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    Mario Fights Link In An Awesome Live-Action Martial Arts Video

    It's not every day you get to see a neatly choreographed fight scene between two classic video game characters. Well, it wasn't every day -- now it might be, because we want to watch this video by EMC Monkeys over and over again for the rest of our lives. The special effects alone are worth checking out, trust us.

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    DIY Doctor Who Gallifreyan Blinds and Super Mario Backsplashes

    Geek craft blogger and friend of Geekosystem Kristy GD will cover all of your geek home improvement project needs. If your place is a little bare, why not decorate with the Doctor's name? (Written in Gallifreyan only, of course.)

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    When You Cross Ninja Turtles and Super Mario You Get Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas, and It’s Great

    YouTuber James Farr has taken two beloved franchises and put them together in this lovely animation. By combining Super Mario Bros. with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Farr gives us a look at something like the alternate 1985 from Back to the Future II, but with less gambling and fewer mommy issues.

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    Luigi Rides The Chicago “L” Train For Nintendo Promotional Event

    Mario might have pioneered the platformer game genre, but today his brother Luigi's on a different platform: he's riding a special train on Chicago's Brown Line. Nintendo is promoting New Super Luigi U and the "Year of Luigi" with a specially decorated green train, a decked-out station, and appearances from the character himself.

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    I’ve Done It, I’ve Found the Best of All Possible Doghouses

    I was walking through the Phillipsburg Mall in Phillipsburg, New Jersey the other day with my family and stumbled across the single greatest doghouse ever to exist in history. I present you with "Bow Wowser's Castle" by artist Sam Boglioli. There were a bunch of dog houses around the mall, but none of the others were geek-themed, so I didn't bother taking pictures of them.

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    Hey, Paisanos, the Second Episode of Mario Warfare Has Hit the Interwebs

    It's been a little over two weeks, but the filmmakers over at Beat Down Boogie have finally released the second highly anticipated episode of Mario Warfare -- a gritty and action-packed take on everyone's favorite pair of fictional Italian plumbers from the Mushroom Kingdom. In the second part of this epic web series, Mario and Luigi take up arms to combat Bowser and his army of Shy Guy troops, only to find themselves wielding plungers and declaring war on clogged toilets instead. But this relative peace is shattered when sudden disaster decides to go on a quick bathroom break, with the brothers Mario ending up hammered... literally.

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    Prepare for Battle with the Premiere Episode of Mario Warfare [Video]

    Way back in August we showed you a trailer for Mario Warfare -- a gritty, action-packed fan film by the good people of Beat Down Boogie. At the time, the producers behind the project never gave us a confirmed release date, so we were all left wondering if the film went down the green pipe never to be seen again. The project's finally resurfaced, and the premiere of Mario Warfare is already here. There's even a second episode not too far behind! Also, yes, it really is all that a bag of 1-Up mushrooms.

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    A 3D Printed Möbius Strip of Super Mario Bros. Shows What Happens When You Jump Over the Flagpole

    Designer Joaquin Baldwin used his extensive design skills to show us what happens when Mario happens to jump over the flagpole. Now, some of us may have had a Game Genie when we were younger, and may have turned on the moon jump code, and may have found out that Mario just kind of walks in a line forever if he jumps over the flagpole. However, with Baldwin's Möbius strip of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, we see a post-flagpole world that makes slightly more sense, as Mario will just repeat the level forever. Best of all, you can purchase a strip of your own for a relatively cheap price. Check out more pictures of the strip and purchasing details after the jump.

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    Mario Warfare Trailer Shows Us Mushroom Kingdom Under Fire

    What would happen if someone took equal parts Super Mario Bros., Call of Duty, and added a touch of the movie Equilibrium? That's clearly what the good folks at Beat Down Boogie wanted to know. They've long been at work on Mario Warfare, which is exactly what it sounds like, and have finally released a rather polished looking trailer. The cast of characters seem to be entirely drawn from Mario, but the tone the video sets is unmistakably Call of Duty. Plus, they have what appears to be Toad doing gun kata.

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    A Different Spin Merges Juggling and Super Mario Bros. [Video]

    Juggling, in general, is a feat worth celebrating. There's nothing quite like watching pins and whatever else they want to throw around being tossed through the air with ease. A Different Spin has one particular juggling act, however, that is heavily inspired by Super Mario Bros. -- and it shows. The group shows what it might be like if Bowser were actually a talented juggler and both Mario and Luigi were determined to mess him up. A cascade of familiar tunes permeates the skit, which includes a surprise appearance from Yoshi, and doesn't exactly end the way one might expect.

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    Record for Lowest-Scoring, No Death Super Mario Bros. Playthrough

    Being bad at video games is the new being good. YouTube user NotEntirelySure shows us what it takes to be skillfully awful at Super Mario Bros. and set a new record for the lowest-scoring playthrough at a mere 600 points. No deaths. NotEntirelySure didn't use any save states or slowdowns, but did use a few glitches and tricks to achieve the impressively terrible score:

    In 4-2, I backwards jump into a few obstacles to scroll the screen without Mario to trick the pipe into taking me to the vine's usual location. In 8-1, I have to perform a pretty precise jump off a goomba to avoid some coins. Also, getting under the first set of 2 coins towards the end of this level takes a very careful jump, and always makes me nervous. In 8-4, I scroll the screen to just the right position to allow me to use some blocks as platforms. No wall jumps are required in this run at all.

    Like that episode of South Park, NotEntirelySure practiced being bad. Could the "lowest score run" replace the speedrun? Probably not, but it sure is a lot more interesting. One can only assume that, at some point, this kind of scoring system will become a future game's actual scoring system. Wait. That's kind of golf, right?

    (via Joystiq)

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    Real Life Mario in the Park Has a Fairly Imbalanced Power-Up [Video]

    Acting in the above video his brother Andrew made, Seth McMurry walks through the park when, by the power of Toadstool, a screen pops up, prompting Seth to make his way through a real life rendition of Super Mario Bros., only to find something one may consider a real life power-up to be a little overpowered for the world of Goombas.

    (YouBentMyWookie via nerdbastards via Topless Robot)

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    Super Mario Bros. 3 with a Smooth Jazz Soundtrack

    This is all kinds of wonderful: Jazz pianist Scott Bradlee and sax player Ben Golder-Novick teamed up to create a smooth jazz soundtrack to the speedrun entirety of Super Mario Bros. 3, riffing on the game's already excellent soundtrack. (Note at 5:41 that there is not actually a George Michael level in the original, but hey, why not.) (via BWE)

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    Super Mario Proposal is Adorable [Video]


    (via BuzzFeed)

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    Speedrun of 4 Mario Games Performed With One Input at the Same Time [Video]

    Above is a rather amazing video of someone beating Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and the Famicon Super Mario Bros. at the same time, with only one input. Paying attention to the video would reveal a few points where not all of the characters' actions seem to match up, but there are a few theories regarding this, such as lag, or the mechanics between games, for instance, how the characters in Super Mario Bros. 2 are extremely floaty (not counting Princess Toadstool's actual floating). Lending credit to the legitimacy of the video, however, is that these runs seem to be an actual genre, as a MetaFilter thread contains links to other such runs being performed across multiple installments in series such as Mega Man and Final Fantasy.

    (via MetaFilter)

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