1. Weird

    A Whole Bunch of Teenagers Tweeted Bomb Threats at American Airlines Because Humanity Is Terrible

    You'd think that seeing a teenage girl get into actual real-world trouble for tweeting a vague and incredibly-racist terror threat to an airline would make other people want to stop doing that. Of course, that's a fallacy on your part. Teenagers are not people. They are monsters.

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  2. Weird

    Jesuit High Schooler Delivers Wet Willy on Live TV, May Be Suspended, Judged by an Angry God [Video]

    It's a well-known fact that when you turn your camera on a teenager, they are going to do something stupid. It's pretty much a law of physics, really. Case in point: This student at St. Joseph's, a Jesuit prep school in Pennsylvania, knew he was on live television and, being any high school student anywhere in the history of time, just couldn't restrain himself from taking probably the one opportunity he will ever get to give the dude in front of him a dreaded "wet willy" before an audience of millions. We know that feel, bro.  Thankfully, someone captured this moment of brilliance to share with the Internet at large, and we're delighted to bring it to you below.

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  3. Tech

    Think of the Children: South Korea Apparently Planning to Block Porn on Phones of Teenagers

    The untamed wilderness of the Internet is still something that people across the globe tend to find suspicious. There could be anything out there, after all, and we need to protect the children. That's how the argument typically goes, anyway, when calls for censorship crop up. That's what appears to be the case in South Korea, as the nation's reportedly planning on installing filters on the smartphones of teenagers in order to block unsavory material like pornography.

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  4. Tech

    Angry Swedish Teenagers Riot Over Instagram Sext Account

    Sometimes riots happen. Sometimes Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. Sometimes riots happen because Swedish teenagers send sexy pictures to each other. That's what happened when a group teenagers swarmed the school of a girl accused of posting sexy pictures on Instagram. The riot also spilled over to a local mall, scaring unwitting holiday shoppers. Rioting teenagers in a mall is exactly what old people at malls are afraid of.

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  5. Gaming

    Study Shows Teenagers Tend to Eat More After Gaming

    A new study by University of Ottawa researcher Jean-Philippe Chaput shows that, apparently, teenagers who spend an hour gaming typically eat more afterwards than teenagers who spend an hour performing a similarly sedentary activity. The study involved plopping teenagers in front of a game console --no word on what they had them play-- and then giving them an open buffet afterwards. The control group did some other, sedentary, mundane activity and were also awarded with an open buffet. I haven't finished this article yet, but I can already tell you that, regrettably, there is no open buffet waiting for me when I finish. What the study found is that the teenagers who were playing games eat, on average, 163 calories more than the teenagers who were doing something else. On top of that, the gamers didn't actually burn any more calories than the control group, so the increased calorie intake wasn't replace the energy spent on all that thumb movement or anything. There were also no biological indicators of stress in these gamers, so that couldn't explain it either. No stress? Seriously, I want to know what they were playing.

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  6. Tech

    Teens Ask Yahoo! “Who Is Osama Bin Laden?”

    Yesterday's news that the most notorious man of the 21st century had been killed struck a chord with millions of Americans. The younger folks seem to have been left out in the cold, though, as Yahoo! reported in a recent blog post. According to their search statistics, searches for "Osama Bin Laden" went up 100,000% making him the most searched person on Monday. One quarter of those searches came from those under the age of 24. Younger users, ages 13-17, were responsible for 1 in 3 of the searches for "how did Osama Bin Laden die," and 40% of searches for "who killed Osama Bin Laden." Most surprising, however, was Yahoo!'s report that 66% of the people searching for the phrase "who is Osama Bin Laden?" were also in the 13-17. For reference, these pubescent users would have been born in 1994-1998, meaning that the oldest amongst them were in first grade during the 9/11 attacks. While it's possible that they were simply too young to remember the attacks, and have -- as teenagers are wont to do -- ignored many of the news issues of the day, search traffic alone doesn't imply ignorance. They could have just as easily used the search term to learn more about the deceased leader of Al Qaeda. But, if you need to make a friend feel old and despair about the future, just share the above factoids with them. (Yahoo! Search Blog via BoingBoing)

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