1. Entertainment

    It’s Confirmed: The Flash Live-Action Television Series Coming to the CW

    Innocuous laymen Barry Allen is set to make several appearances (specifically, episodes 8, 9, and 20) on the second season of Arrow, before gaining super speed, reflexes that break the laws of physics, some bright red spandex, and starring in his show.

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  2. Science

    Snikt! Wolverine Frog Has Retractable Bone Claws

    The Otton frog, a rare breed of frog native to the islands of Southern Japan, has an evolutionary adaptation as weird as it is awesome -- a retractable bone claw, just like Wolverine. Unlike everyone's favorite tiny Canadian mutant, though, the Otton frog uses its claws for both loving and fighting, sinking the bone spike into a female to keep from being thrown off during mating and using the spike as a weapon when it battles other males for territory.

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  3. Gaming

    Kinect Will Make You Into a Superhero

    Further cementing early 2011 as the year of the DIY superhero proving that the awesomest uses of the Kinect thus far come not from the existing library of games, but from the hacks: A fan of the Japanese superhero Ultra Seven concocted a Kinect hack that imposes the hero's red-and-silver frame on his body. And when he strikes the right poses, beam weapons shoot out of his arm, lasers shoot out of his forehead, and his helmet turns into a charged projectile. The future. (via Reddit)

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  4. Entertainment

    24 Ways to Become a Superhero (or a Supervillain)

    Philip Haragos breaks down superhero and supervillain origin stories in cute, compact form. Can you name them all? Fully sized below:

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  5. Entertainment

    Jon Hamm: Superhero?

    Mad Men fans know Jon Hamm as the smooth-as-silk ad exec Don Draper; non-fans may recognize him as "that hunky dude who has done some funny stuff on Saturday Night Live. Now, fans are pushing for a new sort of role for Hamm: superhero. Hamm as Superman? Hamm as Captain America? Hamm as Batman, even? The possibilities are nigh endless, even if sexy, saxophone-playing ponytail man Sergio might not carry over to the silver screen. Hamm responds to MTV: video after the jump. Brace yourself: he's a self-described comic book collector.

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