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    Target Inadvisably Mocks Home-Made Halloween Costumes

    Target's name is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy these days. Just to make sure that everyone has beef with them, the retailer has levied a snide, mocking blow at, of all people, moms who take the time to make charming homemade costumes for their kids instead of buying a cheap licensed knock off at some big box store.

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  2. Entertainment

    Psychologist Claims Today’s Superheroes Are Bad Influences On Children

    Psychologist Sharon Lamb thinks that todays superheroes send the wrong messages to young boys.

    There is a big difference in the movie superhero of today and the comic book superhero of yesterday... Today’s superhero is too much like an action hero who participates in non-stop violence; he’s aggressive, sarcastic and rarely speaks to the virtue of doing good for humanity. When not in superhero costume, these men, like Ironman[sic], exploit women, flaunt bling and convey their manhood with high-powered guns.

    The comic book heroes of the past did fight criminals, she said, "but these were heroes boys could look up to and learn from because outside of their costumes, they were real people with real problems and many vulnerabilities," she said.

    In response to her statement, you could ask "Have superheroes really changed over time?" (Yes, everything does.) "Is there something about movies that requires superheroes to become more violent?" (No, they're just as violent if not more in current comics.) and even "Why is it a problem that superheroes are no longer clear cut examples of heroism?" (Who knows.)

    But all of those questions allow Dr. Lamb to stand unopposed on one fundamental assertion: that all superheroes are for children.

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  3. Gaming

    DC Universe Online, The Full Trailer

    Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros. Games, and DC Comics decided that Comic Con would be an excellent place to unveil the full cinematic trailer for its upcoming MMO title DC Universe Online.

    It's impressive. And yet... not as impressive as I wish it was.

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  4. Entertainment

    The Alan Moore Interview You Have to Read

    Alan Moore no longer pays any heed to superheroes. In an interview with British music newspaper The Stool Pigeon recently, the creator of the watershed comic Watchmen spoke about the works which made him an international superstar in the comics industry. Despite his stature, Moore is a noted recluse and has insisted strongly on distancing himself from the numerous film adaptations of his work (From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Constantine, V for Vendetta, and Watchmen), which have all fallen short of the nuanced originals. The eccentric writer has now also distanced himself, apparently, from the comic book superhero, "[suspecting] that a lot of superheroes now are basically about the unfair fight." We've collected just a few of his particularly interesting quotes, including his thoughts on the Internet, the iconic Guy Fawkes mask showing up at protests, and real-life superheroes:

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  5. Entertainment

    It’s Dangerous to Be a Superhero with the LAPD Around

    You know something surreal is happening when this is the first sentence of a CNN report:
    Hollywood's superhero community buzzed after Batman's arrest Wednesday, just days after Spiderman, Cat Woman and at least a dozen others were taken into custody by Los Angeles police.
    While those arrested may not have any superpowers, they do have the costumes, and they're more than willing to pose for a photo with you or your kids. Tips welcome, but not required. Yes, the LAPD is cracking down on these superhero impersonators on Hollywood Boulevard, particularly outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The relevant charges include pressuring tourists for money, which all the performers made very clear they don't do, and loitering.

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  6. Entertainment

    The Periodic Table of Super-Powers

    One-off periodic tables are a dime a dozen on -- there's even a Periodic Table of Periodic Tables, for cripes' sake -- but what separates the wheat from the chaff is ... their being really good and clever. In a tour de force that would make TVTropes proud, Comics Alliance senior writer Chris Sims has whipped up a Periodic Table of Super-Powers split into origin stories, physical powers, and mental powers.

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  7. Entertainment

    A Mental Aid: Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

    It's been a long week, and we'd just like to remind you that the best day of the year is close at hand. In order to sear this information into your brain, we're going to associate it with the most awesome thing we've seen all day, these absolutely fabulous Marvel superhero headphones and ear-buds. They are all up for (single tear) pre-order at for fifteen bucks, and tomorrow, you will be able to obtain comic books for exactly fifteen dollars less than the cost of these headphones.

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  8. Entertainment

    The 10 Oldest Superheroes

    This coming Saturday, May 1st, is Free Comic Book Day, and we will be pretty jazzed to check out the offerings. With it in mind, we've put together a list of ten of the oldest superheroes around, most of whom make Old Man Logan look like a whippersnapper.

    You know, like the Martian Manhunter, who's 10,000 years old or so? But even he's a tot when there are some superheroes who are literally as old as the Universe…

    See the full Grid.

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  9. Weird

    Spider-Man Cleaning Service Wows Dubai

    If you own a building in Dubai and you’ve tired of watching your windows being cleaned by the guy in grey overalls, this is for you. Spider Style, a “specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access” facility company based in France and Qatar, will now send Spider-Man (okay, a highly-skilled rappeller) to Dubai to inspect, fix and clean your building’s façade.

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  10. Weird

    RoganJosh’s Mod Art Superheroes

    The first mindblowing thing about the art of RoganJosh at is how beautiful it is. Each print breaks the character down to its iconic essence; a superhero in well composed shape and color. The second mindblowing thing about it is that every piece is for sale on Etsy as a print, for under $20. The only downside is that he hasn't done Captain Marvel. But I can wait. Some highlights after the jump.

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  11. Entertainment

    Twilight Vampire Tops Out The Forbes Fictional 15

    Nowhere have the sparkly claws of Twilight failed to secure their grasp, for this week Forbes published their yearly Fictional 15, a compilation of the fifteen richest fictional people in current pop culture. Carlisle Cullen, the nearly 400-year-old patriarch of the Cullen family is the richest fictional person in the world with a net worth of $34.1 billion.

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  12. Entertainment

    Rumor: Chris Evans Has Been Offered Captain America

    We know, we know! We promised no more Captain America information until there was some actual, factual, real, Captain America information. But this is kind of actual, factual, real Captain America information! It's after the jump, if you can still have a lick of enthusiasm.

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  13. Entertainment

    Heroes Creator: NBC Ban on Killing Some Characters May Explain Show’s Terribleness

    Oh, Heroes: how quickly you went from "the best pilot of fall 2006" and drawing comparisons to LOST to all-purpose punchline. Even when you were the most-pirated show of 2009, Wired still found a way to say it was because of your "lameness." Now, in a recent interview, the show's creator, Tim Kring, presents one possible explanation for the show's downslide into mediocrity: meddling execs at NBC, who Kring says not only called the shots about how many episodes each season of the show would have (too many, according to Kring), but called the shots on several plot points and forbid the killing off of popular characters.

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  14. Entertainment

    Spider-Man: Is It Reboot Time Already?

    Maybe you haven't heard yet that Sam Raimi is leaving the Spider-Man franchise, and Sony has taken the opportunity to reboot the whole thing and make a new series. Go ahead and take a moment to mourn or celebrate, depending on which of Raimi's Spider-Man films is freshest in your memory. We can only pray to the fandom gods that J.K. Simmons is still on board:

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