1. Entertainment

    All Men Must Die (in Under Three Minutes): a Game of Thrones Supercut

    Game of Thrones sure has earned its reputation for violence. According to this Digg-produced supercut, there've been an estimated 5,000 deaths over the source of its 30 episodes, and that number's only going to get higher when the fourth season premieres this weekend. Let's take a short, bloody walk down memory lane in the mean-time, shall we?

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    A Supercut of Nearly All of Community’s Movie References Is Seriously Impressive

    With no GIFs to make during last week's Community-less desolate wasteland that passed for a Thursday night, fans had no choice but to spend that extra time making videos of all of its movie references. It's probably impossible to include all of the references without just including the entire series in full, but this is pretty darn close.

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  3. Entertainment

    Get a Condensed Lesson in Filmmaking From a Supercut of the Last Shot of Every Best Picture Winner

    Everyone loves movies, but not everyone has the necessary things to go to film school, such as "time" or "a massive pile of money," so The Final Image will help you avoid both of those problems. They've got a supercut of the final shot from every Best Picture winner, so you can learn how to finish that screenplay you've been working on.

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  4. Gaming

    Watch Every Single NES Start Screen Back to Back [Video]

    For some perspective on your NES library, watch every NES start screen back to back and marvel at just how many of these games you never played, let alone even knew existed. Seriously, the NES had an incredible amount of games, and just their start screens alone will take up over three hours of your life with charming chiptunes and nostalgia.

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  5. Entertainment

    Look, a 28 Minute Long Supercut of Everyone Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Ever Killed [Video]

    Of course, when we say "everyone Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever killed," we mean on film or television. We don't mean people that he's, you know, actually murdered. Between his first film in 1969, Hercules in New York, and his most recent film, The Last Stand, that makes 509 deaths altogether.

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  6. Entertainment

    Let’s Split Up and Check Out the Latest Horror Movie Supercut from Slacktory [Video]

    People in horror movies make terrible decisions. Case in point: somebody always suggests that the big group of people break up into smaller, more easily murderable groups of people, and nobody thinks this is a bad idea. In other news, "check it out" and "split up" don't sound like a phrases anymore.

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  7. Entertainment

    Check Out This Supercut of Cats Terrifying The Heck Out Of People in Scary Movies [Video]

    It happens in basically every horror movie: somebody's walking down a long dark hallway or spooky area early into the film, a cat runs by, and everyone loses their minds for a second. Someday it's going to be the cat that's secretly killing everybody and we're all going to feel real silly -- at least, that's what Slacktory thinks.

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  8. Entertainment

    How Often Do Characters Say the Name of a Doctor Who Episode in the Episode? Constantly

    According to YouTube channel The5TimeWarriors, in the Doctor Who episode "Dalek" the word "Dalek" is said 68 times. They noticed that characters saying the title of an episode in the episode is a recurring thing since the show came back in 2005, so logically, they put together this supercut of every time it happens.

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  9. Entertainment

    Jason Statham is the Right Man for the Job, as Evidenced by This Supercut [Video]

    Jason Statham has played a lot of characters who have a lot of jobs. Seriously. Even their jobs have jobs, and those jobs each strap on a job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on little jobbies. Anyway, here's a supercut of Statham talking about all his jobs. Jobs!

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  10. Entertainment

    Watch This Supercut Of People Who Almost Kiss In Movies [Video]

    You know what's an even more pervasive trope than the end-of-the-movie couple kiss? The mid-movie interrupted-kiss. Alex Moschina knows about this tension-inducing trope all too well, since he's the guy who constructed a four minute supercut for Slacktory with nothing but almost kisses. God, somebody just make out with somebody else already!

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  11. Entertainment

    Watch Your New Doctor Who Swear Something Fierce in This Thick of It Supercut

    Real talk? I'm super pumped that Peter Capaldi is the next Doctor. If you're not familiar with Capaldi's work, he's known for playing the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker on the show The Thick of It. For a quick refresher, here's a supercut of Tucker's best use of language in the show. It is not safe for work, but it is hilarious.

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  12. Entertainment

    Watch the Many Screams of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in This Supercut [Video]

    Here is a thing you never knew you needed: A supercut of Hugh Jackman angrily shouting his head off while being Wolverine. That's it. I mean, do you have to hear anymore?

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  13. Entertainment

    Had Enough Venture Bros.? There’s No Such Thing, As Proven By These New Supercuts [Video]

    It's the B-list characters -- Jefferson Twilight! Number Twenty Four! Truckules! -- that really make Venture Bros. for me. Luckily, it's apparent that the fine folks at Slacktory share my unwholesome love for these minor characters, including one of my favorites -- Brock Samson's mentor Col. Hunter Gathers. Get a look at the Hunter S. Thompson-inspired black ops bigwig's finest moments in this supercut, and stick around for a look at some of the greatest forces for evil in the history of the show with a supercut of Venture Villains.  Caution: Contains spoilers, watch at your own risk.

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  14. Tech

    Today in Geek History: Steve Jobs Was Born, So Here Is Every “One More Thing…” Moment

    Today would have been Steve Jobs' 58th birthday. There's no doubt that he had a huge impact on the geek world, and he's already missed. We can't help but wonder what else Jobs and Apple could have brought into the world if he hadn't lost his battle with cancer at a relatively young age. Jobs always managed to make Apple announcements exciting in a way they really haven't been since his death, and he managed to do it with just three simple words, "One more thing." Here's every "One more thing" moment from 1999 to 2011.

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  15. Weird

    Watching This No-Brainer Supercut’s a Real No-Brainer [Video]

    Turns out the human experience can be boiled down to about two dozen cliches. It's the only explanation for why certain phrases and mannerisms keep appearing in film and television. That's assuming movies and television shows are meant to be a semi-accurate portrayal of life. For example, how often have you heard the phrase "it's a no-brainer" uttered on the big or small screen? Chances are, you've heard it a lot. Slacktory's combined a big bundle of these moments into one nice supercut. Should you watch it? Of course! It's a no-brainer.

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