1. Entertainment

    Superman Ruins Gravity in About 60 Seconds With Some Clever Editing and Gives It a New Ending

    Yeah, the plot of Gravity doesn't last that long when a guy who doesn't need to breathe in space and is capable of spontaneous flight shows up. Thanks a lot for ruining everything, Superman. The editing and the jokes in this "alternate scene" are really great, too, and it ties up the whole movie pretty neatly with its... alternate ending.

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  2. Entertainment

    Learn Why Superheroes Wear Underwear on the Outside of Their Pants, Finally Understand Quail Man [Video]

    We all had a pretty good laugh growing up as Quail Man poked fun at superheroes wearing "underwear" outside their pants. Today I Found Out's new video will explain the very rational costume design reasons for the rather strange look by diving into comic book history, and they've got a few little-known facts about Superman for you, too.

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  3. Entertainment

    Starting Today, Get a Free DC Digital Comic Every Day for a Week

    If you're looking for an easy entry point into some comics, DC is giving away #1 issues of several Digital First comics for every day of the next week starting today. The Digital First comics are exactly what they sound like; they come out online before they're printed, so if you lack a local comic book store, these might be for you.

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  4. Entertainment

    Superman Artist and Legion of Superheroes Creator Al Plastino Has Died

    Artist Al Plastino has died. Plastino was an iconic artist in the DC universe who drew Superman, Superboy, and created the Legion of Superheroes. Glen Weldon, author of Superman: The Unauthorized Biography remembered Plastino this morning on his Twitter account and Tumblr. Plastino was 91.

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  5. Entertainment

    The Batman Vs. Superman Movie Might Be Getting A Really Stupid Title, So We Came Up With Stupider Titles

    Warner Brothers just registered a whole bunch of... erm, interesting domain names that might give us clues to the title of the next Man of Steel movie. They're very... well, black. Black and also dark and shadowy and black, with some knights and falling thrown in. Gee, think they might be trying to go grittier with this next film?

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  6. Space

    Astronaut Luca Parmitano Wins Halloween

    We saw great Halloween costumes this year. There was this cosplay party in Toronto. Patrick Stewart even dressed as a lobster and got in a bathtub, but we're prepared to call it: Luca Parmitano wins Halloween 2013. While on board the International Space Station, he donned a Superman costume. Beat that! You can't, because you're not in space.

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  7. Entertainment

    The Trailer for Justice League: War Is Online, and Now We’re Pumped for It

    Before we see Ben Affleck suit up as the Dark Knight, we're getting another animated Justice League movie in the form of Justice League: War. Adapted from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League Origin the film looks to tell how the league was formed, and could be an inspiration for the coming live action Justice League.

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  8. Entertainment

    This Marching Band Formed A Giant T-Rex; Your Argument Is Invalid [Video]

    The Ohio State University marching band is pretty well known across the Internet for their complicated and imaginative formations -- remember their video game tribute from last year? In this year's tribute to "Hollywood Blockbusters," they play music from Man of Steel, Fellowship of The Ring, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park. Needless to say, it's totally amazing.

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  9. Entertainment

    It’s Superman’s 75th Anniversary! Watch this Cool Animated Short To Celebrate [Video]

    He doesn't look it, but Superman turns 75 today! So DC Comics commissioned this tribute by Zach Snyder and Bruce Timm, which follows the last son of Krypton through his many film, TV, and comic iterations -- even that crazy Death and Return arc from the '90s. We'll admit, watching the Animated Series-inspired part got us just a little verklempt.

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  10. Entertainment

    Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman Crossover Movie to Film This Weekend in Los Angeles

    While full production isn't expected to start until 2014, Zack Snyder is getting a jump on filming for the upcoming, Superman vs. Batman Man of Steel sequel this weekend at an East Los Angeles College football game. It is not likely that a football stadium will ever be packed with so many geeks again.

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  11. Entertainment

    Which Superhero and Villain are #1? Synthesio Investigates

    Social media research firm Synthesio took it upon themselves to settle the age-old question: "Who's better? Batman or Superman?" Well, they had a number of heroes and villains in the mix with some interesting results, but we all know where the main event is.

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  12. Entertainment

    Please, just, no; Justin Bieber Tweets/Trolls Batman vs. Superman Script

    The Biebs is either the worst DC hero or the best internet troll of all time. After posting a photo to his Instagram account this morning, Bieber set the net on fire with speculation that he is somehow involved with the Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer-penned sequel to Man of Steel.

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  13. Entertainment

    The Dark Knight Rises… Again… Then Beats Up Superman

    Needless to say, we're all pretty damn excited about the upcoming movie starring Batman and Superman. But what do the two heroes think about it? Watch the video to see two opposite superheroes engage in coffee drinking (at least, I think it's coffee) and a metaphorical measuring contest, and also the only movie I will now accept being made.

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  14. Entertainment

    Live-Action Batman and Superman Crossover Film is Happening!

    DC announced at their San Diego Comic Con panel that Superman won't be alone in the follow up to Man of Steel. He'll be joined by Batman, and it looks like the film will kick things off for putting a Justice League film together. Zack Snyder is returning to direct with David S. Goyer writing the script. Get pumped, everybody.

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  15. Science

    Five-Dimensional Data Crystals Exist, Can Store Information for “Practically” Forever

    We see science fiction becoming reality all the time, but of all the sci-fi conceits around, societies that store all their information (and giant holograms of Marlon Brando) in glowing "data crystals" seemed to be especially kitschy and out there. Not anymore, as scientists at the UK's University of Southampton have successfully demonstrated the ability to record and retrieve optical data on glass using five-dimensional laser techniques, calling their project the 'Superman' memory crystal. What's more, this technology stands to provide a way for us to store data in massive quantities for a "practically unlimited lifetime."

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