1. Tech

    Fox News Unveils New State-Of-The-Art Newsroom That’s Filled Either With Giant Tablets Or Tiny Humans

    If you're a regular viewer of Fox News, then are you in for a surreal treat! In a video tour for the channel, host Shephard Smith unveiling the fancy new newsroom for his 3pm program Shephard Smith Reporting, and it's... well, it is indeed very fancy. So fancy it's ridiculous, in fact.

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  2. Tech

    Google Announces Chromecast, Lets You Stream to Any HDTV With $35 Dongle

    The next big thing isn't big at all. It's the size of a USB flash drive, fits into an HDMI port on your TV, and turns that TV into a screen for your phone, tablet, or computer. And it costs an affordable $35. All hail the Chromecast, announced today at an event in San Francisco.

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  3. Tech

    Google’s Packed a Lot Into New Nexus 7 For Just $230 [Update]

    Google took the wraps off it's updated Nexus 7 Android tablet today. According to the pre-order page on Best Buy's site, the specs are pretty impressive considering the $230 price tag. The screen, processor, and operating system all saw a slight bump which makes the affordable tablet all the more tempting.

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  4. Science

    No, Kids Who Use iPads Won’t Have Smaller Vocabularies

    A study was done that used MRI scans of the brains of 27 adults to determine that humans learn new words better by hearing them than they do by learning them visually. One of the authors of the study then told the Daily Mail that it means children who use iPads will learn fewer words than previous generations. Nope. It does not.

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  5. Tech

    North Korea Builds Its Own Tablet, Fails to Include the Internet

    North Korea has come out with what's basically its own version of an iPad: The Samjiyon. Unlike the iPad, which is used to access the Internet to get movies, books, and music in addition to communications and basic web-browsing, the Samjiyon does not get Wi-Fi, and is instead basically a touchscreen tablet devoted to delivering government propaganda and also slingshot games, because North Korea.

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  6. Tech

    Loophole Closed: Sweden Extends TV Tax To Computer and Tablet Owners

    TV taxes, or license fees per television set, are pretty common throughout Europe, providing funding for many large public broadcasters across the continent, such as the much-loved BBC. This week, though, Sweden updated their structure for collecting the television tax to reflect how more and more people actually watch TV, which is not on their TV. With that in mind, the television tax will now apply to any citizen with a computer or tablet as well.

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  7. Tech

    Amazon Throws Down the Gauntlet, Compares Kindle Fire to iPad Mini on Homepage

    If you're Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, using your homepage to call out a competitor is one of the most prominent ways to do so. Following the iPad Mini announcement by Apple, there have been many comparisons made to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets. The majority of these have wondered how Apple intends to compete effectively when there are other options available that have higher specifications while still managing to be cheaper. Amazon's asking the same question by directly comparing the capabilities of Apple's offering to their own.

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  8. Tech

    The “Mini iPad Mini” Sounds Too Good to Be True… Because It’s Fake [Video]

    When it comes to Apple, things tend to move very quickly. Apple announces the iPad Mini, and it's available the next week. Apple releases one version of the iPad, and then they release a new one just seven months later. Apple releases a new product, and Apple's critics make funny videos at Apple's expense.

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  9. Tech

    New Video Outs Another Unannounced Google Device, The Nexus 10 Tablet

    As sad as it is that Google had to cancel their media event for tomorrow on account of Franken-Sandy, it may not be that big a loss, since most of things they planned to unveil seem to have already popped up online. First, the Nexus 4 smartphone was revealed after somebody left one at a bar. Now a video of another of Google's flagship Nexus devices, the rumored Samsung-built Nexus 10 tablet, is giving Android fans an extremely short sneak peek.

