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    17-Year-Old Coder Creates Software to Save You From Spoilers

    We've had many screaming matches polite discussions about spoilers here in the Geekosystem office, but this is probably something everyone can agree is a good thing. A 17-year-old coder named Jennie Lamere has created software that filters your Twitter feed for discussion of shows you don't want spoiled. Lamere created the software at a competition where she was the only woman who presented a project, and -- spoiler alert -- she took the grand prize.

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  2. Entertainment

    10 Female Characters I Almost Named My Daughter After, and One I Did

    My wife is pregnant with our first child, a daughter, and she's due any day now. Every time my phone rings I assume it's her calling to tell me she's gone into labor, but so far it hasn't happened. We talked a lot about names, and because I'm a nerd I pitched the idea of naming our daughter after a lot of different female characters from books, movies, television, and games. I'm writing this in advance, with the plan for this to go up when I have to leave when the baby comes. If you're reading this, I am panicking.

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  3. Tech

    A First Look at Geekosystem’s Soon-to-Launch Sister Site, The Mary Sue

    We're just about two weeks from the launch of, an entertainment/news site for the the geeky girl, from the ones who love The Lord of the Rings but have never actually read the books, to the ones who want to know which movie stars are going to be at Comic Con, to those planning out their Minecraft cross stitch samplers.  (Just me?) We are planning a February 28th launch, so we're not quite ready yet, but I wanted to share one part of it that we're particularly proud of: our logo. I knew, going into the site design on The Mary Sue, that it would be very, very important to get the look of the site right.  (In fact, I believe my exact first words on the matter were "It can't be pink.") The first thing we tackled was, naturally, the logo.  "How about a generic girl geek?  The every-geekwo-man!"  Well, that sounded great until we sat down to try and decide how to depict a generic and obvious but inclusive girl geek without diving headfirst into stereotype.  Do you give her glasses?  A book?  A certain air of social unease? Harder than it sounds.

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