1. Tech

    Now If You Text Someone Who’s Driving in NJ, You Could Be Held Liable If They Crash

    Everybody knows you shouldn't text while you're driving. But what if you text while somebody else is driving? According to an appeals court in New Jersey, if you text somebody and they get in a car accident, it's legally your fault. You know, because you're not going to be putting enough blame on yourself if your friend gets in a car crash over a dumb text you send.

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  2. Science

    Texting and Driving’s the New Drinking and Driving, at Least Among Teens

    At this point, it really shouldn't take another study to show us that texting and driving is not safe. But another study showing that is exactly what we have this week, with a paper published today in the journal Pediatrics showing that texting and driving is now responsible for more car accidents -- and more fatalities -- among teen drivers than drunk driving. 

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  3. Tech

    The Department of Transportation Wants Cars to Disable Your Cell Phone While Driving

    Texting while driving is dangerous, and you shouldn't do it. People still do it, and because of those people the Department of Transportation is recommending that auto makers install systems that will disable cell phones while the car is moving. That will stop texting and driving, but it will also stop texting while riding shotgun. This is overkill.

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  4. Weird

    Today In Geek History: In 2008, National Grammar Day Begins

    March 4th is National Grammar Day! Now, it's only the sixth year of this universally important holiday, so it's especially important that grammar snobs join together and nurture this young celebration. We must foment superior communication and word snobbery, no matter how unpleasant it may make us at social gatherings. But why does grammar matter? And perhaps more importantly, why does it need a day? Shouldn't we be using good grammar every day? Well, yes, but people aren't. In this age of texting, of truncated language, of abbreviated meaning, we few -- we happy, snarky few -- must hold the line. As King Theoden lamented in The Two Towers -- and I'm paraphrasing -- "What can men do against such reckless word abuse?" Plenty!

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  5. Weird

    Fox Steals Cell Phone, Sends Text in Language of the Foxes

    When a friend of 16-year-old Norwegian Lars Andreas Bjercke got a text message that read "Jlv In ø \ a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw," he wondered why his pal would send such a random assortment of characters. Little did he know that the message was written by the fox that had stolen Bjercke's cell phone. What was the fox trying to say? It might have been bragging about snatching the cell phone, or maybe asking for some delicious rabbits. Foxes love rabbits.

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  6. Weird

    Swiss Cows to Send Texts When They’re in Heat, Probably Still Qualifies as Sexting

    There seems to be a trend going on where we'd rather our livestock electronically warn us of things rather than actually checking in on them. For example, sheep might soon warn their shepherds of attack via text. Not content to let sheep get all the cool gadgets, Swiss dairy cows are about to get in on the action too. Due to the fact that it can be difficult to discern when a cow is in heat, sensors attached should be able to take measurements and alert farmers by text so they know when to inseminate the critters.

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  7. Science

    Sheep Could Soon Warn Their Shepherds of Attacks by Text

    Shepherding is a thing that still exists. Somebody's got to watch all those sheep. Sometimes, though, the flock is small enough to be a shepherd's entire livelihood while also not affording them the use of a dog to ward off predators. In order to curb this issue, scientists are working on a system of heart rate monitors for the woolly beasts that could eventually warn shepherds by text that their flock is in trouble. One of humanity's oldest professions, meet one of the most pervasive tech advancements of modern times.

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  8. Weird

    Judge Rules That Texting A Driver Does Not Make You Responsible For A Crash

    We all know that texting while driving is bad and dangerous. We all know that you shouldn't text while driving. We all know that some people are going to do it anyway. That being the case, someone is always going to figure out who, exactly, is responsible for the damage done by texting drivers. The texting drivers, you say? You'd think so, but a recent lawsuit has suggested that perhaps those texting the texting driver might play a part, that they might be "electronically present" so to speak. Fortunately, a judge has ruled otherwise, upholding sanity at least for now.

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  9. Entertainment

    Texting Woman Falls Down Stairs On Live TV, Doesn’t Get Up [Video]

    As you should be aware, there are all kinds of laws being put in place to prevent texting and driving, something that is often argued to be as dangerous as driving intoxicated. What it's always important to remember is that walking and texting can be just as dangerous --and worse-- really, really hilariously embarassing. Watch as this texting woman fails to handle a small set of stairs on live TV. After the spill, she stays down, but I can't tell if that's out of injury of crushing embarassment. Stay safe kids, that witty pun can probably wait until you stop moving.

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  10. Tech

    Congo’s Deaf Community Struggling in Wake of Government SMS Ban

    The ruling government in the Congo has opted to ban SMS texting in an effort to prevent more violence in the wake of contested elections, and to prevent mass protests. Given how ubiquitous texting has become, it's no doubt a scary time for the average citizen of the Congo. Moreso if that person happens to be deaf.

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  11. Tech

    How Cell Phones Shape the Lives of College Students [Infographic]

    Cell phones have changed college life for sure. I mean, back in the day, people used to actually have hardwired phones in their dorms and stuff. Right? I don't even know. I'm not that old. In any event, there's no arguing that among people who are using their phones to the fullest extent possible, college kids are right up there. But what exactly are the using them for? This infographic from HackCollege jumps right into that.

    As it turns out, a whopping 94% of college students are texting everyday, 97% of those with smartphones are using them for social networking and 88% regularly text in class. Of course, there are some exceptions to these rules. The one I find the most confusing is that apparently only 75% of college students sleep with their phones next to them. How is that not 100%? Where else would you keep a phone at night? Does anyone actually still use dedicated alarm clocks? I guess so, but I find that pretty hard to believe.

    Full infographic after the jump.

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  12. Tech

    Study: Young Cellphone Users Send 1,500 Texts a Month

    A new study from the Pew Research Council foundation looking at cellphone use in America seems to have determined that those massive texting plan upgrades are worth their weight in gold. The study found, among other things, that cell phone users between the ages 18-24 exchange an average 109.5 text messages per day. This works out to roughly 50 per person, and over 1,500 individually each month. This is a pretty shocking increase from the overall median surveyed, who only send 10 text messages per day. Interestingly, the  survey contacted some 2,277 adults via phone, 755 of these via cellphone. This means that despite 83% of Americans owning a cellphone, 1,500 odd persons still use a landline as their primary means of contact. It appears that no one was contacted via text message, and one wonders how that might have further skewed the results. (Pew Research via Techmeme, image via Greg Robleto)

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  13. Tech

    911 to Allow Texting, Mobile Video

    In an attempt to update 911 to current trends in modern technology, the Federal Communications Commission is looking to have the emergency service respond to text messages and video streaming from mobile phones. Though it may seem a little ridiculous at first, allowing for text messages and streaming video would actually help people report crimes without being overheard.

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  14. Tech

    Just How Obsessed Are Teens with Texting?

    "Teens send an average of 34 texts a night (adding up to 3,400 a month) after going to bed — in some cases up to four hours after hitting the sack, found researchers from JFK Medical Center, in Edison, N.J. The evidence has been mounting that teens mightily prefer texting to actual contact with family members, with studies from Nielsen and Kaiser contributing data that show teens consider the loss of a cell phone more dire than the loss of an internal organ." --The next generation's technological habits are egregious and highly upsetting, just as this generation's technological habits were egregious and highly upsetting to our forebears. Seriously, though, get some sleep, your bones are still growing. (via title pic via ICHCB.)

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  15. Tech

    GM Service Adding Facebook and Texting Support While You Drive

    OnStar, General Motors' driving assistance service, has plans to add voice-to-text and text-to-voice Facebook and texting functionality to an update later this month.

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