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    Right in Our Wheelhouse: New British Citizenship Test Demands Knowledge of Monty Python

    The United Kingdom has updated it's citizenship test to better reflect a knowledge of the nation's history and culture, rather than practical skills in everyday life. Questions about whether you can use the Internet or know where you're water meter is, for example, have been replaced with trivia about everything from Margaret Thatcher and Stonehenge -- the U.K.'s two most famous rock formations --  to the work of British entertainers like The Beatles and Monty Python. We're really hoping that you can skip the whole exam in favor of doing a solo show of the entire Knights Who Say Ne bit, in which case we are soooooo in.

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    A Facebook Game We Might Actually Play: Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Games

    We can't be the only people in the universe who ever took a crack at the computer game Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, but judging by its comically sparse Wikipedia page, we don't have much company. To summarize: imagine that Myst took place in a setting made out of every Monty Python sketch ever. Those same puzzles based on figuring out the underlying logic of the setting are now based on the logic of the Dead Parrot sketch or similar. Now, imagine that just as you think you are completing the game by assembling all the ingredients for salmon mousse; you instead unlock the second half of the game, which takes place in a completely different setting that makes the last one look as straight forward and causal as a Dick and Jane book. Which is why if Monty Python makes a game, even a Facebook game, we are down for that.

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  3. Tech

    Steve Jobs’ Secret Lab … Inspired By Dystopian Torture Chamber Design?

    Following the surprise "Antennagate" conference during which Apple announced free bumpers for all iPhone 4 users, we got our first look at the company's secret Infinite-Loop lab, the multimillion dollar facilities where the iPhone 4's connectivity issues were tested. We were in awe, and the uproar about smartphone antennae soon faded into obscurity. We noted then that the antenna lab's 17 futuristic anechoic chambers would make for an awesome Half-Life map (modders, assemble), but Canada-based Geekosystem reader Max did us one better: He's discovered that Steve Jobs may have had some dystopic thoughts on his mind when designing the facilities' interior...

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