1. Entertainment

    SyFy Wants To Distance Itself From Bad Monster Movies And Return to Its Genre Roots

    Good news for geeks, but bad news for horrible B-movie fans: SyFy is officially tired of being the butt of everybody's hilarious Sharknado jokes (Sharnajokes?). They're going to go back that thing they used to do when they were actually called the Sci Fi channel: make good science fiction content.

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  2. Weird

    TV Host Receives Hamburger Earmuffs From Amazon Instead Of T-Shirt, Entire Internet Is Better For It

    When life gives you hamburger earmuffs instead of the t-shirt you ordered off of Amazon, clearly you are supposed to wear them everywhere, right? That's what Syfy's Josh Gates did this weekend when he ordered a shirt from his own show, Destination Truth, and got a pair of hamburger earmuffs instead. No, really.

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  3. Entertainment

    Ghost Shark Sneak Peek Leaves Us With Even More Questions About Ghosts, Sharks

    Movies this summer seem to be chosen using madlibs. Specifically, shark-themed madlibs, because after Sharknado, the Megalodon "documentary," and the shark that ate another shark, TV execs have decided the world just isn't terrified enough of going in the ocean. The latest? Ghost Shark-- and if you can't wait until tonight, here is a sneak peek.

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  4. Entertainment

    Sharknado Sequel Given Title That’s as Dumb as You’d Expect

    Oh, Sharknado, what a ridiculous phenomenon you've become -- so much so that now The Asylum, a company known for their mockbuster films, is considered culturally relevant now. What's more, they're putting out a sequel -- and now we know what it will be called.

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  5. Entertainment

    Did Yahoo! Answers Predict the Coming of Sharknado?

    Yahoo Answers is where people go to get answers from people who know even less than they do. It's main purpose is to provide fodder for the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me, but months ago someone asked what would happen if a shark was caught in a hurricane. Answer: Sharknado happens. Is Yahoo Answers predicting the future?

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  6. Entertainment

    Third Sharknado Airing Sets Ratings Record for Syfy, Reaches More Viewers Than Actual Premiere

    When Sharknado first premiered to mediocre ratings and an unreasonably huge Twitter response, everyone claimed that it was the latest movie to suffer from Snakes on a Plane Syndrome -- a whole lot of online hype with little to no payoff. Well, tell that to the 2.1 million people who watched it on Saturday.

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  7. Entertainment

    We’re All Going to Need Bigger Helicopters: Sharknado Coming to Theaters

    Sharknado, produced by The Asylum for Syfy, was a ratings bomb, but did incredibly well on social media. Even so, there's a sequel coming. As further proof that none can escape the, er, "sharknado," it's been revealed that the movie will come to theaters in August. Yeah, that's happening.

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  8. Entertainment

    Sharknado’s Getting a Sequel: This Must Be What Skynet Employees Felt Like

    Oh sure, we all laughed at the Sharknado trailer when we first saw it online. We live-tweeted the Syfy movie's premiere. We called it the greatest thing to ever exist without actually meaning it, because that's how ironic enjoyment works. Well, we have a lot to answer for, because not even a week after the first film dropped, a Sharknado sequel is now already in the works. Someday when what's left of humanity huddles together on post-Sharkpolcalyptic Earth to tell the story of our downfall, they will cite this moment as the beginning of the end.

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  9. Entertainment

    Someone Debunked Sharknado, We Guess Because So Many People Thought It Was Real?

    Did everyone catch the 100% scientifically accurate weather documentary Sharknado this week? It explained the very obviously real phenomenon of that time when a tornado made of sharks attacked a city. It turns out Erin Cassidy of Accuweather isn't convinced by the irrefutable scientific evidence presented in Sharknado. Cassidy wrote a post on the Accuweather site debunking the "myths" in Sharknado.

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  10. Entertainment

    Official Sharknado Trailer Drops, So Do a Lot of Sharks From the Sky [Video]

    GIFs and ripped videos of the commercials for Syfy and Asylum's upcoming Sharknado "film" have been circling around the Internet for a few days, but now we've finally got a real HD trailer to watch over and over again instead. And watch it we will. Does it look like the stupidest idea to ever exist? Oh, most definitely. Will we be in front of our televisions on Thursday, July 11th  at 9pm EST with giant bowls of popcorn? Of course.

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  11. Entertainment

    SyFy’s Newest Superpowered Romp Alphas Is Pretty Regular, Except for One Part

    I've been wanting to write about SyFy's newest superpower show, Alphas, for a while now, pretty much since I watched the very first episode. I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about the show until I saw this article over on Wired and, basically, disagreed with everything. First off, if you don't watch the show, you should probably know what it is about. Alphas is about a team of people with superpowers who fight superpowered crime and, less frequently, regular crime. Yep. The show is very regular, except for one part, which happens to be one of the best things happening on television right now.

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  12. Tech

    Syfy Show Haven Making Twitter an Integral Plot Device

    Syfy television show Haven, starring everyone's favorite voice actress who collected Nathan Drake's tears in a jar because she loves him, Emily Rose, will be integrating Twitter into the show and using it as a main plot device starting in the episode airing this Friday. The episode will feature two of Haven's characters joining Twitter in a contest to see who can gain the most followers. As anyone who watches the show won't be surprised to discover based on the description of the contest, the two characters joining Twitter are Vince and Dave, the town of Haven's resident wise, bickering journalist, possibly paranormally skilled brothers. The integration goes further than two fictional characters having Twitter accounts on the real-life service, as "strange" tweets will appear, which will supposedly help drive the plot for the next seven episodes of the series. Fans of the show will be able to follow the tweets at @VinceHaven and @DaveHaven, with fans watching on the East Coast able to follow the tweets in real time on Twitter as they get tweeted out on the show.

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  13. Entertainment

    ’80s Teen Sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson Battle on SyFy

    It was announced last summer that 1980s teen sensations Debbie Gibson and Tiffany would be appearing/battling each other in a SyFy movie called "Megapython vs. Gatoroid," which is scheduled to air this Saturday. Just try and tell me what's wrong with this sentence, because for me, a girl who sang "Electric Youth" into a hairbrush the year I got my first pair of glasses, this is proof that all is right with the world. Everything is going according to plan.

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  14. Entertainment

    Stargate Universe Canceled

    Syfy announced today that Stargate Universe has been canceled. Between Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and SGU, the Stargate series has been on Syfy (né The Sci-Fi Channel) since 2002. With no plans for a fourth installation, this looks like the end of Stargate on TV, at least for now. The 10 remaining episodes of Season 2 will air this spring. >>>Related: Stargate Universe: Realism, Conflict and Boob-gate

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  15. Entertainment

    SHARKTOPUS: Yes This Is Really An Upcoming Syfy Original Movie [Trailer]

    Beach bums, beware: Syfy has cooked up what has to be one of the best premises for an original movie ever devised: There's a sharktopus. And it's angry. And it does not approve at all of you bungee jumping over its territory, attractive up-and-coming actresses. Yes, Sharktopus is coming soon to a television near you, and it promises to be wonderfully entertaining. First of all, it's being produced by Roger Corman, who brought you such similar works as Dinoshark, Supergator, Scorpius Gigantus, Dinocroc, Wolfhound, The Sea Wolf, Carnosaur, Angelfist, Attack of the Crab Monsters, and, of course, Private Duty Nurses. Oh, and over 370 others. Seriously. The guy's a legend. But wait, there's more before we get to the beachy trailer below.

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