1. Tech

    Artist Who Painted Facebook’s Offices was Paid in Stock Soon to be Worth $200 Million

    Back in 2005, it was decided that the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California needed some sprucing up. It needed a paint job of some sort, but not something bland and corporate. No, something fun, colorful, and interesting. As such, Facebook hired graffiti artist David Choe and commissioned a few stupid dope burners, offering him a choice of payment upon their completion: He could either take a few grand, or some stock. You can probably guess which choice he made.

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  2. Gaming

    Nintendo Stock Drops Nearly 10% After 3DS Announcement

    Following Nintendo's 3DS announcement yesterday, their stock dropped 9.34%, probably in part due to missing the holiday launch window and in part due to carrying a hefty price tag that is $100 more expensive than their own current-gen console. The 3DS was delayed until February in Japan, causing Nintendo to change its fiscal year profits forecast from $2.4 billion down to $1.08 billion. In a statement by Nintendo:

    "The earnings forecast has been modified to reflect the trend of stronger-than-expected yen appreciation, current sales performance, the sales outlook for the holiday season and the decided release conditions for the Nintendo 3DS."

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