1. Science

    Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day With Some Awesome Science-related T-Shirts

    October 15th is Ada Lovelace day. Do you not know who Ada Lovelace is? For shame! She's only the the 19th century mathematician who basically invented the world's first computer, and on her day every year, we celebrate awesome women in science, engineering, and math. Amorphia Apparel decided to do their part with a bunch of awesome T-shirt designs.

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  2. Gaming

    Glow-in-the-Dark Skyrim Sneak T-Shirt

    Much better than the BWONK! from Metal Gear Solid, the Elder Scrolls series has been pretty good about letting the player know just how hidden their character is at any given time. Now, the iconic open and closed eyeball crosshair can be owned on a shirt that glows in the dark from behind. If you're anything like a cat, you'll believe your shirt when it tells other people that you can be seen from the front, but completely vanish when viewed from behind. You can get your own sneaky crosshair shirt over on Splitreason for $18.95. It's 100% cotton, so it unfortunately won't provide any worthwhile light armor bonus.

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  3. Weird

    Want to Win a Free T-Shirt of Your Choice? Make a Caption for This Picture

    You guys like shirts, right? You know, that thing you drape over the back of your chair because you only wore it for four hours that day and really can't warrant throwing it in the laundry already? But then you just leave it draped over your chair for days and keep leaning against it because you use your chair quite frequently, and the it eventually gets wrinkled and dirty enough to the point where you just decide to throw it in the laundry anyway? You want a free one? was awesome enough to provide us with five t-shirt giveaways, just for you! All you have to do is create a caption for the above picture and drop it into the comment section of this post, and we'll choose the winner, judging the caption on a combination of creativity and relevance to the picture. Head on past the break for more details, and to leave us your own caption for a chance to win a free shirt. They have some nice shirts over there, including these superhero t-shirts, so you should take the minute and try your hand at a caption.

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  4. Entertainment

    The Faceless Faces of Doctor Who

    Available over at RedBubble for a bit under $24: The eleven Doctors without important facial features like mouths with which to be snarky at their companions and villains. Even when animated and without facial features, David Tennant is still so dreamy.

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  5. Science

    Shirt Has Microfiber Patches for Cleaning Your Glasses

    As someone who has been wearing glasses for a while, I'll admit that I do a pretty terrible job of keeping them clean. And if it's not glasses, it's your iPhone or your tablet that's covered with schmutz. That's why the Japanese design duo fift thought it would be a great idea to put microfiber patches on a t-shirt, to facilitate better glass cleaning on the go. Except unlike the free microfiber sheets you get with a new glasses case, this shirt costs $90.

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  6. Gaming

    You Can Get an Awesome Portal 2 and NASA Mashup T-Shirt Today and Only Today

    Artist Patrick Kovacich combined our favorite real space thing and favorite fake space thing and made a t-shirt out of NASA's iconic logo, but with Portal 2's space core, the only meme to spawn from Portal 2 -- the sequel to one of the memeiest video games of all time. The shirt is available only for today, over on one of those "one shirt available for purchase per 24 hours" site, Shirt Punch. Head on past the jump and check out a close up of the design.

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  7. Weird

    Neo-Nazis Trolled By “Trojan T-Shirts”

    The group Exit Deutschland, which aims to help youths escape the Neo-Nazi subculture in Germany, has found a new and subtle way of communicating with their target audience. At a recent rock concert targeted at right-wing extremists, the group anonymously disseminated 250 black t-shirts emblazoned with skull and crossbones and the moto "Hardcore Rebels - National and Free." However, once the shirts were laundered they underwent a surprising transformation. The skull motiff completely vanished in the wash, replaced by, "Was Dein T-Shirt Kann, Kannst Du Auch." This translates to, "What your t-shirt can do, so can you" with information on contacting the Exit Deutschland organization. Exit-Deutschland's co-founder Bernd Wagner said that goal was to communicate with youths at home, when they are alone. To date, the group has helped 400 young people escape the Neo-Nazi subculture, but Wagner says that wasn't necessarily the goal behind the shirts. Instead, Wagner aims to simply present an offer that he hopes people will remember if they have a change of heart. (Spiegel Online via Slashdot, image via hypervocal)

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  8. Weird

    Giant Shirt Pocket Looks Like Pocket-Powered Superhero Costume

    Think of The is selling the Large Pocket Shirt for $30, with free shipping within the U.S. up until December 15. It may at first seem a bit expensive for a plain white t-shirt with a larger-than-normal pocket, but it's actually a cheap price to pay to become Shirt Pocket Man, defender of Earth, carrier of things.

    (Think of The via The Awesomer via CrunchGear via Gizmodo)

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  9. Entertainment

    Hot Topic Pulls FFFUUUUUUU T-Shirts Following Devious 4chan Ploy (Update)

    We've previously covered Hot Topic's Internet-enraging pilfering of the Rage Guy meme, which they sold in t-shirt form while managing to get many details very wrong. But that's all over now. Following a devious 4chan campaign to get Hot Topic to pull the FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-spouting "FU Rage Meme T-Shirt" by associating it with racism, the clothing retailer has complied, and says it will stop selling the t-shirts.

    From Hot Topic's Facebook page:

    Rage Guy is the character Hot Topic sells, see the original post from 1 year ago. The character focuses on interesting situations, check out the image gallery. Race Guy is the newest iteration posted this afternoon, today (the character everyone is talking about). Who created Race Guy? We don't know. Who created Rage Guy? We don't know. We sold the shirt because it is pop culture and the series was funny. Why not let our customers express they're interest in meme's? So now what? Well, Hot Topic is the last company to support racism. Hell, we support diversity and wear it proudly. Now that the character represents racism because of these unknown creators - we will no longer be selling it. After tonight (11/17), it will be removed from our website. Next week, it will be removed from our stores.

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  10. Entertainment

    Dress Like a N00B? The Best Geeky T-Shirts For Every Type of Geek

    Do you feel like your t-shirts aren’t witty enough to please your geeky peers? Is the message on your chest making people laugh for the wrong reasons? Geekosystem is here to help! We’ve combed the planet to find you the best, nerdiest t-shirts the interwebz has to offer.  Whether you’re a mathlete, 1337, gamer geek, music dork, or member of some other branch of nerdocracy, we’ve got you covered:

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  11. Tech

    Company Makes Jetpack for the Commercial Market

    The New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company has announced that it will be commercially producing its jetpack, creatively named The Martin Jetpack. Price tag? $75,000. Buyers must complete a jetpack training course before receiving their jetpack, so you should also factor in a trip to New Zealand. Oh, and pilots must weigh between 140 and 240 pounds, so I'm out. But if you can't afford the aircraft itself, you can always buy a $35 t-shirt with its logo!

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  12. Entertainment

    Now You, too Can be an Axe Cop with New T-Shirt

    Last week, we wrote about Axe Cop, the excellent, imaginative webcomic written by a five-year-old and illustrated by his older brother -- who happens to be Eisner-nominated cartoonist Ethan Nicolle. Since we wrote the post (because we wrote the post?) Axe Cop has exploded in popularity. According to the Axe Cop blog, they got so much traffic that they were booted from their hosting service. (Fortunately, they've since switched services, and the site is back up.) As of today, Axe Cop fans have a new way of expressing their love and appreciation, the only way the Internet knows how: by buying a t-shirt.

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