1. Entertainment

    Stormtrooper Helmet Used as a Canvas In Upcoming ‘Art Wars’ Exhibit

    Stormtroopers are pretty great. You know what could make a Stormstrooper even cooler? Bedazzled helmets, of course. And if you're in London this October, you might be able to see this fantastically blinged out headgear yourself at the Saatchi Gallery.

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  2. Weird

    This Stormtrooper is a Six Foot Tall Cake With Rice Krispy Legs

    As far as geeky cakes go, this fully edible stormtrooper by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes certainly takes the, uh, cake. Standing a whopping six feet four inches and weighing over 300 pounds on Rice Krispy Treat legs, this cake apparently required whole new cake-making methodologies. The results speak for themselves, as does the fact that it fed around 600 attendees to the Boston Arisia Sci-Fi Convention. Who knew the shocktroops of the Galactic Empire could be so delicious?

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  3. Weird

    That Picture of Christine O’Donnell Dressed as a Stormtrooper Isn’t Real

    Apparently, there's a photo making its way around the web of Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell dressed up as a midriff-baring Stormtrooper (left). Christine O'Donnell is on the record as being a Lord of the Rings fan ("Tolkien’s portrayal of women in Lord of The Rings is bold and courageous. The bittersweet complexities of true womanhood are daringly depicted in each of the female characters," she once wrote), and we wouldn't be surprised if she harbored a fond spot in her heart for Star Wars. But that picture's a fake.

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  4. Entertainment

    Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

    Ever have one of those days?  Your evil, mostly clockwork, mouth-breathing boss sends you down to yet another inhospitable planet on a wild goose chase.  And not just any planet, but one where it's a billion degrees in the shade, the most efficient method of travel is on giant smelly iguanas, and you just know that you're going to be shaking sand out of the switches and gears in your uniform for at least a month.  It hasn't even occurred to you to ask, "Why do we have spears?"

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