as well a 3x magnification scope. The gun takes 3 AA batteries, and best of all (or worst of all, if you're broke), the gun is available for purchase through Etsy.

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  13. Tech

    Steampunk MP3 Player and USB Drives Bring Us One Step Closer to a Steampunk Life

    We've already seen a steampunk cellphone and an entire steampunk apartment, so it seems like only a matter of time until all of our modern day luxuries have been dragged back into an alternate 1890. Will Rockwell is doing his best to help with that process. In addition to creating more far out things like a Spirit Harvester, Rockwell has effectively steampunked up an MP3 player and a variety of USB drives.

    All of his intricate creations are up for sale at his Etsy shop, but beware, they don't come cheap; the cheapest steampunk USB drive you'll be able to get goes for $70 and most of the others are upwards of $100. Looking at them and drooling a little bit, however, is free.

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  14. Science

    Steampunk Themed Apartment in Manhattan, Only $1.75 Million

    Have you always wanted to live in an alternate-world 1890? Well now you can, sort of, and it'll only cost you $1.75 million dollars. Filmmaker Jeremy Noritz bought the Manhattan apartment for $1.3 million back in 2006 when, apparently, the apartment still looked like it belonged in 2006. The steampunk renovation has largely been Noritz's "little" project. The extensive remodling he's done includes a bedroom designed to look like an exploded blimp and bathrooms hidden behind walls of gears and cogs. It was a personal passion for Noritz, who did his interior design with real reclaimed material, not prefab steampunk toys.

    The apartment has been put up for sale not because Noritz has tired of this particular setting and theme, but rather because his job requires him to travel a great deal and he'd like to have someone enjoying the apartment instead of having it sit all by its lonesome. Considering the place was $1.3 million back in 2006, the extravagant price probably doesn't have that much to do with the steampunk decorations. If you don't control for rising prices, the steampunk trappings only account for 25% of the new price. If you like the color brown, want to live in NYC, and have a couple million dollars burning a hole in your trust fund, why not?

    More pictures after the jump.

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  15. Tech

    Combination Lock Flash Drive is Wondrous

    Sure, your 256-bit military-grade encryption may keep snoopers out of your data for centuries, but why stop there? Why not make the lives of any would-be hackers miserable before they can even get their mitts on your data, and also look swanky in the process? That's what one Russian AutoCAD enthusiast must have been thinking when he created this wonderful little USB drive sleeved in a cryptex-style combination lock. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this little beauty will be making it onto Etsy or other fine steampunk purveyors. But if you have a machine shop at your disposal, maybe you can imitate this lovely design. And if you do, I will personally pay you a reasonable sum of money for it. More pictures follow after the break.

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