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    Our Friends at Styleite Have Some Comic Con Fashion Tips

    Geeky interest in fashion tends to center mostly on cosplay, but our friends at the fashion blog Styleite have some items that merge our geeky interests with their taste for high-end fashion. We think they're worth a look. You can head to their site for their gallery of geek fashion.

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    Australia’s Next Top Model Reveals Wrong Winner On Live TV

    Oof, talk about wanting a do-over. Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6 held a live finale Tuesday night, where host Sarah Murdoch unveiled the winner to both the audience and show’s viewers on live television. Unfortunately, for the winner, the loser, and Murdoch, she accidentally announced the wrong one — and took a few minutes to realize it. >>>Video and more at Styleite.

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    Katy Perry Outfit Gets Her Kicked Off of Sesame Street

    Katy Perry was supposed to star on the New Year’s Eve episode of Sesame Street, but apparently the cleavage-revealing dress she wore for the taping isn’t sitting right with parents. It was after Sesame Street posted a segment of Perry’s episode to YouTube that the complaints started rolling in. TMZ reports:

    The song made its way to YouTube Monday and racked up nearly a million views. But some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center. We’ve learned producers have decided not to air the song on the show.
    >>>More deets at Styleite.

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  4. Weird

    Mom Tattoos Makeup Onto 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Face

    File this one under: Horrible, No Good, Really Bad Parenting Ideas. A mother in England has allowed her 14-year-old daughter, pageant queen, and aspiring model to get makeup tattooed on her face.

    Sophie Watson, who already holds 22 beauty pageant titles and dreams of being both a singer and an actress, had eyeliner, lip liner, a fake beauty mark, and her eyebrows tattooed with makeup. Watson’s 29-year-old mother, who is a beauty therapist, says she sees no problem with the procedure. She told Closer magazine, “I wasn’t overly worried and, once she’s got an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her.”

    >>>Full story at Styleite.


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  5. Entertainment

    Why You Should Be Concerned About Frank Miller’s Gucci Ad

    Last week Gucci debuted the trailer for the TV spot advertising its new fragrance, Gucci Guilty, and revealed that the commercial is being directed by none other than Frank Miller, cinematicauteur of the comic book world.

    Frank Miller’s work is consistently, offensively, shockingly misogynistic.

    I say this as someone whose first graphic novel was a copy of Batman: Year One, and I say this as a girl who has been in love with comics from the age of eleven.  There are two kinds of women in Frank Miller stories:

    1. Women who are employed in the sex industry.
    2. Women who are beaten and/or brutally murdered by the end of the piece.

    Frank Miller likes Noir, a genre which is rife with virgin/whore dichotomies, but there comes a point when one must draw the line.  Take the stories selected for the Sin City movie.  The only woman who is not a prostitute or a stripper is a lesbian parole officer who likes to walk around her apartment naked.  Elijah Wood amputates her arm and eats it in front of her.  She is then gunned down by corrupt cops.

    Frank Miller introduced us to Catwoman as a former prostitute.  He created the first female Robin and the formidable assassin Elektra, only to eventually torture and kill them, respectively.  Wonder Woman in The Dark Knight Strikes Back is mostly just around for Superman to have sex with. Successful print reporter Viki Vale in All Star Batman and Robin dictates a story about idiotic playboy Bruce Wayne while lounging around in her underwear, but drops her evening plans immediately when Bruce Wayne requests that she join him in five minutes with all possible excitement and not a trace of bother.  And then there’s this cover.  Note the placement of his signature.

    It seems that the only woman Frank Miller feels safe with is one who is dependent on a man’s attention for her survival.

    >>>Read the full essay at Styleite.

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  6. Entertainment

    Models Before They Were Famous

    Our sister site Styleite has put together a neat slideshow featuring childhood photos of models side-by-side with their current, runway-ready looks. We'll admit we don't actually know who half of these people are, but we're OK with that. Above: Bar Refaeli, or so we hear.

    >>>See it at Styleite.

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  7. Weird

    Dispatches from the World Beard and Moustache Championship

    What do Abraham LincolnPoseidonJim Morrison, and Salvador Dali all have in common? All important men — all important beards. The topic of facial hair always raises that much debated sartorial question: to grow or not to grow?

    Texas photographer Dave Mead took an interest to the bearded man and journeyed all the way to Anchorage, Alaska and beyond to shoot portraits of men competing in the 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships.

    Styleite has a gallery of some of his greatest shots.

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  8. Entertainment

    Lady Gaga Comic: Well, OK Then

    Yesterday, Comics Alliance's Chris Sims at once destroyed and showed his appreciation for Bluewater's recently released Lady Gaga comic, calling it "not very good" as a biography, given the river of randomness that runs through it, but admitting his respect for writer Dan Rafter, who defiantly refused to phone it in, as easy as it would have been to do so.

    Dan Rafter is working with the underlying themes that people like about her music and the way she presents herself: glamor, identity, the lure of fame, the malleability of gender, irony in modern society. It's a first-year psychology textbook, yes, but it has more to do with Lady Gaga and her success than knowing she went to NYU, and it's presented in a way that actually layers it into a fictional narrative. And that makes it easily the smartest biography Bluewater's produced.

    So. Humoring the possibility that you are on the fence about purchasing such a thing, our sister site Styleite has assembled a few snippets from the comic that may either pique your interest or have you headed for the hills.


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  9. Weird

    Prom Dress Made of Gum Wrappers Is a Hit

    When shopping for a prom dress, or any event-specific dress, there’s always the impending fear: what if another girl is wearing the same thing? Iowan high school junior Elizabeth Rasmuson did not have to address this concern: She had hundreds of gum wrappers at her disposal. After fawning over prom dresses made of duct tape — FYI: Duck brand duct tape actually sponsors a contest for students who make their prom outfits out of the tape with a prize of a college scholarship — Rasmuson decided to take matters into her own hands, or rather, her mouth. Read the full analysis at Styleite.

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  10. Weird

    Gap Store in Vancouver Flips Upside Down

    In what will surely be considered a genius marketing move, a Gap store in Vancouver, Canada has turned itself upside down. To explain: Gap has recently rolled out a new rewards program in which customers are automatically refunded the difference in price if a purchased item goes on sale within 45 days. The program -- cutesy spelling aside -- is called "Sprize" and, accordingly, the refunded cash is called "Sprize Money." To celebrate (and obviously bring attention to) the new program, the Gap's Robson Street store in downtown Vancouver has been entirely upended, from bags to signage to, quite literally, the cars parked out front. Video and more photos of the transformation after the jump:

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    When Fashion Meets Rockets: The Geekiest Spring Collection Ever

    Stereotypically, one doesn't think of "geeks" as being the most fashionable of groups, but this new video from Rodarte, promoting their Spring 2010 collection, blows that misconception out of the water. With a wondrous mix of space ships, viscerally organic title credits, a soundtrack by No Age, and some haute couture, 2010: A Space Odyssey is one of the most stunning videos we have seen in a while.

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  12. Entertainment

    Move Over Anna! Now Anyone Can Attend Fashion Week From Anywhere

    High fashion is well on its way to being a 2.0 enterprise. The next major fashion label to jump on the streaming of the fall 2010 runway shows? Today, Gucci announced that FW 2010 Women’s collection will be streaming live, accessible through links on both the Gucci Facebook page and through the events section of the popular Gucci iPhone Application. It doesn't stop there:

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