1. Gaming

    The Little System That Could: OUYA Now Available in Stores

    If you weren't one of the 63,416 people who contributed to the OUYA console's mega-successful $8.6 million dollar Kickstarter campaign then you've had to wait for the little system that could to finally hit store shelves. Today is that day, frugal gamers! The OUYA is now available at Target, GameStop, and Best Buy if you absolutely must rush out to buy it now. If you can't find it in stores, or if you don't mind waiting for it to ship you can also order it on Amazon.

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  2. Tech

    Target Will Now Price Match Amazon, Among Other Retailers, All Year

    Standard retailers have been feeling the pinch of online retail for a long time now. The ways in which they deal with their online competitors vary, but whatever it is online retail has going for it, it's not far from traditional retail's thoughts. That's why it's become such a common event for places like Target to match the prices found at their online rivals during the holidays. For Target, however, the holidays are about to be extended. The company will now match the prices of Amazon each and every single day of the year.

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  3. Weird

    Target Recalls World’s Most Poorly Designed Plush Frog Mask

    What kids doesn't want to pretend he's a frog? Probably plenty, but you can bet that there are plenty out there who do. Enough that Target is -- or at least was -- selling a plush frog mask to help these imaginative little children live out their fantasy. The problem? Turns out these plush masks have eye holes, but no nose holes or mouth holes making them more like plush suffocation masks than anything else. They're now being recalled.

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  4. Entertainment

    Target Inadvisably Mocks Home-Made Halloween Costumes

    Target's name is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy these days. Just to make sure that everyone has beef with them, the retailer has levied a snide, mocking blow at, of all people, moms who take the time to make charming homemade costumes for their kids instead of buying a cheap licensed knock off at some big box store.

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  5. Gaming

    Best Buy and Target Begin Used Game Trade-Ins

    Not long after THQ announced its war on used game buyers, both Best Buy and Target announced they'll be starting their own used game trade-in programs. Both programs are similar in scope, but differ in details.

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  6. Entertainment

    LOST Target Commercials: Smokey and the LOST Numbers Get the Bullseye Treatment

    The LOST ending: Just wow. Not surprisingly, tomorrow we will have much more to say about the series finale, the final few scenes, and the meaning of Life itself, but for now, the LOST-themed Target commercials that snuck their way into the finale will have to do.

    Now, some folks groused and snarked on Twitter during the finale about the Target/LOST commercial crossover (should Smokey really be selling fire alarms?), but the least you can say about them is that in a commercial-packed two-and-a-half hour finale, they definitely managed to stand out.

    Check 'em out:

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