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    Pete Holmes Has Some Bad News for Ken in Latest Street Fighter: Red Tape Sketch

    In the latest episode of the Street Fighter: Red Tape sketch series from The Pete Holmes Show, Pete has some bad news for Ken about his application to be in the next tournament. It turns out they've already got a Ryu.

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    Kumail Nanjiani Plays Dhalsim in Latest Pete Holmes Show “Street Fighter: Red Tape” Sketch

    In the latest installment of the "Street Fighter: Red Tape" sketch from The Pete Holmes Show, comedian Kumail Nanjiani threw on a baby skull necklace to play Dhalsim. The problem this time around is how does one market a violent yoga "master"?

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    Pete Holmes Denies Vega’s Equipment Request in Street Fighter: Red Tape

    The reality is that planning a huge worldwide tournament like Street Fighter would be a logistical nightmare. At least, that's the premise of the Street Fighter: Red Tape sketches from The Pete Holmes Show. This time around, Pete explains to Vega why he can't use his claoughw. Er, sorry. Claw..

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    Pete Holmes Grills Ryu Before Street Fighter Tournament in New Sketch

    It seems like Pete Holmes is laying off the X-Men for a bit and turning his attention to the Street Fighter gang. In this sketch he grills Ryu about all the things he shouts to see if they meet with network Standards & Practices guidelines. Oh, also Ryu is Zack Morris. The Pete Holmes Show returns February 24th on TBS.

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  5. Gaming

    The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia Is Here

    The 30th Anniversary Capcom Character Encyclopedia will remind you that Nintendo is not the only juggernaut of memorable video game characters. The handy book sports over 200 full page Capcom character profiles complete with character art, stats, and bios. It's the perfect coffee table book for any gamer, and it's available now.

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    Street Fighter vs. Plants vs. Zombies, The Best Mashup You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted

    Nick Vaughn is a YouTuber who edits together games to square off against each other. His channel is pretty great. Vaughn's latest effort is Street Fighter vs. Plants vs. Zombies. It doesn't end well for the zombies. Hadouken!

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    Butcher Billy Mashes Up Street Fighter with 90′s Grunge

    The early 1990's were a time ruled by grunge rock and video games, so one of our favorite artists, Butcher Billy, decided to put those two things together and create Grunge Street Fighters. He's paired some of the most iconic grunge rockers with the characters of Street Fighter and the result is amazing.

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  8. Gaming

    Bluthfighter Parody Video Makes Living Without an Arrested Development Fighting Game Seem Pointless [Video]

    A few weeks ago, we brought you the trailer for LEGO Breaking Bad, a brilliant concept for a video game that will probably never see the light of day. Now, the animator behind that piece of awesome is back with another mashup we just can't resist -- a Street Fighter-style fighting game featuring the characters from Arrested Development. Brian Anderson's proof of concept features a battle to the death between Gob and Tobias, with guest tag-ins from the likes of Tony Wonder and Carl Weathers. It is, in other words, everything we never knew we wanted in a video game and then some.

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  9. Gaming

    Round 1, Fight! Mega Man vs Street Fighter Crossover Game Arrives Next Week

    Street Fighter celebrated its 25th anniversary back in August of this year, and the SF crew are going to help Mega Man ring in the big two-five the only way they know how, by kicking the snot out of him. On December 17th, the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, Capcom will be releasing Street Fighter X Mega Man, a crossover title that pits Mega Man against classic Street Fighter characters standing in as robot bosses. Before you can shout, "Shut up and take my money!" We have great news. It's free.

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    Street Fighter Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Classy, Limited Chess Set

    Along with releasing a standard Anniversary Collector's Edition, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom is releasing a classy limited edition Street Fighter chess set.

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    Sanrio Launches Street Fighter-Inspired Hello Kitty Gear

    Oh goodness. It looks as if Sanrio, purveyor of Hello Kitty merchandise, has gotten a little Street Fighter chocolate in their proverbial peanut butter. They have gone and launched a line of clothing -- and one tote bag -- with Street Fighter x Sanrio branding that is beyond adorable. Beyorable, if you will. If only they'd gone and made a fighting game out of this rather than the crossover with Tekken.

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    Street Fighter is Coming to a Monopoly Near You

    The Monopoly mashup trend continues. When we last left out board game hero, someone made a Skyrim version of the classic game, complete with Skyrim coin Monopoly money. This time around, we have an officially licensed Street Fighter version of Monopoly set for release. Along with the usual themed spaces that allow players to further the evil landlord style play of Monopoly, the famed pieces will be Street Fighter characters -- something a little more visually interesting than a thimble.

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    The Most Hardcore Pro Gaming Franchises

    It certainly seems like major league gaming and eSports has, of late, received its share of press. Whether that’s good, bad or some strange gray area of press, there’s been a relative glut of news relating to it and its players recently. There are certainly more folks keeping a closer eye on things than before. That in no way means to imply that this is a recent thing. eSports have been around longer than the term used to describe them. The exact kind of competition has varied over the years, depending on the game’s genre, among other factors, but it hasn't been any less intense than the recent bouts. In fact, some franchises have long been known to be hardcore.

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  14. Gaming

    Wacky Evangelist’s Demon Exorcism Set to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat Sounds

    Not that I was ever able to take those wacky evangelists who hit people on the head with their jackets and paraplegia seriously, but now that someone has set the scene to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat sound effects, I don't think I'll ever be able to even try taking paraplegia being cured by jackets and slaps seriously.

    (b3ta via The Daily What)

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  15. Gaming

    3DS Super Street Fighter IV Automatically Fights Other 3DS Street Fighers While In Your Pocket

    The upcoming version of Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS contains a very appropriate feature for the game franchise: It fights other 3DSes in the street.

    Called "tag mode," if a Super Street Fighter IV equipped 3DS passes by another 3DS with the game, the two handhelds will automatically duke it out using both players' in-game collectible figures, earning more figures as the handhelds battle, leaving players to go on with their day while their 3DS is safely tucked away.

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