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  10. Tech

    Jailbroken Kindle Paperwhite Lets You… Do Normal Tablet Stuff

    Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, the newest version of their dedicated E-reader, doesn't seem like it would be incredibly popular with the reverse-engineering, hardware-hacker set: It's black and white, and really one designed with purpose in mind... reading. Then again, maybe that's exactly why someone decided to jailbreak it, opening up to world for adventurous Kindle-users to new and exciting features like... weather widgets, and other stuff you could've done if you had gotten a fully-functional tablet instead.

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  11. Tech

    Barnes & Noble’s Next Nook May Run Windows 8, Come Out Next Month

    Not wanting to be outdone by Amazon's fleet of new Kindles, it sounds like Barnes & Noble will strike out in a new direction with their next generation of Nook tablets. According to Digital Trends, B&N plans to announce a new Windows 8-powered Nook at the end of September, which will likely launch alongside the new operating system in late October.

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  12. Tech

    Check Out This One-Handed Keyboard For Tablets

    One of my biggest problem with tablets is the issue of typing on them. There's limited tactile feedback; sure you can get haptic, but you still can't feel your way around the keys. Considering the limited tactile feedback, there are too many "keys" too close together. And since you need both hands to be at all efficient on a standard QWERTY, you have to go find someplace to set the sucker down so you can treat it like a keyboard. Adam Kumpf must have felt the same way, because he's developed a one-handed tablet keyboard that solves almost all of these problems.

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  13. Tech

    The Tablet Revolution and the Future of News [Infographic]

    When the iPad first released, many analysts speculated that the device had no place amongst consumers, except amongst the diehard techies that needed to own every new device. Some speculated that the tablet PC wouldn't find a home amongst casual computer users due to the smaller screen and lack of keyboard. However, as the industry quickly found out, the opposite took place, and the casual users were the ones that adopted the tablet PC much more than the hardcore computer users. It seems obvious now -- why would a power user give up a mouse, keyboard, and horsepower? Why wouldn't a casual user adopt an easy-to-use touchscreen interface?

    An easy-to-use, portable device is generally what the casual market likes, and that type of device makes it easy to consume anything the device can actually run. In the case of the tablet PC, the Pew Research Center in collaboration with The Economist Group found that 77 percent of tablet owners use their tablet every day, and spend an average of 90 minutes on them -- an amount of time that one would speculate accounts for an average person's personal computer time per day. One of the most popular activities spent on the tablet is consuming news, and 3-in-10 tablet users actually spend more time consuming news now that they have a tablet. News seems to be going the way of the portable device, with the tablet leading the charge, and here's all that information. Infographically.

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  14. Tech

    Giant Touchscreen Tablet Could Be Used By Military Commanders

    In an attempt to replace the stereotypical map-table with figurines and one of those little, miniature push-broom thingies, the company AAI has developed a giant touchscreen tablet that could allow commanders to give orders to troops on the ground the same way you pick the angle you want to launch your bomb bird.

    The tablet is two feet by three feet and uses collected surveillance information to show a map of the war-zone that is as accurate and up to date as possible, including simple stuff like terrain and structures, but also the location of friendly and enemy troops. The enemy troops part won't always be perfect, of course; the tablet does not allow you to disable the fog of war function.

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  15. Tech

    The Windows 8 Lowdown: What You Can Expect

    Windows 8, the simply-named successor to Windows 7, has been making the rounds lately and seems to be a step in an appropriate direction for the once-king-but-now-threatened operating system. The increasing prevalence of Apple computers in the past few years has put the fire under Microsoft and now the tablet revolution brought on by the iPad is changing the game even more. Microsoft, it seems, is adapting well to the pressure. That is, Microsoft is not releasing another Vista disaster.

    Perhaps the most unique, standout feature of Windows 8 is that it's a tablet OS. But it's also a desktop OS. But it's also a tablet OS. That is to say, if you have Windows 8 on your tablet, it will be the same as Windows 8 on your desktop. It supports traditional touchscreen gestures like swiping to change windows and multi-touch, but also standard mouse and keyboard equivalents like alt+tab.

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