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    New Trailer for Telltale Games’ Walking Dead Season 2 Drops

    The last teaser trailer we got for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead point-and-click adventure was only a paltry 55 seconds long. This new one that Telltale Games uploaded last night is almost twice that, and features a lot more of our very favorite apocalypse survivor, Clementine. Color us excited in the most morbid way possible.

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    Rumor: TellTale Games Might Be Making a Game of Thromes Game

    If the multiple sources that tipped off IGN lately are correct, then we might be getting a Game of Thrones interactive story game in the style of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among us. By the old gods and the new! This'd better be real, or we might have to wage war across the Seven Kingdoms of the Internet.

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    We’re Getting More Clementine In The Walking Dead Season 2, As Evidenced By This Game Trailer

    The Walking Dead might be sort of frustrating as a television show, but as a point-and-click video game series it is basically a masterpiece. Now that Telltale Games has released more details about their upcoming second season, we can't wait to hear more about our favorite tiny protagonist, Clementine. It's going to be the best-worst thing ever.

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    Walking Dead: 400 Days Launch Trailer Brings the Zombies [Video]

    Let's face it -- we don't generally expect video game adaptations to live up to the works that inspired them. It's just not the way the world works, generally. So it was a happy surprise last year when Telltale Games released a take on the Walking Dead series that stands right up alongside the comics and AMC series that inspired it. Since then, players have been waiting with bated breath for the promised second season of the episodic title. To tide us over until then, Telltale and Skybound Entertainment have released new DLC that will bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2: 400 Days. And since you're getting new DLC, you're getting a trailer for it, because what's new content without a preview?

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    Gut Check: The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead has proven to be a massive crossover hit. Not only have the comics and television show been successful, the video game from Telltale Games has also received its fair share of critical praise. The downloadable episodic game even managed to grab Game of the Year at Spike's Video Game Awards this year. The PC version of the game's been out for a bit, but Justin and Rollin decided to give it a go since the console version released not too long ago. Did it deserve to win Game of the Year? Watch the two of them run from the undead, and go with your gut feeling.

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    Telltale Games Crossover Tease Revealed: It’s a Poker Game

    Last weekend Telltale Games released an inexplicable teaser trailer for an upcoming project, that primarily featured the above image, calculated to create one specific response in the viewer: What the heck kind of game is going to have Tycho from Penny Arcade, Max from Sam & Max, Strongbad, and the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 in it? Today, we have an answer: A poker game.

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    Telltale Games Teases A Mashup For the Record Books

    Where do you find common ground between a flash video series and a webcomic that have booth been made into adventure games; an adventure game; and a team based shooter, all of which have been created by three different game developers? Well, we just spent five whole minutes just trying to draw an illustrative Venn diagram, and we can't. But apparently Telltale Games can.

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