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  1. Entertainment

    The Entire Country Hated the Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Don't worry: It wasn't just you. We all watched the same biblically catastrophic halftime performance by the Black Eyed Peas last night. And the entire United States agrees that this was maybe the worst possible thing that has ever assaulted our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. And probably the worst thing that happened to Slash's reputation.

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  2. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 2/6

    5 Essential Super Bowl Recipes (SportsGrid) Comic-Con gets 33,000,000 hits, sell out, only partially because of Twilight (Bleeding Cool) Fan-produced Star Wars documentary (JambeDavdar on YouTube) Angry Birds officially invading 3DS (3DS Focus) Minecraft and Half-Life 2: Together at Last (Robbaz on YouTube) A hymn to evolution (Ben Hillman on Vimeo) Pigeons in zero gravity ( on YouTube) (pic via Look At This Frakking Geekster)

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  3. Entertainment

    You Can See the Cowboys and Aliens Super Bowl Trailer Now [Video]

    Hey, did you know that the highly-anticipated full trailer for Cowboys and Aliens scheduled to run during the Super Bowl is out already? It is, and you can watch it now, if you didn't already hear about it from director Jon Favreau on Twitter. Well, hi there, Harrison Ford ... (Jon Favreau on Twitter via Entertainment Weekly)

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  4. Weird

    Super Bowl Porn Prankster ‘Prehended!

    Our long, national nightmare is over! Two years ago, during Super Bowl XLIII, the Arizona Cardinals took the lead with a fourth-quarter touchdown by Larry Fitzgerald. And during that touchdown, a 30-second clip of porn appeared on the screen alongside Mr. Fitzgerald. The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up winning that game, but were most likely not distracted by the porn since only Tucson low-definition cable subscribers saw the clip. And it only took two years to find out who was responsible! Um, really?

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  5. Tech

    A Robot Named R2 Will Be at the Super Bowl Today

    Well, if you thought you were too nerdy to be a part of Super Bowl Sunday, how about this: A robot. Named R2. Will be featured in the pre-show at 2:00 PM EST on Fox. Why? Because R2 (full name: Robonaut 2) is going to be the first humanoid robot to travel into space. And that's not the only awesome space-related event of the day. Today, we're going to see pictures of the entire sun for the first time ever.

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  6. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 2/5

    Best part of Super Bowl Sunday: Puppy Bowl (Funny or Die) Jeff Smith is writing a Superman book (!!!!!!!!) (Boneville) Your favorite emails in book form are probably harder to delete (The Next Web) If you like D&D, watch this. Trust us. (NBC) [Insert Mario Sunshine joke here] (Geek With Laptop) Flava Flav cartoon by the creators of "Cow and Chicken," "Fairly Oddparents." Need I say more? (Toon Zone Studios) Your childhood is officially dead. (Moist Production) (pic inspired by Bleeding Cool.)

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  7. Weird

    Super Bowl … of Violence

    That was quick: Joe Sabia went through every ad in last night's Super Bowl and distilled every act of violence he found into one brutal 30 second video.

    The face slap is by far the most common act of Super Bowl violence (seriously, 'edgy' advertising firms, give it a rest), but ladder-plunging, electrocution by dog collar, and bronchial Dorito stabbing also have their places. Video after the jump:

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  8. Entertainment

    The Super Bowl as Directed by Tarantino, David Lynch, Wes Anderson…

    This is an entire four days ("four Internet eons") old, but it's still fresh: SlateV put together a spoof video imagining the Super Bowl as directed by Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Werner Herzog, and a few more auteurs.

    David Lynch Super Bowl=regular Super Bowl with scary noises, shaky camera, and demonic bobbleheads thrown in. It's funny 'cause it's true.

    (h/t Marginal Revolution)

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  9. Entertainment

    Watch Super Bowl Commercials as Soon as they Air, and Vote on Them, with YouTube AdBlitz

    The Super Bowl is officially underway! If you're more invested in the commercials than the outcome, YouTube has helpfully put together AdBlitz, a channel that lets you watch Super Bowl commercials as soon as they air and vote on your favorites.

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  10. Space

    Super Bowl XLIV Coin Toss Coin is a Space Coin Toss Coin

    Whether or not you'll be glued to the TV this Super Bowl Sunday, you've got to admit that the word "space" makes any noun that follows roughly twice as cool. With that in mind: the coin being used for Super Bowl XLIV's opening coin toss has been to space, orbited the Earth 171 times, and logged four million flight miles on Space Shuttle Atlantis' STS-129 mission.

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  11. Entertainment

    Harry Potter Theme Park: Coming Soon, Complete with Super Bowl Ad

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a (what else) Harry Potter-themed amusement park, is scheduled to open this spring, and they've been beefing up their promotional efforts lately.

    They've recently expanded their preview website for the park, which now features a CGI flyover tour of the park and an interactive map of rides and destinations (including "The Dragon Challenge," "Flight of the Hippogriff," and the somewhat less thrilling "Owl Post Post Office").

    The biggie, though: an ad which is going to run during this Sunday's Super Bowl:

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